Going through Here and There

Victoria lived most of her life living a lie. Then she meets up with an old friend in an exhibition and they contact each other again. But is everything real, or is it a lie? Or is everything just a dream and a vision?


8. Guns and Weapons

Zayn's P.O.V.

I couldn't sleep that night. I never knew that Camille liked me before, I should have known. If I only knew that she liked me before, I could have been interested in her by then. But why now? Why did I have to like her now that she's lost her interest in me? Ugh! I was so mad at myself. Why didn't I see that she was beautiful! I was so mad at myself. I kicked the door so hard, and I felt anger strike inside of me. All of a sudden there was a knock on my door.
"What-" I shouted out of anger. But I stopped cause standing in my door was Camille.
"Hi!" Camille said. She was smiling for no infinite reason.
"Why are you smiling?" I said feeling quite alarmed.
"Oh I guess I have to be so happy that you keep kicking the door. And soon enough it's going to break!" She yelled but she wasn't that loud.
"Sorry," I said realizing that the noice I made was really loud.
"It's fine," she said. "Why were you kicking the door anyway?"
"Oh, um," I said. I couldn't tell her that I was kicking it cause I was frustrated, she might ask me why I was frustrated. "I'm like this when I'm tired."
"Oh, okay, I was supposed to talk to you, but you're tired so good night," she said.
Shit! I lost my other chance to talk to her. Why do I keep ruining my chances! I grabbed her wrist and she looked back.
"I'm not sleepy," I said. "You can go talk to me, you know it's like a make up for not being a good friend before."
"Okay," she said and she entered my room.
She sat down in my bed, and I sat beside her. I couldn't help but realize that we were in bed together sitting down, all alone.
"I wanted to tell you that if you have time to hangout, maybe we could go somewhere together. Just you and I." Camille offered.
"But you said you don't like me anymore," I said.
"No! I said we're just friends now, nothing more. But I promise if I ever have feelings for you, I'll tell you." She said and I realized that she was willing to start all over again.
"Is that it?" I said.
"No, um, I couldn't sleep so I thought maybe we could talk till I feel sleepy," she said.
"I'm a bit tired," I said and I realized the words I said were the words I used to say to evade her. I was so used to telling her that, that the words just slipped out of my mouth.
"Oh, I get it." She said and she stood up from the bed. She looked at me and there was something in her eyes that I didn't understand. "Good night, Zayn." She reached for the door, and I realized I had to do something or she's going to hate me forever.
I grabbed her, and pushed her into the wall and leaned in for a kiss. To my surprise, she pushed me before I could kiss her.
"Zayn Malik! What the heck do you think you're doing?" She yelled at me. I knew right away that she really didn't like me anymore. And that all past feelings she had for me had vanished.
"Sorry, if you watched some of our videos you would know that I sometimes smack people when I'm tired." I lied to her. But it was true I did smack Liam, after the One Thing filming, cause I was so tired.
"I know," she said and she blew the hair that fell infront of her face. "You're just lucky that I'm not in a bad mood."
"Why?" I asked her.
"Well, most guys that just tried to kiss me out of nowhere, they end up being beaten up by me." Camille said. "It's a normal reaction in my family."
"Oh, I get it." I said and she smiled at me.
"Good night, Malik!" She said and unexpectedly she hugged me. I decided to hug her back, and our bodies were so close to one another. But I knew I couldn't do anything wrong to her, cause in the first place, I never even met her parents.

I woke up the next day, with a terrible body pain. I got fixed and got out of my room. I went to the dinning room and the boys and Paul were already there. Someone bumped me, and I looked to see who it was.
"Sorry!" Camille said. She ran to the door and opened it, standing infront of her door was the man I saw days ago.
"Hi!" Camille said and she hugged the guy. The guy kissed her slightly in the cheeks, and she grabbed him and led him to her room.
I can't help but feel a pinch of jealousy rising inside me. They were flirting with one another! Who knows what they were doing there in her room. I went to take a seat in the dinning area, and I noticed that everyone was looking at me.
"Seems like you lost your game," Harry joked.
"How's the arm?" I snapped back.
"Shut up, it's getting better. That girl sure knows how to rip a man's arm." Harry joked. We all laughed and we ate our breakfast.
After breakfast, the boys and I wait by the living room for Camille to come. Later on she comes back with the guy, but this time her face seemed serious. She went outside the house with the guy, and the boys and I decided to listen for a little while.
"....but you said it didn't matter!" I heard Camille's voice. They seemed to be fighting, but what were they fighting about!
"I know it's just that, things happened," the guy said.
"Screw you! You promised and now you're just going to leave like that?" She pointed out. To be honest, I so didn't understand why they were fighting.
"I love you Camille, and you know that," he said.
"By why can't you stay?" She asked him, and I knew this was the part where the break up happens.
"Tori, listen." Tori? Where in the world did that guy get the name Tori?
"It's been a long time, since someone called my by my first name," she said. I quickly realized that I didn't even know what her first name was. I grew up calling her Camille, not knowing what her real name was.
"Good bye, Tori. It's been nice working with you, and it's been pleasant going to the same places together." The guy said, he left her there in the front porch, but before he actually left he told her something. "Be strong."
Camille went back into the house, and we were all looking at her. She wasn't sad or anything, infact, she seemed abit happy.
"Are we going now or not?" She asked and she was so smiley like nothing happened at all
"Yup!" Niall said. "Come on! I'm tired of waiting! I can't wait to see Paul fire up one of those guns!"
We all left the house, and headed to one of those firing places. When we got there, Camille stayed behind all of us. I decided to stay a little behind, so I can talk to Camille.
"Camille, I've been meaning to ask, who was that guy?" I said.
"He's a family friend," she replied.
"So you two aren't dating?" I asked before I could even stop myself.
"No, why?" Camille said and we took our seat while Paul got ready for the fire shooting.
"I-i'm just asking," I said feeling a bit taken back by her question.
"You know," she said turning to look at me. "You keep asking me questions that have to do with the fact that I'm single or not. Why do you keep asking?"
"I'm just trying to get to know you better." I decided to say. I looked at her but she didn't seem convinced. I got a water bottle out, and drank it.
"No," Camille said. I turned to look at her wondering what was she talking about. I stopped drinking and closed the water bottle shut.
"What?" I asked, confused about what was happening.
"You asked me the day you entered my house if I ever had one. I'm going to be honest, so no I never had a boyfriend." Camille said. I felt my jaw tighten a bit, I cannot believe that she actually heard me. I felt my body feel a little shakey, but I managed to look at her.
"Oh, so you heard," I said.
"Yeah, I did, but I didn't answer cause I thought it was just a slip of mouth," she said.
"It was-" I began.
"Yeah I know, but why do you still keep on asking if I have a boyfriend? Or if I'm dating that person, or something." Camille interrupted. I knew perfectly well, that I couldn't escape this question. It was a dead end.
"Camille!" Louis said.
Oh thank you Louis! Camille forgot all about the question and looked at Louis.
"We want you to try firing some guns," Louis said.
"Do I have to?" Camille asked.
"Yeah, cause Zayn's ex-girlfriend tried but she never got it right. So we want to check if you're better than Zayn's ex-girlfriend." Harry said.
"Yeah, but why are you comparing me to Zayn's ex-girlfriend? Of all people why his ex?" Camille said and I can tell that the boys were struggling for an answer.
"Cause his ex and you are the only women we ever brought here," Liam lied. The boys brought their girlfriends here before too, not only me.
"Fine," she said. She got the gun from Paul and fixed it on her hand.
Paul instructed her the proper ways of firing, but she just kept on telling him that she didn't need it. In the end, Paul never finished explaining to her.
"You know, if you knew how to use a gun, you could help her and you would have to hold her in your arms," Harry whispered. I knew he was making fun of me, all the boys looked at me and I felt myself feel a bit uncomfortable.
"Guys, look. She's going to start firing now," Niall said. We all liked at her, and we realized that Paul seemed a little worried.
"Paul, what's wrong?" Niall asked.
"She didn't listen to any rule, she's not even holding the gun in the proper way." Paul said.
"So?" Niall said eating his chips that he brought with him.
"The gun might back fire and not work well," Paul said. "Not to offend anyone, but I'd rather teach Zayn's ex than this girl, she's so naughty."
"Let's just see," Liam said. "She's about to fire now."
We all looked at Camille and she was holding the gun in a tight grip. We saw Paul shake his head in disapproval and waited for her to fire the gun. After awhile she fired her gun, and then she fired it again until all the bullets were finished. After she was done firing, she handed the gun to Paul.
"What are my points?" Camille asked.
"We'll wait for the results," Paul said. A man came to us, and we knew he was the one counting the points.
"Well done for a girl," the man said.
"What are her points?" Paul said.
"She got everything straight to the middle point," the man replied. "You would really do well for an assassin." The guy told Camille.
"Thanks," she said. Paul looked at her in disbelief, and so did the other boys. She was a girl, yet she was better in firing than Paul.
"Is it your first time?" The man asked and I knew he was interested in her skills.
"No," Camille replied, we all turned to look at her. It wasn't her first time? She had other firings other than this one? "My parents wanted me to learn how to self-defend myself, so I took up martial arts, gun firing and other self-defend skills."
Woah! She was awesome. I never knew this about her, I guess we were even. I never told her anything, and she didn't tell me all about her- so I guess it's a tie. I looked at her, and she looked at me back. She smiled at me, and she sat down. The guy left us, and we were all looking at Camille in disbelief.
"No wonder why you were so strong!" Harry said. "You nearly ripped my arm out."
"Sorry," she said. She gave a deep sigh, and I wondered why.
"You know how to fire a gun?" I asked her. "Since when?"
"When I met you, I knew martial arts already, but I didn't know how to use a gun until the 'change' happened," Camille said and I knew she was about to bring up the 'change' fight again.
"Don't talk about it," I said. The boys went to the vending machine but I stayed behind with Camille.
"I'm not going to talk about the 'change'," Camille said.
"Don't you dare bring it up again," I said. "The past is the past."
"And so is the part where you embarrassed me, infront of the whole school," she said and I felt aback to hear her say that.
"Why are you trying to bring it up again?" I asked her.
"I'm not, I'm just trying to tell you that I love the new me, and I'm glad that I've changed." Camille said. She stood up from her chair, and placed her hand on my chest.
"What are you doing?" I whispered to her. She moved her hand all over my chest until she placed it on my shoulder.
"If you're interested in dating again, go look for someone," she said and moved away from me. She started to walk past me, but I grabbed her wrist.
"What do you mean by that?" I asked her.
"Well you seem like you need someone, so go look for someone," she replied.
"I don't need a girlfriend, infact I don't need someone!"
"Sure you don't," she hissed. The boys came back and I quickly let go of Camille's wrist. We left the firing place and went to the car.
"Zayn give me the keys," Paul said. I reached for my pocket but the car keys were no longer there.
"I don't have it," I said.
"What do you mean you don't have it?" Liam said.
"I lost it, or misplaced it, but whatever it is I don't have it," I said. I caught a glimpse of Camille and she was smiling, an evil smile.
"Here it is," she said handing me the car keys.
"How'd you get it?" I asked.
"I snuck it from you when we were talking," she said playfully. Paul got the keys and gave it to the driver, we got inside our van and sat down.
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