Going through Here and There

Victoria lived most of her life living a lie. Then she meets up with an old friend in an exhibition and they contact each other again. But is everything real, or is it a lie? Or is everything just a dream and a vision?


14. Flying Kisses

When we reached the room, he opened it and I got in. It was super spacious, the bed was big and the room smelled of roses and lilies. I felt the bed and it really comfortable.
"Hope it's fine, it's not like your room at home but I hope it would do fine." Zayn said and he tucked my hair that fell infront of my face behind my ear.
"It's perfect," I said. I felt his hand touch the side of my face, and I couldn't help but touch his hand. He leaned closer to me, and kissed me.
He placed my back towards the wall, and made the kiss stronger. It was a different feeling, he placed me in bed and he unzipped my dress. I tried to stop him, but I realized that my dress was already on the floor. Zayn was only wearing his boxers, and he stroked my back gently. I seriously didn't want to go any further, so I pushed him gently and sat up.
"What's wrong?" Zayn said sitting up.
"Nothing, I just don't want to go any further," I admitted.
"It's fine," he said. He pushed me back in bed and kissed my neck, then he stroked my hair and then kissed me on the lips.
I closed my eyes, and I knew this was probably the most different night I ever had.

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