Going through Here and There

Victoria lived most of her life living a lie. Then she meets up with an old friend in an exhibition and they contact each other again. But is everything real, or is it a lie? Or is everything just a dream and a vision?


12. Feelings and Wonderings

Zayn's P.O.V.

I woke up the next day and Camille was lying in my arms. I stroked her face gently, but she didn't react, which meant she was still asleep. I kissed her neck but she kept still, so I turned to kiss her cheek, but there was no reaction. I wanted to stop myself but I found it really hard, it could be my one chance of getting to do it. I planted a soft kiss on her lips, and moved away before I could wake her up. Oh I just wish this was real, that her and I were really a couple lying down in the same bed. I wondered if she would kiss me like the way I would kiss her if I got the chance.
"Zayn," a voice ripped me out of my thoughts, I looked at Camille and she was already awake. "When am I going to see your mum again?"
"Today," I said trying to keep my voice steady.
"Oh okay," she said. I felt her hand move to my chest, I looked at her and she was tracing my tattoos with her finger tips.
"Do you actually want to see my mum?" I asked her.
"Why wouldn't I?" Camille replied and she rested her hand on my chest.
"Well, I thought you might be mad at my family for what I did to you," I said.
"Which one?" She asked and I knew that I had lots of faults against her.
"I don't know, everything," I said. She sat down and looked at me, I sat up after awhile and our eyes met.
"You know what, I'm going to go make breakfast," she said and she got out of bed.

She went to the kitchen and got some bowls, milk, juice and cereals. She got fruits out of a basket and placed it on the table. She sat down and I sat across her.
"Do you hate me?" I asked her.
"What makes you say that?"
"Well, I've known you my almost entire life and I know you hate people easily when they do something to you," I replied.
"Oh, great, almost every person I know asks me the same question," she said. "Do people really think that's how bad I am?"
"I don't know, but in my case you have a reason to hate me. If you do Camille just be honest with me," I said. "I won't hold anything against you."
"I did, but not anymore," she said.
"Why not?"
"Well you were honest with me so I guess you're forgiven, you know," she said.
"Thanks," I said. Her phone rang and she answered it.
"Hello?" Camille said. She was so near to me that I could actually hear what the other person is saying.
"Hey bestie! Busy today?" A girl's voice came, it was a super loud voice.
"I sort of am," she said and she looked at me. "Why?"
"I'm visiting town, so would you like to meet up?" The girl said and there were really lots of noices going on the other line.
"I can't sorry, I'm meeting up with Zayn's mum," she said.
"Zayn? I thought you two were like in super bad terms?" the girl said and I can't help but feel a bit disappointed.
"We were, but we're fine now," Camille said.
"Are you two dating?"
"NO!" Camille yelled. "We aren't!"
"But why are you hanging out?"
"We're just friends nothing more."
"Did you guys kiss?" The girl asked, I felt my body stiffen abit. I turned to look at Camille but she seemed pissed.
"What! That's outrageous! What makes you think that?" Camille yelled. Whew! I was so glad she didn't feel me kiss her, if she did I would be making her a liar.
"You sure?"
"Why are you asking my this?"
"Just answer!"
"We did not! I swear I would never kiss him!" Camille said and I can't help but look at her.
"Uhuh, sure you didn't," the girl said and to be honest she was pissing me off. Camille was innocent, I was the one who wasn't.
"Goodbye Lyanna," Camille finally said and she ended the phone call.
She looked at me, and somehow I couldn't look at her. There was a silence between the two of us, and I knew I had to break it.
"So who was that girl?" I asked her.
"How'd you know it was a girl?"
"I heard," I admitted.
"Oh so you did," she said. "She's my ex-bestie but she thinks we're still friends."
"What made you guys separate?"
"I don't want to talk about it," she said.
"You can trust me," I said.
"Fine, she liked this guy but then it turned out that the guy liked me, and since that day we were abit indifferent towards one another. Then she started separating away from me, so okay, I was a loner and she got into the popular group. So because of that she started laughing at me, beating me up and teasing me. And that's why my parents decided to transfer me to Bradford." she said.
"Wait, no offense but weren't you a geek type?" I asked.
"That's when I went to Bradford, I decided that if I wanted to keep my friends I had to do something about my appearance, so yeah," she said. I felt like something whipped me, I cannot believe she was actually one the most beautiful girl before she went to Bradford. Why did that incident have to happen before she went to Bradford?
Everything was clearer now, since she dropped out of school there were no friends to keep anymore, so she chose to go back to her real self. I looked at her, and realized that her hair was darker and she no longer had bangs. She stood up from her chair and cleaned the mess. I waited in the living room, and after awhile she came.
"You know," she began. "That phone call almost killed me."
"I know, it hurts to be talking to your ex-bestie," I said.
"No, not that," she said. "It almost killed me because I lied to her." I looked at her and I was abit confused.
"Pardon me?" I asked.
"I know you kissed me Zayn! I just couldn't tell her, cause she would make a big fuss about it again and I was trying to work things out with her," she confessed. I saw her eyes turn abit wet, and I stood up from my seat and went to her.
"Then who cares if she makes a big fuss about it? You've suffered enough, it's time to show who you really are! Stop keeping the pain inside!" I told her.
"I just don't want to Zayn! Because if I do, she's going to keep asking if we're actually just friends or not!" Camille said. "Please tell me, Zayn, that you do not have any feelings for me. Please tell me that you just see me as a friend."
"I can't do that," I admitted.
"Why?" she said and I saw her eyes close to tears. "You hated me before, why can't you hate me now?"
"It's different, okay! You've changed and I can't help but realize that," I said. I took a step closer and I pulled her into my arms, I felt her cry on my shoulder but I tried my best to comfort her.
"Why?" she mumbled. I stroked her back gently, and I can't help but realize that our bodies were pressed to one another, and she wasn't trying to escape me.
"It's okay," I said.
"It's not," she said.
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