Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


15. Ollie: I Warned You

She and Dylan planned to share a ball but as Dylan stepped into the ball Harry followed her. Ollie stood there opened mouthed at Harry for a few moments before stepping back away from the ball. Everyone was already in their balls except Nialler. He noticed that everyone was already off except Ollie who was standing on her own. He looked uneasily to her then the ball he was going to climb into. "We've been friends like forever Nialler, don't be a pussy" Ollie said "It's not that, I'm claustrophobic" Niall mumbled "I know that, remember the goat farm?" Ollie said and Niall shivered, Niall and Ollie had gotten stuck in a small closet in the barn for hours, Niall had freaked. "Just remember I warned you" Niall said and they climbed into the ball. The pervert man zipped it up the ball and Niall started to roll it. She lost her balance and fell over taking Niall with her. When they finally stopped rolling Niall was sprawling across her, his face was inches from hers. Niall looked down at her a strange look in his eyes, she couldn't place it though. A strange feeling settled in her stomach and her heart fluttered at the look he was giving her. She brushed it to the side and laughed. "It's harder than I though" She said sitting up, pushing Niall away from her without really pushing him away. "Yeah but you kind of get used to it" Niall said moving away on to the other side of the ball trying to balance it out. "Give me your hands" He said holding out his hands for her. She grabbed them without hesitation, his fingers wrapped around her wrist as she gripped his wrists; she could feel his pulse thunder under her fingertips. "Stand on three" Niall said "One...two...-" Niall said "-Three" they both said at the same time her Irish accent sounding weak next to his. She lost her balance as soon as they stood up and pulled Niall down with her, they went toppling. By the time they had stopped they were consumed by a laughing fit, allowing Niall to forget about his claustrophobia for a while. //

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