Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


21. Ollie: Bubbles

She could see the joy on Dylan's and Harry's faces when they looked at each other, she knew that Dylan was happy with Harry and that was all that mattered. She looked over at Niall just as he looked over at her. She looked away, blushing slightly. She didn't know what had gotten into her lately. "Move this party into the lounge, I need  to clean up, Niall will you help me? Ollie said shooing the others out of the kitchen. Ollie took the dish towel and watched as Niall moved about the kitchen, picking up plates and cups and placing them near the sink to be washed. She watched the sink full with water and watch as Niall add the washing up liquid before looking away. "That's enough bubbles" She said just as the bubbled started over flowing. "Enough bubbles?" Niall asked taking a scoop of bubbled in his hand and smearing on her stomach. "You did not just do that!" She said picking up a scoop of bubbles and plopping in on Niall's head. Niall scooped up a handful of water and dumped it on her head. She screamed in surprise as the hot water hit her head. She stuck her hand in the sink and splashed Niall all down the front, soaking his t-shirt. Niall grabbed a handful of water and she backed away from him. "Niall please" She begged but he followed her. She rounded the island, Niall chased after her spilling most of the water on himself. He wrapped his arms around her waist, what was left of the water spilt down her front. He pulled her to the ground, both of them soaking wet and laughing. "We should probably change" She said getting off the floor and offering her hand to Niall. "Why get changed? Our clothes are going to dry" Niall said taking her hand and pulling himself up. "But they`re wet and its cold" She said "Look at it this way, it's only the top half-" Niall said grabbing at the edges of his top and pulling it over his head. She couldn't help but stare at his chiselled chest. "-So we take that off and leave to dry" Niall finished grabbing at the edge of her top, she didn't stop him. He slowly started removing her top. His fingers brushing her skin. Her breath caught in her throat and heart pounding in her chest, she felt like she was going to explode. Things that she hadn't noticed before where suddenly obvious, like how close they were, the look in his eyes, his touch. Finally it was over and her top was thrown over a kitchen table chair to dry. For only a few seconds she felt awkward to be standing in front of Niall topless but soon it was replaced with lust. She took pleasure in the look Niall gave her when his eyes roamed her body. She reached out and brushed her fingers tips along his V-line. He grabbed her hand and placed it firmly to his stomach. She looked up into his eyes and she could see the same desiire there that coursed through her body. He lowered his head and she tilted her head back. They were millimetres apart when suddenly it hit her. She was going to kiss her childhood best friend, a brother to her. She pulled away before they could get any closer. She saw the hurt look on Niall's face but turned away from him and grabbed her t-shirt. She fled from the room, not looking back, because if she did she might not be able to leave. She couldn't ruin this friendship over stupid feelings. She wouldn't. //

She slammed the bedroom door behind her and collapsed on the bed, thoughts rolling around in her head. She could hear footsteps coming up the stairs. "Who ever it is please leave me alone" She whispered. The footsteps stopped outside her door and she swore. She heard Niall take in a deep breath before entering. "I didn't hear a knock" She grumbled                                                     "If I had knocked you would of told me to go away" He said standing awkwardly inside the doorway. He was still topless, they both were. "Look...what happen and almost happened was a mistake" She said, if she kept repeating it it had to be true. "No it wasn't" Niall whispered in defiance, folding his arms subconsciously; she could help but notice him muscles flex . "Of course it was" She said only half halfheartedly. "The only mistake was letting you go" Niall said making her heart launch. "Don't tell me you don't feel it" Niall said, closing the door behind him and moving closer to the bed, step by step. "I know you feel this thing, between me and you" Niall said rhyming his words, making her laugh. "Don't tell me it was a mistake" He whispered just inches away. "I'll just say it was almost the perfect mistake" He mumbled reaching out and cupping her head in his hand. "Almost?" She asked "Yes because this didn't happen" Niall said bending down, she reached up until their lips meet clumsily. At first it was weird to be kissing her best friends but after awhile she just ignored that weird feeling it wasn't so hard when you were kissing Niall Horan. He pushed her back, so she laid down and he slowly climbed on top of her. His hand was on her neck, his thumb softly brushed her cheek. He was so gentle with her, like she was glass and he was the hulk. She grabbed his sides, his bare skin hot to the touch. She pulled him closer, needing and wanting him to be closer to her. "We should stop" Niall said pulling away. "Why" She moaned, letting her hand drop to her side. "For someone that didn't want this, you sure want it now" Niall chuckled "I didn't want it because it would ruin our friendship" She said "And did it?" He asked raising one eyebrow sexily. She thought about it for a while, there was no awkwardness between them. They could still be friends, if they wanted to be. "No" She replied finally after much though. "We could go back to being friends if you like" Niall said                                                   "No!" She said quickly                                                                                                                     "Good" Niall said laughing "I don't think I could, even if I wanted to" Niall added kissing her again. "That's good" She mumbled against his lips, making him laugh. "Ollie! Niall! Come clean up this mess!" Dylan yelled from down stairs and she remembered all the water all over the kitchen floor. "We'll be there in a minute" Ollie shouted, she wanted to stay here with Niall. "We should-" She started to say. "We have a minute." //  


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