Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


7. Harry: The Right way

They stood squished into the elevator the whole way up to the top floor, he didn't mind as Dylan was squashed up against him. The doors finally opened and they all piled out, Dylan wearing his jacket was the cutest thing ever as it was too big on her, her finger tips barely poking out of the sleeves. Dylan and Ollie were to wait outside while him and the boys go in and talk to Simon. It was the usual talk, this is where the single is on the charts, how they're going to boast the album when it come out blah blah blah. He was distracted by Dylan like he was most of the time now days. "Harry...Harry, Harry!" Simon said clearly trying to get his attention for some time now. "Sorry my mind was some where else" He mumbled blushing slightly. "I was just saying I want to talk to you and Dylan for a moment before you guys go" Simon said and he noticed that the other boys were already standing up. They left and soon after Dylan walked in, she had left his jacket with the others. "Dylan, it's so good to finally meet you" Simon said holding out his hand for Dylan to shake. Dylan took it, smiling "It's very nice to met you" She said her voice all business like and formal, he had never heard her sound like that. "Please take a seat" Simon said and Dylan did, smiling. "I wanted to talk to you about you and Harry's relationship" Simon said and Harry could see the surprise in Dylan's eyes, mirroring the surprise in side of him. "As you are aware, the boys are releasing a new album very soon, and you guys relationship will either go really well or really bad with the fans" Simon said, Harry started to open his mouth to say something but Simon interrupted "I know what you will say Harry, that the fans should be happy for you guys, and all but the truth is that it might work out like that, but some fans are very protective for you, Harry" Simon said "I see your point but even if it does turn out well there will always be the fans that don't like it" Dylan said "Very true but if you want to come out with this relationship then we have to do it the right way" Simon agreed "They right way?" Harry asked confused. "It starts with a cute picture that leads to questions, just one picture that makes everyone think just maybe, the the rumours, then the playful denial and finally more photos, blurry enough to question who it is but clear enough to know who it is then you guys come out" Simon explained "You sure know a lot about this" Harry said "Well I've had a lot stars to know how to deal with this" Simon replied smiling a knowing smile. "I would like to speak with Dylan alone, Harry" Simon said and Harry didn't bother trying to argue even though he didn't like leaving Dylan alone with Simon. The huge door closed behind him, it seemed to echo around him. //                                       



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