Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


14. Harry: Only You

They pulled up to Hyde park. Dylan looked at him puzzled but he was just as confused as why they were here. They all jumped as Liam's phone went off, blaring Chris Brown With You. Liam pulled out his phone and answered the call. "Hello?" Liam asked as they all watched him. He took his phone away from his ear and turned on speaker phone. Paul's voice filled the silence. "We're here in Hyde park, near lancaster gate at The Italian Garden for part one in Simon's plan" Paul said, only him and Dylan knew about Simon's plan, the others plainly confused but they didn't interrupt Paul. "The plan is to introduce Dylan and Harry as a couple to the public in a way that the fans won't turn on them and the band" Paul explained "We're here at this park to do some fun activities with the whole band and Dylan and Ollie" Caroline added "Dylan and Harry you guys are NOT allowed to hold hand or kiss" Paul expressed "But your are suppose to suggest that something is going on, so playful banter between the boys and Harry about Dylan, If the press asks question suggest something but don't confirm anything" Caroline said "Harry and Dylan you guys are to hang out a lot, talk, be playful with each other, a little bit on contact!" Lou said "Is that all" Dylan asked, he knew that she hated the fact that it was all planned. "Yes, that's all" Caroline replied "Wait for security to get out before exiting the car" Paul said and Liam hanged up. "Are you guys seriously going to listen to them?" Ollie asked "What else can we do?" Dylan snapped "It just seems really fake" Ollie mumbled looking away from him and Dylan, Harry could feel Dylan shake with anger. He knew that Dylan knew it was fake, not their relationship but the fact that this was all planned. He knew Dylan wasn't really mad with Ollie, she was angry with this plan and so was he. They all climbed out of the car, Harry giving Dylan a reassuring squeeze of her hand before following the others out. They walked through the Lancaster Gate, their security trailing them at a reasonable distance. Lou, Caroline and Paul hanging back as well in their own little party. They decided to sit under a tree near the old pavilion, there wasn't much more to do. Dylan sat next to him, folding her legs so that her knee just barely touched his leg. He smiled at her and she smiled back but he could see that it was fake. He needed to do something that wasn't planned but didn't go against the plan, much. As idea popped into his head and he knew that it would get him into a little trouble but it was worth it if Dylan was happier. He stood up, the others gave him a questioning look but he ignored it. He reached down and grabbed Dylan around the waist and chucked her over his shoulder. She screamed in surprise as suddenly she found herself over his shoulder. "Harry!" She cried getting some looks from other people in the gardens. Some of them recognised Harry, the other boys and Dylan, the people took out their phones and took some photos. Harry made a run for the fountain, the others now standing. He jumped onto the low rim of the fountain, Dylan begging him to stop but it wasn't his plan to go into the water. He place Dylan down on the edge of the fountain and sat down next to her. "What was that about?" She asked out of breath from screaming. "I thought we should add a more realistic feel to this or the fans will think its fake, I mean when ever does One Direction just sit under a tree?" Harry said, he saw Dylan think it through before nodding in agreement. "Our relationship isn't fake so neither should this" Dylan said and she reached down into the water and splashed him. The cold water drenched his face and he could hear the others laughter coming from under the tree. Dylan was already up and on her feet and running away. He wiped the water out of his eyes, he ran a hand through his hair before he started chasing her. "Do i have to prove to you again, Styles, the power of me, Niall and Ollie?" Dylan asked she was on the other side of the tree the others were sitting under. He thought about it and maybe it wasn't a good ides to say yes, being publicly embarrassed like that again would only be funny for Niall, Ollie and Dylan. "No" He replied "Good" Dylan said sitting down next to her twin. Harry sat down next to Niall without taking his eyes off Dylan. They sat under the tree for another half an hour, talking and playing around by then a crowd had joined them. "Let's go for a walk" Harry suggested they all stood up. They were walking along The Long Water when Harry spotted a sign advertising water zorbing. "That looks like fun" Dylan said pointing to the people out of the water. "Come on then lets have a go" Louis said and they headed over to the man in charge. "How much for all of us?" Liam asked pulling out his wallet. "Ten pounds for each ball" The man muttered his nose stuck in his fanny bag which was overflowing with notes. "Do you take credit?" Liam asked "Does it look like I take credit?" The man replied "I only have 15 pounds" Liam said "Don't worry, we'll all pitch in" Ollie said pulling out her purse. Ollie rummaged around and found 8 pounds to add to the pile. Louis add 5 pounds, Niall added 7 pounds, Zayn added 2 pounds, Dylan added 5 pounds and Harry added 9 pounds. "That adds up to...23...umm..28-35 37...46 plus 5= 51, we have 51 pounds" Liam said counting up the money. "That means only five of you can go on" The man said finally looking up at them. The man's eyes widened in shock when he realised who they were. "Isn't there a way you could you know let two extra people on just for us?" Niall asked "I'm sorry sir-" The man's manners suddenly appearing out of thin air. "-but I can't do that, sorry" The man said and Harry might of believed that he was sorry if he didn't know better. "Please is there anyway that you could just let us all have a go, just this once?" Ollie asked and Harry noticed that Ollie had placed her hand on her hip and flicked her hair over her shoulder. "I-I'm sorr-ry Mama...but I can't" The man said having a hard time getting his words out. He watched as Dylan smiled at the man and put a hand on The Man's arm. He watched her body language change like Ollie's, she wore a sexy smile and she pushed her shoulders back so her chest stoke out more. His insides burned with anger as he watched the man eye Dylan up. "You see me and my friends really want to have a go water zorbing but we don't have enough money" Dylan said "And if you let us all on you would be doing me and my sister here a favour" Ollie said and he could see the man grope for something to say. The man opened his mouth several times before he could utter a single sentence-"I said-d...ten pounds a-a ball." The we'll have five zorbs" Liam said handing over the money to the baffled man like he didn't know what had hit him. Harry still kind of confused how this would work, trailed along behind them, anger burning up his insides. Dylan saw him at the back and waited for him to catch up. She smiled at him as they walked over to the water. "Sorry about that" Dylan whispered and his anger defused. "I'm not angry at you" He mumbled "I know but I made you angry at him, If I hadn't done anything he would of never pissed you off" Dylan said "Just promise never to do that agin" He said "Not even to you?" She asked jokingly. "No, me's okay but no one else" Harry said making her laugh. "Okay, only you." //


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