Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


34. Harry: Kissed her

"I can't do this anymore" She whispered so quiet that he couldn't hear her. "What?" He asked "I can't do this anymore" She repeated even louder this time, he could hear her this time. "Do what?" He asked dread filling him. "This-" She said gesturing to the room. "-being here, with you" She added comforting his thoughts. "Go home then, we'll talk tomorrow, when this had settled-" But he never got to finish. "You don't understand, I Don't Want To Be Here Or Anywhere With You, I don't want to see you or speak to you anymore" She said ripping out what was left of his heart. "Your not thinking straight will talk about this tomorrow" He said trying to fix something that couldn't be fixed. "NO, you are not listening to me! I don't even want to see you again" She said but there was no anger in her voice. He could feel tear well up but he wouldn't let them fall. "Please, don't do this" He begged, for her he would get down on his knees pride aside and beg for her to stay. She didn't say anything but walk out the bedroom door leaving him standing there surrounded by his broken heart. //


Footstep's on the stairs awoke him from his thoughts, he wouldn't go down without a fight. He wouldn't let her go. He reached her just before she opened the front door. He grabbed her arm and turned her around to face him. Leaning down he kissed her on the lips...but before two seconds past she had pushed him away. "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ME!" She screamed in rage, at last he was getting an emotion out of her but not the one he wanted. "Don't leave" He begged "JUST LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE" She shouted bring the others into the hallway. "What's going on?" Ollie asked but neither of them answered her. "Don't. Follow. Me. I. Don't. Want. You" She said spitting out each word with enough venom to burn his already shattered heart. She turned on her heel and yanked open the door. As tears fell from his eyes he watched as she left him. "Dylan...!" He cried one last time, trying to get her to stay. But she didn't even look back. Not even once. // 




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