Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


25. Harry: Kiss Me

"You promised!" Harry moaned "I know, but Simon and his plan, I promise after the hospital" Dylan said tangling her hands in his hair. They were lying on Harry's bed, it was nine at night, they had gone to dinner at Nando's after the meeting with Simon, they had just gotten home. "Fine, but if you brake this promise your going to regret it" He joked reaching out and tickling Dylan for a few seconds. She pulled away out of breath from laughing, rolling on her back. He watched her chest rise and fall, slowly. His eyes started drifting closed... //

He reached out for Dylan, but the space next to him was empty. He prided his eyes open, the room was dark and the house was quiet. He sat up and looked around at his room, Dylan wasn't there. He shuffled over to the edge of the bed and swung his legs of the edge of the bed and stood up. He was a little clumsy at first, still half asleep. He stumbled to the door and pulled it open. The hallway was empty, but he could hear the T.V down stairs on. He glanced at the clock on his bed side table, it read three in the morning. He stumbled down the stairs and into the lounge. Dylan laid curled up under a blanket in the middle of the couch watching a movie. "What's the movie?" He asked "Inception" Dylan mumbled back almost instantly. She moved over so he could lay down behind her on the couch. Dylan pulled the blanket over the both of them and curled up against his side. "I love Leonardo Dicaprio, he's an amazing actor" Dylan mumbled sleepily "Love him?" He asked he was surprised at the jealously he was feeling. "Not like how I love you, I'm a fan of his work and his good looks are a bonus" Dylan said "Good looks?" He asked, if he was jealous before it was nothing compared to now. "I'm teasing you Harry, But you've got to admit that he's a nice looking guy" She said, sitting up beside him. She looked down at his face and frowned. "Are you really that jealous?" She asked and he looked away from her gaze, unable to met them. "Awwww Harry" She said placing a kiss on his lips. "He's really ugly and it hate him, his a bad actor, does that make you feel better?" She asked and he nodded. He opened his arms and she curled up against his chest again. "Why are you watching a movie?" He asked "I can't sleep" She whispered "Why can't you sleep?" He asked "Because of the baby, I'm worried about everything" She mumbled and he looked down at her, her back was pressed up against his chest and she was using his arm as a pillow. He brushed some hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear. "It's going to be okay" He mumbled, wrapping an arm around her waist. Dylan reached out for the remote control and switched the movie off. "Sing to me" She whispered "What would you like?" He asked "Anything" She mumbled turning over in his grasp and looked up into his eyes.

"Settle down with, me cover me up, cuddle me in 

Lay down with me and hold me in your arms 

And your hearts against my chest 

Lips pressed to my neck 

I'm falling for your eyes but they don't know me yet 

And with a feeling I'll forget 

I'm in love now 

Kiss me Like you wanna be loved..."

Dylan was already asleep so he let his voice drift off. He soon felt himself drifting off to sleep... 

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