Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


4. Harry: It's The End Of The World

Dylan met them at the front door, looking perfectly fine, there was no pale skin that was there only minutes ago. No green tinge, she didn't look sick at all, maybe it was just a stomach bug or a one off. He was very worried though and he could see that she saw it when she looked at him. The car was waiting for them and as soon as Dylan joined them at the front door they rushed to it piling into the back seats. The car had three back rows; three seats at the very back, a row of two and then another row of two which meant that they were all squeezed into a very small space. No seats were left empty. Him, Dylan and Zayn sat at the back, Niall and Liam in front of them and Louis and Ollie in front of them. As always Zayn fell asleep straight away, allowing Dylan and him to speak with reasonable secrecy. He could see Louis and Ollie turned in their seats to talk to Niall and Liam. He could see Louis shooting them suspicious glances out the corner of his eye but he ignored him. "You sure your feeling fine, cuz if your not we can head home" He suggested, really hoping that she would say that she was feeling sick and they could both go home and snuggle in front of the T.V, maybe watch a movie and he knew just the right one to; Love Actually, his favourite movie. "I don't know what it was before but i feel fine now" Dylan replied and he could tell that she was telling the truth. "Maybe it was a one off thing" He said trying to rest his worrying mind. "It probably was" Dylan agreed running a hand through her golden curls. He looked away from her, his head spinning with worry and doubt, he could't shake a feeling that it was something more. Dylan, noticing his uneasiness, placed a hand on his shoulder, it was all she dare do in front of the others but it calmed him straight away. "Hey, don't worry about it, worst comes to worst I'm sick and I end up getting you and the boys sick" Dylan said trying to reassure him, only partly working. "And Ollie" He mumbled trying to smile for her. "It's the end of the world" Dylan joked allowing her hand to brush his thigh as she moved it off his shoulder. To anyone else it would look like an accident or a friendly pat/brush but paired with the look in her eyes it made him blush and peel a glance at the others. They we're all to caught up in their own conversations that they didn't even notice him and Dylan. "Your such a tease" He muttered reaching out and playing with the ends of a strand of her hair. "I try my hardest" Dylan said covering a yawn with her hand. "Tired already?" He asked                                                                                                                                                       "Car rides make me tired" Dylan said muffled by another yawn. "Here" He said, turning her in her seat so her legs went across his lap, her head resting peacefully on the head rest. "Better?" He asked "Mmm...yes..." She mumbled, she opened one eye and grabbed his hand. She pulled it into her lap so that it was behind the chair and the only way they could was if they looked over Liam's chair. She fell asleep and not long after that so did he. //

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