Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


11. Harry: FlashBack

He opened the front door and was welcomed by the smell of roast chicken. "Helloooo?" He called, the other boys pushing past him to get to the food. He followed them onto the kitchen and was surprised to see Ollie behind the stove cooking not Dylan. "She's in the lounge" Ollie said answering his unasked question. He grabbed a little nibble of food and walked back through the door he just came through. He past the stairs and entered the next room on his right. Dylan was sitting on the couch watching some random T.V show. She pressed muted when she was him and patted the space next to her on the couch. He sat down and went to put an arm around her shoulders but she pulled away. "Harry we need to talk" She said looking down at her hands which were in her lap. "Okay..." He uttered caught slightly of guard. "What do you want to talk about?" He asked                                                                                                                                                             "It's kind of really hard to say..." She mumbled picking at her finger nails. "Just say it, whatever it is, I'll still be here, promise" He said worried about the look she had on her face. It was one of those moments when he couldn't tell what she was thinking by the look on her face. "I...ummm...I-I'm kind of...umm...like sort of-f...like slightly..." She stuttered                                                                        "Just spit it out" He urged very worried now, she sounded scared and nervous. "H-harrrry-y, I-I'm I'm..." She mumbled and it hit him like a rock, he knew what she was trying to say. "Your braking up with me aren't you?" He said completely devastated. "Wh-att?!?!" She spluttered laughing at him but one look at his face stopped her. "Harry I'm not braking up with you" She said and he suddenly felt a wave of relief wash over him. "If your not braking up with me then what is it you wanted to tell me?" He asked smiling, as soon as he said that the happiness drained out of her face and worried filled it. "I-I'm-mla-a-te-e" she said her words jumbled up into an incoherent mess. "What?" He asked completely confused. "I'm late" She whispered so quietly that he almost didn't catch it. "Your late for what?" He asked still confused                                                         "Harry, I'm LATE" She said                                                                                                               "Your late? What do you mean...ohhhh...wait what?" he said even more confused than before if that was possible. "Harry I'm pregnant" She said, at first he didn't get it but some of it sunk in. He sat there open mouthed for over a minute trying to think of something to say. "But-but how?" He asked "You remember the night we first met?" Dylan asked                                                           "who wouldn't remember a night like that..." 

The Flashing strobe lights were starting to hurt his head, he turned to the bar, hoping some alcohol would stop the headache that was forming. As he reached the bar he stumbled into someone ordering a drink. "Sorry Miss" He said as a girl turned to face him. "For that Mister you can buy me a drink" She said her accent half English and half Irish. He was memorized by her eyes and brought her more than one drink. Soon they were stumbling on to the dance floor. She pulled him close, swaying her hips to the music. He placed his hands on her hips and pulled her even closed to him. "I'm supposed to be meeting someone here" She whispered in his ear, placing a kiss just below it. "A boyfriend?" He asked jealous "An old friend, jealous?" She asked grinding against him. "Very" He whispered kissing her on the lips. The taste of alcohol was very strong but he didn't mind at all. She broke away from him, only holding his hand. "I need another drink" She said pulling him towards the bar. Someone bumped into them and he was about to growl at him but he noticed it was Niall. "Niall!" Harry said in surprise and the girl turned to look at Niall. "Niall...? Oh my gosh! Niall!" She shouted flinging herself into Nialler's arms. Harry stood there opened mouthed and very confused. "Dylan, its so good to see you again!" Niall said hugging the girl tightly. "You guys know each other?" Harry asked                                                                          "Know each other! We're basically family!" The girl said pulling away from Niall to look at him. "You know Nialler?" She asked                                                                                                           "This is Harry, we're in the band together" Niall explained                                                             "Harry Styles?" She asked and Harry nodded. "Well I still want that drink" Dylan said               "What would the lady like?" Harry asked pulling out his wallet. "Surprise me" Dylan said and she and Niall moved off to a table at the edge of the room. He grabbed the drinks and made his way over to then careful not to trip and spill the drinks which was really hard since he was already very drunk. "There we go" He said placing the drinks of the table. "How did you know I liked beer!" Dylan said grabbing one of the beer bottles. "It was one of the drinks me or Nialler would of drunk if you hadn't like it so..." Harry said sitting down next to her. "So how do you guys know each other?" He asked Niall and Dylan, taking a sip of beer. "Been friends since we were kids" Niall said taking a swig of his beer. "I moved away when I was about 13, kind of lost touch until now" Dylan explained                                                                                                                                    "How do you two know each other?" Niall asked him and Dylan. "Us?" She asked laughing. "Just meet tonight" Harry said                                                                                                                        "Not planning on having a one night stand with my girl here, are ya?" Niall asked                     "Whats this your girl bullshit?" Dylan mumbled if Niall had had heard her he didn't respond. "Na not her, she ain't one night stand material" Harry said and he could see the hurt on Dylan's face. He would have more than a one night stand with a girl like that but he couldn't say that in front of Niall. "Good, cuz she deserves better than a one night stand" Niall said taking another swig of beer. They had a few more drinks before deciding to head home separately. Niall was going straight home but Harry wanted some food before hand or so he told Niall. Harry waited until Niall was around the corner before running in the direction Dylan had disappeared in. He finally caught up with her but she was mad at him. "Not one night stand material!" She growled at him when she saw him. "Not your not, well not to me" He said grabbing her arms and kissed her. He could feel her freeze up for a moment before relaxing under his touch. The nerves that had been building up since ditching Niall flooded out of him like a tidal wave. "Want to come inside?" She whispered making his heart miss a beat. "Sure" He said smiling at her nervously. She pulled him into the lobby and into the elevator, hitting a floor button and slamming him up against the elevator wall as soon as the doors closed. At first he was surprised but desire pushed that out of his mind. They grabbed at each other desperately, he grabbed her waist as she tangled her fingers in his hair. He leaned down and kissed her, his heart slamming against his rib cage. Her hands found their way underneath his t-shirt, his thoughts were out of control by this point. She bit his lip making him moan in pleasure, could she get any hotter, the answer was yes. The elevator stopped and she pushed him along the corridor and against the wall next to a door. She pulled away from him to look down in her purse to find her room key. She pulled it out and unlocked the door. The lock clicked and she placed the key back in her bag. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he pushed open the door and closed it with a slam...


"Shit" He mumbled placing his head in his hands. "I was drunk, I didn't even think about it" Harry said "Neither did I but here we are and well I need to know if your going to be here with me Harry, I know its a lot to ask" Dylan said and he ran a hand through his hair. "Of course I'll be here for you, But shit, what do we do?" He asked still in shock. "I'm not sure, I've never been pregnant before" Dylan replied he could tell that she was scared but he couldn't comfort her right now his mind was still in the process of processing the fact that Dylan was pregnant with his child. "Do-do you want to, you know keep it?" He asked                                                                                                        "How can you even ask that! It's a baby, your baby, my baby!" She fired placing a hand on her stomach protectively. "I had to ask I can't read your mind! I don't know what your thinking!" he said frustrated at this situation. "Look at us already fighting and the baby isn't even born yet" Dylan said trying to make him laugh. It didn't make him laugh but he smiled. "Come here" He mumbled pulling her into him arms. "What ever happens I'm going to be right by your side, okay?" He asked             "Okay." //



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