Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


30. Harry: Dinner

*To weeks later* 

Dylan moaned next him as he moved her feet off his lap so he could stand up. "Where are you going?" She mumbled "I'm going to make dinner" He replied, swiping the hair off her face. Her eyes snapped open, staring hard at him. "What?" He asked 
"Your going to make dinner? Should I be worried? Should I have the firefighters on hold?" She joked "Don't worry, I won't burn the house down." It she didn't believe him because she stood up and followed him into the kitchen. She watched him for awhile, her arms folded and leaning against the counter. "Let me help" She said reaching out for a knife but he hit her hand away. "No, I'm cooking dinner" He said "Don't be silly, let me help" She replied reaching for a knife again but he hit her hand away again. Before she could reach for a knife again he picked her up around the waist, automatically she wrapped her leg around his waist and her arms around his neck. "What are you doing?!" She cried in shock holding onto him tight. He didn't reply but placed her on the counter as far as way from the island so she could't help out. "Sit here and don't move" He ordered "Why?" She moaned trying to get down but he place his hand on her waist to stop her. He stepped in-between her legs and placed a soft short kiss on her lips. "Can't I cook my girlfriend dinner, without her help?" He mumbled, she mumbled for a few moments before nodding in agreement. "Good" He said placing another kiss on her lips before returning to making dinner. Out the corner of his eye he saw Dylan hop off the counter and move towards the door. "I'm going to have a shower" She said before leaving him to do dinner. He was chopping the carrots when he heard a crash coming from the hallway and a scream.  Dropping his knife he rushed toward Dylan, he could tell it was her and she was in trouble. At first he didn't see her because she was lying on the floor, one hand clutching her stomach and the other in-front of her face; it was cover in blood. Pounding footsteps on the stair awoke him from his shock and he rushed to her side. "SOMEONE GET MY KEYS" He shouted, picking Dylan up off the floor and into his arms. Someone opened the front door and he rushed to his car, someone beeping it open just before he reached it. Placing Dylan in the passenger seat, he grabbed the key off Niall and jumped into the drivers seat. He pulled out of the driveway, Niall and Ollie standing pale white and completely shocked. //


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