Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


9. Harry: Chick Flicks

"Whats got you two do happy?" Niall asked as soon as he and Dylan walked through the door into the studio. "Probably Dylan giving Harry a happy" Zayn said and he could feel his cheeks heat up, turning red. "Ewwwwww she's my sister" Ollie moaned at the same time Niall cried "Grossss!!" And Liam muttered "I did not need to hear that, I did not need to hear that." Louis finding this very amusing could not stop laughing, only when Harry tackled him did he stop. It was full on war in the studio, him and Louis rolling around on the floor wrestling, not trying to hurt each other only trying to win. He could hear the others betting on who would win, by the sound of it it was 50/50 or so the boys said. He was happy to see Dylan enjoying it, most girls would be trying to stop them or be running out of the room covering her eyes in disgust but Dylan was was joining in on the betting and cheering. "Don't hit him in the crotch, Louis, He might need it later" Niall joked and he could see Dylan punch Niall in the arm playfully. Louis was thrown across his stomach and was trying to sit up and trap him but at the same time he was trying to buck Louis off. He could see Dylan out the corner of his eye, jumping and cheering him on when suddenly she stopped and gripped her stomach. He recognised the look on her face from this morning before she bolted from the room, nobody noticing her. He tried to follow her but then he remembered that Louis and him were still fighting. "Louis let me up!" He cried, trying to push Louis off him but he was to heavy. "Getting tired already Styles?" Louis asked puffing "No, Dylan" He said trying to push Louis off him again. "What she can't take a little fighting?" Louis asked "GET THE FUCK OFF ME TOMLINSON" He shouted, he hardly ever swore or shouted and almost never at the same time. Louis responded quickly, pulled away from him; understanding that he wasn't joking and that it was dead serious. He didn't stay to explain but jumped up and ran to the door where Dylan had disappeared through. He started for the boys toilet when he remembered that he was looking for Dylan not one of the boys. He pushed open the girls bathroom door hesitantly. "Dylan...?" He whispered not daring to take a step inside unless he was certain she was in there. He listened quietly and he could hear someone crying. He took a small step inside the bathroom, holding the door open. "Dylan?" He asked more loudly and the crying stopped. "Harry...?" Dylan mumbled from inside the bathroom. He ran inside not caring if it was the girls bathroom anymore. He couldn't see her at first but when he looked into the first stall he saw her sitting on the floor her knees pulled up to her chest. When she saw him she broke down crying again, he knelt down and pulled her into his arms. She sobbed into his shoulder for a few moments but pulled away sharply to throw up in the toilet. He patted her back and held her hair away from her face but he felt completely helpless, he didn't know what was making her throw up, was she sick? and how badly? and with what? He just wanted her to be okay, to stop hurting and throwing up but he couldn't do that. When she finally stopped, she buried her head into her knees. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him. He couldn't stand to see her like this, it was braking his heart. They were sitting like that for a moment or two when Ollie poked her head through the door, Ollie meet his pleading eyes and come to the rescue. Ollie ran some towelettes under the tap and knelt next to them, she pulled Dylan's face up so she could wipe away the tears and sweat. She looked sad and hopeless, he hated it. He would do everything he could to make sure that she was never sad or hopeless again. It broke him to see her this fragile, normally she was so strong. "You don't feel hot, maybe its just a stomach bug" Ollie said interrupting his thoughts. "She should go home" He said to Ollie and she nodded in agreement. "I would take her home but..." He said "You have to go to practice" Ollie said finishing his sentence. "If I could get out of it I would but I can't" He mumbled grumpy, he wanted to go with her. "I understand, you don't have to prove it" Ollie said and she grabbed Dylan under her left arm and her grabbed Dylan under the right. They hauled her up and over to the sink. He wrapped his arm around her waist to hold her up while Ollie cleaned her twin. After awhile Dylan could stand on her own and clean herself. "Do you want something to eat?" Ollie asked Dylan and Dylan nodded weakly. "That's a good sign, maybe your getting over this already" Ollie said and he wrapped his arm around Dylan's waist again and pulled her towards the door. She leaned on him the whole way down the corridor and down the stairs to the lobby. "Lucy, I need a car now and...get...Andy" Harry ordered, noticing the Lucy gave Dylan a nasty look before complying to Harry's requests. About two minutes later came bounding down the stairs just as the car pulled up. "Hey Harry, what do you need?" Andy asked "Can you take Dylan and Ollie back to the house?" Harry asked pulling Dylan closer to him. "Sure" Andy said coming to stand next to him. "Thanks Andy, really thanks" He said pulling Dylan off to the side for a moment. "When I'm finished I'll come straight home and we'll cuddle on the couch and watch chick flicks, okay?" He whispered, lightly gripping her head between his hands; brushing her cheeks softly with his thumb. She nodded placing her hand on top of his. He pulled her in and placed a kiss on her forehead before letting her go. He watched her walk out of the door, worry eating at his insides. // 


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