Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


26. Dylan: The Appointment

She sat in her apartment waiting for Harry to pick her up. As time passed the nervous glances at the clock doubled and the tap of the finger started. She jumped when her phone vibrated on the table, alerting her that she had a new text message. It was from Harry: 

Met me around the back x

She grabbed her handbag and jacket and headed out the door. She took the stairs two at a time, basically flying down them. She reached the bottom in under three minutes which wasn't hard to do when she was on the sixth floor.  She pulled open the door to the back of her apartment building. She didn't live in anything flash, it wasn't some amazingly expensive flat twenty floors up, she didn't want that, it wasn't her kind of thing. She preferred to live in a house, but in London there was hardly any maybe that was why she was so relucted to leave the boys house. At the end of the Ally way at the back of her apartment building was Harry's Range Rover. She hopped into the passenger sit and Harry pulled away from the curb. "Put your seat belt on" Harry said glancing over at her. "Is that better" She said buckling up. "Much" He replied smiling over at her. He kept one hand on the steering wheel and his other hand he laced their fingers together.  They pulled into the hospital car park, a turned the car off and they sat in the dark for a few moments before getting out. "Remember if we're caught, I felt really sick and call Niall to pick me up to take me to the hospital but he wasn't there so you volunteered" Dylan whispered as they headed for the hospitals front door.Harry held the door open for her and she brushed past him, desperately wanting to take his hand but couldn't.  "Hi I have an appointment" She said to the nurse at the front desk. "Name?" She said without looking up from the piece of paper she was writing on. "Ummm...Cowell" Dylan said uncertainly, they hadn't been told what name to use. "Ah...here you are, second door on the right" The nurse said to busy with other stuff to look up and notice who they were. She and Harry headed down the corridor, they stood standing outside the door for a few seconds unsure what to do. Dylan raised her hand and knocked on the door. She heard someone inside shuffling around some papers before a women said "Come in." Dylan opened the door to find a female doctor sitting at the desk. "Hello Miss Dylan and Mr Styles, please take a seat, I'm Doctor Stevens" The Doctor said and they sat down in the seats offered to them. "Mr Cowell made sure i was sworn to secrecy, anything you say is doctor patient confidentiality, this is a safe place" Doctor Stevens said, Dylan glanced around nervously, expecting someone to jump out with a tape recorder. She hadn't told anyone about this outside of their group, her mum didn't even know yet. "Well...I'm pregnant" Dylan said, looking down at her hands. "Can you tell me how many weeks?" Doctor Stevens asked "I-I think five weeks" Dylan said trying to remember when she had meet Niall and Harry for drinks, it was ruffly three weeks before she started staying the night at their house and she had been doing that for about two weeks now. "Okay so we can't do a ultrasound just yet, we normal do them around six weeks but we can do some health checks if you want?" Doctor Steven said "Sure" Dylan said and Doctor Stevens lead to the examination table to do some basic health checks. "Well you seem healthy, but do keep an eye out, I'll book you an appointment for next week." //

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