Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


24. Dylan: That went well

Harry's hand shook in hers as the elevator doors opened. The meeting with Simon coming closer with every footstep. She was scared as well unable to control her nerves she started to shake as well. Harry noticed that she was scared and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. She felt more relaxed with Harry's arm around her, his touch calming her. She reached up and tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled him down to her lips. It was a quick kiss but it calmed them both down a lot. They threaded their fingers together again as the big doors to Simon's office opened revealing Simon sitting at his desk and Dylan's manger, Stacy, standing beside him. "I thought it would be a good idea to do both of them at the same time" Harry whispered and Dylan nodded in agreement, it was a good plan. "Hey Simon" The boys said and Simon just nodded to them. "Harry why did you call this meeting?" Simon asked getting straight to the point. They stood in front of his desk, Zayn and Ollie sitting down in the two chairs in front of the desk. "Ummm...well me and Dylan need to tell you something" Harry said looking down at his shoes nervously. "Well out with it" Simon said "Well...Ummmm...I'm kind of...you know" Dylan said unable to say the words. "She's pregnant" Ollie said taking the words right out of her mouth. Simon sat staring at both of them, a blank stare on his face as he thought of those words. "Is it Harry's" Simon asked "How dare you ask that! Are you calling her a slut!" Ollie said standing up from her chair angrily. "Ollie it's okay, now days its a reasonable question" Dylan said placing a hand on Ollie's shoulder and pushing her back into her seat. "It's Harry's"  Dylan told Simon and he nodded. "I'm sorry to have upset you" Simon said to both her and Ollie. "Well the plan is completely screwed, Have you seen a doctor?" Simon asked "No, not yet I thought I should see you guys first" Dylan replied and Simon nodded again. "First thing we should do is book a visit to the hospital" Ollie said "I couldn't agree more" My agent Stacy said. "We have to be more careful than that, we can't have it tracing back to the both of them" Simon said "Then what do we do?" Dylan asked and Simon sat thinking about it for a moment. "We need to spread a rumour that Harry and Dylan are on a date some where else while Dylan is actually at the doctors" Simon said "No one will believe that" Stacy said, shaking her head. "It will if Harry and Ollie are out with the other boys, Ollie can pretend to be Dylan, it won't be a date between Harry and Dylan but the fans think it will be" Simon said "So it's actually a date between Ollie and Harry?" Niall said stiffly, it was obvious he didn't like the idea. "No, it won't be a date but the fans will think it is but you'll just be a group of friends hanging out" Simon explained "I want to be with Dylan" Harry said, straightening up and staring down at Simon. "It's not possible, I'm sorry Harry" Simon said "I'm going to be with Dylan, you can't stop me" Harry said forcefully placing his hand hard on the table, making everything on the table shake. "Okay Harry, if you have to be with Dylan then be with Dylan, we'll make it work" Liam said placing a hand on Harry's shoulder. Harry backed away from the desk and took Dylan's hand in his, squeezing it tightly. She brushed her thumb over his palm trying to calm him. It instantly work, she could feel his muscles relax and his grip on her hand loosen slightly. "Fine then we'll have to get the whole band there, maybe Ed Sheeran, make big group of people that they don't notice you two gone...the story is Dylan is staying home because she is feeling sick, Harry your hanging out with a friend from home" Simon said after some thought. "Dylan you'll go back to your apartment, Harry and his friend will meet you there and then your go to the hospital" Simon told them and they all nodded. "Sounds like a plan" Dylan said and the boys and Ollie stood up. "I'll set a visit for tomorrow, probably around six, I'll text Harry the time that you guys will have to go to the doctors, I'll text you tomorrow telling you that you have to come in to the studio tomorrow, I'll say something like at 6am but I'll actually mean 6pm at the doctors tomorrow, you got that?" Simon said and Harry rolled his eyes. "So when you say '6am tomorrow at the studio'  you actually mean 6pm at the hospital today?" Harry asked "Yes" Simon replied "Well that's not complicated all" Harry said sarcastically, a smile lighting up his face. The anger from minutes before was suddenly like it was never there. They were just about to exit Simon's office but Harry turned to face Simon again. "I'm sorry about the anger before" Harry mumbled sheepishly, a slight blush to his cheeks. "It's okay Harry, I know you meant well" Simon said and they finally left the stupid meeting that had been giving the grief for the past few days. "That went well" Liam said "I'm just glad it's over" Dylan said and Louis faking a sigh of relief. "It's the most stressful thing I've ever done" Dylan joked, faking swooning. "But you have to admit that everyone was on their nerves in there" Ollie said to Louis. "I can't deny that." // 



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