Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


13. Dylan: Stylist

Dylan stood next to her bed, while Caroline rummaged through her suit case looking for clothes. "This is cute, wear this with these tights" Caroline said pulling out a long cream cabled knitted jumper that came down past Dylan`s hips and some black tights. The jumper had very long sleeves and gold coloured button/studs on the shoulders. The black leggings were tatty looking with rips up the leg, she had personally made them look that way. Dylan took the clothes and stripped down, she was not afraid of showing a little skin in front of a stranger especially when she had to do it often for other stylist for events such as red carpet and photo shoots. She pulled on the leggings and Caroline through her a white singlet to go under the jumper as well. Dylan pulled on the singlet and jumper, pulling one side of the singlet down so it showed under the jumper. "Hmmmm...I think it needs some frilly socks and cute little boots and a jacket, it's a bit cold outside" Caroline said pulling a pair of cream frilly socks from Dylan`s suitcase. "Where are you shoes?" Caroline asked throwing Dylan the pair of socks. Dylan sat down and pointed to the closet in response. Caroline fumbled around in the closet as Dylan pulled on her socks. Caroline pulled out a pair of black ankle boots with really long thin shoelaces that Dylan normally wrapped around the top. They were her favourite shoes, they were a little worn because she had had them for ages. "This is my favourite outfit" Dylan said pulling on her shoes. "I wear it all the time" Dylan said, she was a little annoyed that she had to have a stylist tell her what to wear when it wasn't even a big event. She had pretty good taste and she didn't need Caroline here to put together an outfit that she wears all the time. "Well then we'll have to change it a bit, where are your jackets?" Caroline asked "In the closet as well" Dylan said "No, none of these work, I want something different, and I know exactly where to get it" Caroline said and she left the room, Dylan rushed after her, following her into Harry`s room. Harry sat on his bed, his phone in his hand. "Hey" Harry said looking up from his phone. "Where are your jackets?" Caroline asked "In the closet, ummm...why?" Harry said and Caroline started for the closet. "Just looking for something..." Caroline said as she started searching through Harry`s closet. "Ahhhh! Yes, this is perfect" Caroline said pulling out one of Harry`s jackets. It was dark grey, it had a grey material hood but the rest was a canvas sort of material, sturdy and water proof but not heavy. Caroline passed Dylan the jacket and Dylan slipped it on. It was big on her and fell past her bottom. Caroline rolled up the sleeved and wrapped the sleeves of the cream cable knitted jumper over the jackets sleeves so her fingers poked out of the bottom of the sleeve. "I amazing! It's perfect!" Caroline said "It's the same you wore the second time I saw you" Harry said grabbing Dylan's hand and pulling her towards him. She was glad that she wasn't the only one who saw that it was something she normally wore and really didn't need a stylist to put it together for her. "I wore brown leggings and brown shoes and my brown jacket, it was a completely different outfit" Dylan said teasing him. "Just different colours" Harry replied "Men just don't understand the difference between what brown does to an outfit and what black does" Dylan said and Caroline nodded in agreement. "All the straight ones at least" Caroline added as Lou appeared in the doorway. "Time for hair and make up" Lou said, grabbing Harry and Dylan's wrist and pulling them into the bathroom. There was two dinning room chairs placed in front of the mirror for them as Lou worked on them. "I want simple and natural look for you guys, Dylan I'm assuming that you know what to do with your hair?" Lou asked already starting on Harry. "Yep, I'm thinking a high messy ponytail?" Dylan asked "Sounds good" Lou answered messing around with Harry's hair. Dylan grabbed a black hair tie and tested it strength, with hair as thick as her's she needed a strong hair tie to hold up her hair. Dylan set about making it look perfect down before grabbing it all at once and running hand through it before tying it up. She brought a strand of hair down on both sides of her head, to shape her face and ruffled up the pony tail a bit. "Looks good" Lou said brushing Harry's face with some powder foundation. "Can you start on your make up while I finish with Harry?" Lou asked "Sure" Dylan said and she grabbed her foundation and concealer from her toiletry bag which sat on vanity next to a million hair products and a few different concealers and foundations for the boys. She was just up to her eye make up when Lou took over, she took half of the time Dylan would of if she had been doing it, makeup wasn't her strongest suit but she would of gotten there in the end ranging between five minutes to half an hour. Lou finished her makeup under two minutes. They were the last through hair and makeup and soon they had done the they shoved out of the door.  There was two vans and a car waiting outside of them, one van was already full of security, the car was for Caroline, Lou and Paul. They climbed into the second van, Harry, Dylan and Zayn climbed into the back, Niall and Louis in next, then Liam and Ollie. "Do you know where we're going?" Dylan asked the others and they all shook their heads. "Great." //


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