Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


12. Dylan: Part One

They did as Harry promised they would do, they laid on the couch and watched moved. They finished Love Actually and was half way through Definitely Maybe before Dylan fell asleep on the couch curl up next to Harry. She vaguely remembered someone carrying her to bed. She woke to someone trying to get out of bed next to her. She reached out and found Harry's hand, she grabbed it and pulled on it so it was tucked to her chest. "Love..." Harry whispered lying down next to her again. "Don't leave" She mumbled pulling him half on top of her. "I need to pee" He said and she laughed. "Hold it" She told him opening her eyes for the first time. "I have for the past half an hour, you had me trapped in your hold" Harry groaned "Then you can hold on a little longer" She said kissing him. "I can't" He mumbled against her lips. He placed one last kiss on her lips before climbing out of bed. "You meanie!" She shouted after him and she could hear him laugh from the bathroom. "Don't forget to wash your hands Mr!" She joked and a few moments later Harry stood in the doorway his hands dripping wet. "Wash my hands ay?" He said coming closer to the bed. "Harry! Please! No! NOOOOOO!!" She screamed jumping out of bed just as he reached for her. "Harry please!" She begged trying to get around him but he was cornering her in-between the bed side table and the closet. "Harry...!" She moaned looking for away out but she couldn't find one. He went to grab her again but she ducked falling to her knees, she saw her chance. She crawled under Harry's arm, standing again she started for the door but she felt Harry's arms go around her waist. "Got ya!" He whispered in her ear and carried her over to the bed. He throw her down on the bed and climbed on top of her. He straddled her across the hips and grabbed her arms, holding them above her head. "Admit defeat!" He ordered "Never!" She cried pulling her wrists free and grabbed his waist. She through all her weight into pushing him off her and succeeded in shoving him off her. Startled by her strength Harry didn't fight her off when she climbed onto his stomach and pinned his arms. "Admit Defeat" She said repeating his words. "No" He said shaking his head. "Then you understand the consequences you have chosen?" She asked "Yes" He answered and she leaned down and kissed him. Kissing him wasn't the punishment but it was a way to distract him so she could let go of his arms and start tickling him. As soon as he realised what she was doing it was to late and he was laughing to hard to stop her. "Mr Harry Styles you have been sentenced to be tickled!" She cried as he tried to buck her off. "Please! Please...st-op-p can't...breathe" Harry puffed "Are you surrendering?" She asked still tickling but not as much or as hard. "Yes...Yes!" He cried and she stopped. Harry relaxed against the bed, taking deep breaths to calm himself. "Your going to pay for that!" Was the only warning she had but it was all she needed, she had been expecting Harry to try something so she was up and out of the room before he was off the bed. "Come here!" He shouted running after her. "Yea, cuz that works, you say come here and I come running back, I'm not stupid your going to tickle me!" She shouted over her shoulder, she sprinted down the stairs and through the lounge and into the kitchen. Everybody was up and eating breakfast when she and Harry came running in. "Grab her!" Harry cried and Liam lunged for her but she dogged him. Zayn just stood there and Louis went to block her exit. Niall was caught in the middle of this looking torn. "Niall, you gotta help me" She said hiding behind him as Liam, Louis and Harry edge towards her slowly. "Plan of attack" She said "Which one?" Ollie asked "Shepherd" She replied and Ollie stood up and blocked Harry. It was something they had made up as children. They used to play with the children down the street, it was two team capture the flag (each team has a flag, which they hid from the other team, it is the team objective to get the other teams flag so that they win). Niall, Ollie, Dylan and Shawn were one team and they played against any team that wanted to play. They also made up plans of attack and defence and one of them was to round the other team up and chase them into a trap or trick them into one and that was call the Shepherd, they had many code names for things, like if they were trapped they would shout a word that to others would mean nothing but to other team mates it was a distress signal. Their team always won. "It's four against three" Ollie said as Zayn joined the other team, probably thinking that it was the winning team. "Faced Better odds" Niall said "Faced worse" Dylan said the plan was to chase them into a room that locks from the outside and there was only one room like that, the cupboard under the stairs. It wasn't going to be easy, these were no children from down the street, they were grown men who act like children but were smarter. "GO!" She shouted and they all barged at the others, they had surprise on their side and was passed them and through the door before they knew what had happened. Niall and Ollie were ahead of her, they headed towards the laundry room, it was the closest place that had no windows, locked from the inside and had running water. Dylan ran through the door and Niall slammed it shut behind her and locked it. Ollie had already turned the tap on so if the other found them they would't be able to hear what they were saying. "Liam's the strongest, Zayn's the fastest, Louis is more cunning and likes to plan and Harry-" Niall said "-Harry's the one with the power, He's the one that started it" Ollie said "And the one that wants to win the most, wants to get you, Dylan" Niall added "So how do we trap them?" Dylan asked "All of them I think we can trick, Liam and Zayn...it would be best to get them to chase one of us in and trick them into going into the room" Niall replied "I think we should over-power Louis, It would be easiest" Ollie added "Leave Harry to me, I know how to trick him, Let's get Zayn and Liam first the Louis and then Harry" Dylan said and Niall and Ollie nodded in agreement. "Here's how we do it..." //


Ollie turned off the tap and Niall and Dylan listened at the door to see if they could hear anyone on the other side. They heard nothing so the moved out, Niall would looking in the Kitchen, Ollie the lounge and Dylan the unused dinning room. She saw Liam and backed out of the room before he saw her. Niall and Ollie looked at her and she nodded and they shook their heads. There was nobody in there rooms. She mouthed Liam and the both nodded, Ollie and Niall went to stand next to the cupboard under the stairs ready for Liam. She opened the door loudly and pretended to be shocked when she saw Liam straighten up behind the dinning room table. He was alone as she had suspected. She turned away from him slower than normal, he needed to be right behind her for this part of the plan to work. She heard his footsteps and she darted out of the doorway. She gave Niall and Ollie the thumbs up and they opened the door and stepped out of view. She 'fake' stumbled along the corridor, still running away from Liam. Just as she reached the door to the cupboard she dropped to the ground, into a ball. Liam tripped over her and went flying into the cupboard just as they had planned. Ollie ran out of her and Niall's hiding spot and closed the door and locked it. They could hear Liam banging on the door and shouts but they were muffled by the thick wood. "Now Zayn" Ollie whispered and they nodded. Ollie and Niall did another sweep of down stairs as Dylan beside the cupboard so if someone came to free Liam, his prison was defended. Niall and Ollie came back and nodded. Zayn was down stairs, the next part of the plan was trick, as they had planned to catch Zayn first and tie him up not Liam because Liam was the strongest. Niall and Ollie hold Liam down as she tied him up, it was unsafe to be unguarded but they had no choice, Liam was to strong for just one person holding him down. Niall stayed in the cupboard with Liam, while Ollie hides across from it and Dylan leans Zayn into the trap. He's in the kitchen looking the in pantry for us. I gasp in 'fake' shock and turn to run, Zayn needed to be slightly behind me for this trap.But Zayn is fast and soon he's not far behind me. I passed the cupboard and knock on it as I pass. Niall opens the door just as Zayn come to it and pulls Zayn into the cupboard and slips out. Ollie slammed the door shut and locks it. "Two down, two to go" Dylan said just as Louis comes running down the stairs. They take him by surprise and grab him and drag him to the ground. Ollie and Dylan push Louis into the cupboard. They finally close and lock the door after a big struggle. "One more" Ollie puffed "Harry" Niall said "I'll take him" Dylan said and Niall and Ollie nodded and they went into the cupboard to tie up Louis and Zayn. When they came out, Dylan went up the stairs and Niall and Ollie hid in the lounge. She found Harry standing in the hallway. She froze until he made a move towards her and she ran down the stairs. She timed it so that he would catch her next to the cupboard. He grabbed her shoulder and pushed her up against the wall right next to the door. She looked up at him and bit her lip. She needed to trick him in to thinking she wanted to make out with him in the cupboard but first she needed him not to tickle her. "You know we could just hid in there and let the others fight?" Dylan said, nodding towards the door of the cupboard. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. His eyes searched hers to see if she was lying. She smiled up at him and brought his lips down to hers. Harry wrapped one around around her waist and cupped her face in his right hand. he deepened the kiss and she turned them around so he would be the one to go into the cupboard first. She grabbed the handle and opened the door. As she pushed him into the doorway she pulled away from him and she could see the confusion on his face. It disappeared when he heard Louis, Zayn and Liam's muffled cries. He turned to see his team mates tied up on the floor. He turned back to face her just as she pushed him into the room. She started to close the door but Harry pushed back. She was losing, Harry was to strong of her. Suddenly Ollie joined her and with both of their strength they closed the door and Niall locked it. She and Ollie leaned against the door out of breath from the struggle with Harry, "Do you surrender?" Dylan asked "Yes, we surrender" Harry replied and Niall unlocked the door. Niall and Dylan untied the other boys and Ollie made 'Sorry For Tying You Up And Locking You In A Cupboard' Tea. Their game had lasted about half and hour, it wasn't a record for Niall, Ollie and Dylan but still a good time. Niall bragged about it as Ollie finished making the tea and only stopped when Louis threatened to put his teaspoon were the sun don't shine if Niall didn't shut up. They sat in the lounge, everyone with their teas and Ollie and Dylan with their hot chocolates when there was a knock on the door. "Who could that be?" Dylan said getting up from her spot next to Harry on the couch. She opened the door to find Paul, Caroline and Lou standing on the door step. "Ummm...Hi..." Dylan said really confused. "Well don't just stand there, let us in" Lou said and Dylan stood aside to let them in. "What are you still doing in your PJ's? We're already late" Caroline said "I...um...late for what?" Dylan asked Caroline. "Part one in Simon's plan." // 



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