Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


22. Dylan: It

It look Ollie and Niall almost two minutes to get down stairs. They both had clean tops on, that wasn't a surprise judging by the mess they had made they had gotten a little wet. Ollie smiled sheepishly at  her and so did Niall, something was different about them she just couldn't place it. "Well clean this up" Dylan said and she left them to it, it probably wasn't the best idea but she wasn't going to baby sit them and make sure the clean up. "What do we have to do today?" Dylan asked Harry, he sat in the arm chair in the corner of the lounge, away from the other boys. "Tell Simon" He said and she could see the scared look on his face. "Simon will probably be jumping with joy about this, imagine all the publicity this is going to get, he'll love it" Dylan said making her way over to him. She sat down on hip lap side ways, her legs dangling over the air of the chair. Harry wrapped a arm around her waist and sighed. "On no, I know that sigh" She said "He'll be angry" Harry said "No he won't" Liam said, he was sitting on the couch with Zayn and Louis. "Sure he will, He'll be like 'now look at what you've done, messed everything up and I have to clean it up, I'm very disappointed" Harry said using his best Simon Cowell voice. "He won't be disappointed" Zayn said reassuringly. "Just don't show any fear or your dooooommed!!" Louis joked dramatically, trying to make Harry laugh. "Not helping Lou" Liam said. Dylan looked over at the three boys, they all looked very concerned for Harry, suddenly an idea popped into her head. "I have an idea, why don't you guys go out for the morning and we'll go see Simon this afternoon" Dylan suggested "What are you going to do?" Harry asked "Have some girl time with Ollie" She replied "Are you sure? You don't mind?" Harry asked, he already seemed to have perked up a bit. "I came up with the idea of course I don't mind, I think you need some guy time" She said, playing with his curls. "Okay, sounds like a plan" Harry said beaming over at Louis, Zayn and Liam. //

Harry grabbed his coat and kissed Dylan on the cheek, heading for the door, Zayn, Niall, Louis and Liam following him. "So what do you want to do?" Ollie asked "I think nail, hair and clothes?" Dylan said and Ollie agreed. "We probably should book a doctors appointment as well" Ollie suggested "I think we should wait until we talk to Simon, he might have a plan" Dylan said and she and Ollie climbed the stairs to the bedroom they were sleeping in for the moment. Dylan had her own apartment but was staying here with Niall, so they could hang out more and now just because Harry was here. Dylan pulled on a floor length casual navy blue dress and her converses. The dress had a low cut at the front and was meant for summer so she pulled on a big black knitted jumper with a wolf on the front. She pulled her hair up into a mess bun and pulled on a simple cross necklace. Ollie went for a pair of high waisted light blue jeans and a baggy dark red jumper, her hair hanging lose and converses on. Dylan grabbed her phone, wallet and car keys and Ollie grabbed her bag and they were out of the door, not bothering with any make-up. They climbed into Dylan's jaguar and set out for the closest shopping mall. Dylan pulled into the parking lot, searching for a spot to park in the busy car park.  They finally found a park, it was a lucky park. They climbed out and Dylan locked the car and they headed for the shopping mall. They found a nail place, some people were gawking at them, she smiled and waved to some fans and they squealed with joy. It wasn't like when the boys were out and about, no one swarmed them, a few fans came up and talked to them, asked for photos and autographs from Dylan and even Ollie. They finally were able to get into the nail place and Dylan was instantly recognised and they were given a privet room. "There's defiantly perks to having a famous sister" Ollie said "You are always welcome to join me on the acting front" Dylan said sitting down in one of the chairs. "I think I'm going to pick up my doctor studies here" Ollie replied as she took the seat next to Dylan. They had a light conversation while the ladies did their finger nails and toes nails. They said nothing about the baby or her and Harry though they did mention something was going on just like Simon had told them to do. They laughed a lot and just had a lot of fun, it was nice to do something girly and not have to deal with the boys, hanging out with them was hard, all that energy all the time. They were a lot of fun but sometimes you just needed to relax. //

It was two o'clock when they finally left the shopping mall, Dylan had her hair trimmed and Ollie had some layers added, their hair cuts looking similar again. They had bags of clothes, makeup, shoes and jewellery from TopShop, Next, Primarks, Lush and FeelUnique. They had past a shop selling baby stuff and Dylan had a hard time not buying everything in the shop, that might of been a give away. They pulled up to the boys house, they knew the boys were already home because their cars were in the garage. They stumbled inside, carrying all the bags in from the car in one go so they didn't have to go back outside again. The weight of the bags was dragging the down so they set some on the floor before heading upstairs. It took three goes to get all the bags up stairs to their bedroom and by that time the boys knew they were home. "Ollie, we need your help, Liam's cooking!" Niall shouted bursting into their room, slightly of of breath. "Go, I'll put everything away" Dylan said and Niall and Ollie disappeared out the door and down stairs. She finished putting away everything, she pulled on a pair of track pants and a singlet before laying down on her stomach on the bed. She pulled the new book out of her bag and begin to flick through the pages. It was a baby name book she had brought while Ollie was in the toilet. She heard footsteps behind her and stuffed the book under her pillow. The bed dipped beside her and Harry's hands wrapped around her waist and turned her on her back, so she could she him leaning over her. Dylan curled into his chest as he brought an arm over her head and pulled the book from were she had hidden it. "Hmm...Most popular Baby names" Harry said reading the book's title. "An interesting read" He commented "It caught my eye, today" She replied blushing, she tried to tug the book out of his hand but he held on tight. "I know it's an interesting read but I can think of better things to do" Harry said throwing the book onto the floor. "Hmmm...and what that?" She asked as Harry leaned over her. His lips brushed hers for only a few seconds before pulling away. "What...?" She asked but Harry just shook his head. He sat up on the bed, kneeling next to her. He shook out his hair making her heart flutter. He placed his hand on the other side of her head, his leg went on the other side of her waist, straddling her.  She looked up into his sparkling green eyes, his curls flopping down on his forehead. She lifted a hand and tangled her hand in his curls, pulling his lips down to hers slowly. Harry's lips trailed down her jaw to her throat, sucking slightly before moving on to her collarbone. Harry grabbed the edges of her singlet and dragged it up, she slipped her arms out and Harry pulled it over her head. His eyes wondered her chest and she blushed nervously at the heat of his gaze. He meet her eyes and smiled down flash his dimples at her, it sent a flood of relief, no matter how many times he had seen her she always felt nervous. He placed a kiss over her heart and started trailing kisses down her chest to her stomach, her fingers tightened his his hair as a tingling feeling coursed up her body covering her mind with a thick cotton covering making it hard to think. She watched him kiss the slight bump that looked like she had eaten to much but was much more. He meet her eyes and placed another kiss on her stomach, she gasped at the look in his eye, it was the look every girl wanted to see, a warm feeling spreed from her heart. "I love you" He whispered "And I love it" He added, placing another kiss on her stomach. "It?" She asked raising an eyebrow."Well, is it a girl or a boy?" Harry asked "i don't know" She said and Harry placed a kiss on the sensitive skin above her track pants distracting her. She moaned in pleasure and Harry grabbed her hips to keep her still. She pulled Harry up to her lip and rolled him over so she was on top. He looked at her questioningly but she just smiled at him. She started unbuttoning his shirt, fumbling with the buttons. She trailed her finger tips down his chest to the edge of his jeans. She leaned down and kiss him on the jaw and slowly trailed kisses down his chest. He sucked in a sharp breath of air as her lips brushed the skin above his jeans. She fumbled with the button and unzipped it slowly, holding Harry's gaze she teased him, playing with the edge of his boxers. The look he gave her made her smile smugly, she loved the fact that she could make him like this. He grabbed her forearms and pulled her up to his lips. His tongue slipped into her mouth, brushing against hers before retreating into his own mouth teasing her making her want more. She pulled away again and kissed his neck, sucking hard. She pulled away, a red mark left where her lips had been only moments ago. She leaned over him, his gaze capture by hers as she slowly reached down to the edge of his boxers. She placed a hand on his crotch and palming him. A low moan escaped from his mouth and his eyes fluttered shut. Her fingers slipped under the band of his boxers, brushing against the sensitive skin. //



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