Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


32. Dylan: Couldn't help but smile too

She awoke to the sound of a machine beeping and quiet breathing. She opened her eyes but closed the tightly again, a bright light had blinded her. This time she opened the more slowly giving her eyes time to adjust to the lighting. She took in Harry's worried face as he leaned over her to look her in the eye and her heart fluttered it was good to see his face again. "How are you feeling?" He asked his voice quiet and ruff, his smile huge, she couldn't help but smile too. "Been better" She replied but before they could say anything else they were interrupted by Doctor Stevens walking in. "Ah...Dylan your awake, how are you feeling?" Doctor Stevens asked, taking a look at the clip board avoiding looking Dylan in the eye. "I'm fine, what happened?" Dylan asked all she could remember was Harry driving her to the hospital then nothing. "You passed out on the way here...I don't know how to tell you guys this.." Doctor Stevens trailed off and terror gripped her, what had happened? "Dylan...Harry...There was some problems, when you fell Dylan, well we're not completely sure what happened but...we did everything we could you have to know that-" "Just spit it out!" Dylan shouted "I'm so sorry but we lost the baby" as soon as the word left Doctor Stevens mouth her world shattered around her, it was like everything around her was made of glass and it all shattered cutting deep into her, tearing apart her heart. Then suddenly the pain was gone, it was like she had gone num. //







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