Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


16. Dylan: A Bit Forward

She climbed into the ball and so did Ollie. The man zipped up the ball and they rolled away from the edge of land. She was surprised when hands went around her waist and they weren't Ollie's. She half turned and saw Harry standing behind her. "What are you doing? We're not supposed to have this much contact" Dylan said half annoyed, half joking. "Well you know me, I'm a bit forward" He mumbled pulling her to his chest. Their footing went beneath them and they fell. The ball rolled a around for a while before stopping and settling on the water. She laid next to Harry, his arms around her shoulder, making a nice head rest. "We should tell Simon" Harry said and she knew what he was talking about instantly, it's been on her mind ever since she found out. "We should tell the others" She said "What are we going to do?" Harry asked, she knew he was as scared as she was. "I don't know" She replied, it was the truth but it didn't make her feel better. He pulled her closer to his chest and they laid like that for as long as they dare before standing up and putting it to the back of their minds. They messed around, bumping into the other and sending each other flying in the other direction. Finally half an hour was up and the rolled back to shore. She stepped back on to solid land and her legs went from underneath her and Harry just caught her in time before she hit the ground. "Thanks" She said standing up again, this time her legs holding up her weight. Next to her Ollie climbed out of the ball and went head first on to the ground, Niall tried to grabbed her but she took him down with her and they were both sprawling on the ground. "Land legs" Dylan said reaching down to help Ollie up. "It feels weird to be on ground again after being the the zorbs" Ollie said brushing dirt of her jeans. "I know what you mean" Dylan said and they started walking away from the water. They just found the path they were on before, they were surrounded my paparazzi. "Dylan!!" "Ollie!!" "Harry!!" "Niall!!" "Liam!!" "Zayn!!" "Louis!!" The paparazzi shouted and fans screamed. The security surround them, keeping the pap and fans away from them. The boys reached passed the security to sigh some autographs for the fans. Everyone was squished into a very small space, Dylan started to freak, bodies were pressing in on every side. Harry noticed her discomfort and smiled at her reassuring. She tried to smile back but someone pushed her to the side, she tumbled over her feet and fell to the ground. Her head hit the floor and the world spun around her. It was finally straightening out when out of nowhere a shoe cam flying towards her head. It hit her in the face, she could taste blood in her mouth. "Move out of the way!" She heard Harry shouted and he came stumbling through the crowds. He crouched down next to her and the crowds started to surround them instead of the boys. He reached out to wipe blood off the corner of her mouth. "I need some water" Dylan said and Ollie reached down to pick her up off the floor. Harry followed them over to a bench and sat down next to Dylan. Ollie went looking for some water for Dylan, leaving her and Harry alone. "Hows your head?" He asked "Sore" She mumbled placing a hand on her head. "I'm sorry about that" He said "It wasn't your fault Harry, you don't have to apologias" Dylan said smiling at him. "I just feel responsible" Harry mumbled "Well don't" Dylan ordered jokingly. He smiled at her but it didn't reach his eye. "I think we should go home" Ollie said returning with a water bottle for Dylan. "Thanks" Dylan mumbled taking the bottle and skulking half of it. "Sounds like a good idea" Dylan said "I'll go tell Paul and the other" Harry said standing up. "Are you going to be okay?" Harry said placing a hand on the side of her head, she allowed herself the comfort of his touch for a second before pushing him away jokingly. "I'm not the one going into a mob of fans and telling them that your leaving" Dylan joked smiling at him, he smiled back, this time it reached his eyes. He chuckled and turned away to go find Paul and the others. // 





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