Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


18. Dylan: 1432

She didn't say anything, she was shocked. Why was she Shocked? Harry had called her her Love before but to say 'I Love You' Did she love him? She liked him, she didn't know if she loved him, He loved her or so he said so, did he actually love her? When was the last time a guy had said 'I Love You' to her? Not for a while, when was the last time she had a serious boyfriend? She couldn't remember, maybe a few years ago. "Are you just going to stare at me" Harry said, laughing nervously. "Sorry got lost in my thoughts" Dylan mumbled "Well let me help you get un-lost" Harry said kissing her, all the annoying thoughts were forgotten, all that mattered was her and Harry. She ran her fingers through his hair and pulled him closer to her. Harry pulled away, slightly breathless. "I love you too" She whispered and she knew it was the truth as soon as the words were out of her mouth, she loved him so much, she just hadn't noticed. He kissed her again, tangling his hands in her hair. "I know you do" Harry said when he pulled back and she hit him lightly on the arm. "Cheeky" She said making him chuckle. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her onto his lap. She placed a kiss on his forehead, She ran her fingers through his hair to the little curls at the back of his neck. She kissed him slowly, taking her time and running her hands down his bare back. Taking all of him in, his scent, his touch, his lips and his love. She bit his lip and he moaned in pleasure. His hands trailed up her hips to her waist, moving under the thin singlet, his touch making her skin tingle in delight. "Harry! Dylan! Breakfast is ready!" Liam shouted from the stairs breaking them apart. "Ugh! Why couldn't they just let us sleep in" Dylan grumbled "Because they think we're doing naughty things not sleeping and they're right" Harry said, it was the first 'Harry' smile she had seen on his face since she had told him that she was pregnant, he had smiled but not a 'Harry' half cheeky, half smirk smile that followed a cheeky sentence. "It's not naughty, It's human nature" Dylan said "No, human nature is making a baby, which we already have, what we're doing is a guilty pleasure" Harry said, he was flirting with her! Like they had just meet for the first time. "Are you trying to flirt, Mr Styles?" She asked "Not trying My Love" He said cupping her cheek in his hand and kissing her softly. "If you guys don't get down her soon Niall's going to eat all the food!" Ollie shouted from down stairs. "We're trying our best to stop him!" Louis yelled "We're coming, We're coming!" Dylan shouted and she climbed off Harry's lap. She pulled on a pair of shorts as Harry pulled on a top and some track pants. Down stairs they found that Ollie had made her famous chocolate chip pancakes. "Want some pancakes?" Ollie asked "Of course!" Dylan said grabbing a plate, Ollie piled the pancakes high on her plate. "For you and Harry" Ollie explained when Dylan looked at her in puzzlement. "Why do I have to share with him?" Dylan groaned "Because someone hasn't done the dishes" Ollie said looking pointedly at Niall. "It wasn't my turn!" Niall claimed "Your still helping me with them once I'm finished, Washing or drying?" Ollie asked "Washing" Niall grumbled stuffing his hands in his pockets grudgingly. "We have some news" Harry said wrapping an arm around Dylan's waist. Dylan looked around at her friends, waiting for the perfect time just like the movies. Zayn just took a sip of his tea, Niall's mouth was full of food and Ollie was flipping a pancake, it was the best she was going to get. "I'm pregnant" She said and it was as if everyone was in slow motion. She saw Zayn spit out his tea and Niall choke on his food, Liam dropped his plate and Ollie cried out in shock and through her pancake across the room and it went splat on the wall. "What!?!!?!" Liam exclaimed, Dylan couldn't help but laugh, it had been better than she expected. "This is a joke right?" Niall asked                                                                                                                                 "Ummm...no" Harry said nervously laughing. "A-A baby?" Ollie asked                                       "Yeah" Dylan said, placing a hand on her stomach. Ollie had a look of happiness and shock plastered on her face, most of them did except Louis and Niall. "Congratulation!" Louis said walking over and hugging them both. She knew somehow that Louis already knew that she was pregnant, she looked up at Harry, he smiled at her sheepishly and shrugged his shoulders. "Simon is not going to be happy that you-" Zayn started but Niall rudely interrupted him. "Knocked up Dylan" Niall spat, he was angry. "Niall!" Dylan cried, tears springing to her eyes but he took no notice of her. Harry removed his arm from around her waist in shock, they had not been excepting Niall to get angry. "Niall, Man..." Zayn said putting a hand on Niall's shoulder but Niall shook it off. "I would like a privet word with Harry" Niall said through gritted teeth. They all complied, exiting the room one by one. Dylan was the last to go, she squeezed Harry's hand and patted Niall's shoulder before leaving. The door closed behind her, blocking out the voices that were now muffled by the door. //

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