Testing Love

One Night changes Dylan`s life, she meet the man of her dreams, Harry, but something puts a strain on their relationship, can they survive the trials ahead? or will everything fall apart...


1. Dylan: A Surprise Visit

She woke up to someone running one of their fingers down her spine, tickling her skin as he went, only stopping at her bra strap but continued to the edge of her undies and back up again. "Mmmmm..."She groaned trying to brush away the hand but it was useless. She heard him chuckle behind her, his breath brushing against her shoulder. "Love..." He whispered running a finger down her arm and intertwining his fingers with hers. "Noooooo..." She moaned letting go of his hand, rolling over and snuggled into his bare chest. He wrapped one arm around her waist and with the other he brushed her hair away from her face, his fingers lingering in her hair. "Love..." He sighed but unable to pull away from her. "We have to get up or we`re going to be late" he whispered ever so quietly in her ear. "No" She said wrapping an arm around his neck and threading her fingers through his curls. She brought his head down towards her, without opening her eyes she kissed him. Her heart pounded out of control, she could feel his heartbeat under her other hand, it was beating uncontrollable too. "Stop!" He protested pulling away from her. "Why?" She cried reaching out for him again but he pulled further away until he was standing beside the bed. "Because if we continue we won`t get up and we need to" He said she reached out again to fast for him, she grabbed the edge of his boxers and tugged at them. He looked down at her hand smiling slightly but sighed and grabbed her wrists making her release the edge of his boxers. "No" He said shaking his head at her, this time she was the one that sighed. Without pulling her wrists out of his grip she sat up and moved to the edge of the bed. She shrugged her wrists out of his grip and wrapped her hands around his neck. Threading her fingers through his curly brown hair. "Your saying that you would rather get up than sleep in with me?"She asked placing a kiss on his jaw line. "I`m sure that sleeping is not what we would get up to" he chuckled but he didn't pull away this time, she continued to trace kisses up his jaw line and down his neck. "Still want to get up" She mumbled against his skin. "Yes" He said finally but he didn't pull away. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her off the bed and onto the floor. Her toes barely reached the floor as he held her up so he could kiss her one last time before letting her go. "Go have a shower" he ordered her, pushing her towards the bedroom door. "Fine but your missing out!" She said turning away from him. The wooden floor beneath her feet was cold as she marched across the room to the door. She knew he was watching  her go so she added a little swing to her hips as she walked. She didn't bother closing the bedroom door as she left but she closed the bathroom door behind her. She really wanted a bath but as Harry hand been telling her, she really didn't have the time to have a bath so she turned on the shower and waited for the water to heat up before slipping off her underwear and bra. The hot water poured over her acing muscled. She noticed a pounding in her head that she hadn't before when she had been half asleep and think about Harry. She could smell Harry cooking breakfast downstairs, maybe bacon and coffee but she couldn't be sure. She climbed out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself and stepped out of the bathroom. Her stomach growled ferociously and she debated whether to get dress or just go down stairs in her towel. Her hunger won out and she quickly walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Food?" She asked eagerly making Harry laugh. "Yes food, no eggs?" He chuckled "Yuck of course not!" She said wrinkling up her nose in disgust. He leaned over  the island and placed a kiss on her forehead. "Why did you asked if you knew the answer?" She asked "Just to see you scrunch up your nose like that, its so adorable" Harry said filling her plate full of bacon and placing it on the island in front of her. "Thanks" She uttered gobbling down the bacon, filling her stomach fast. "Coffee?" He asked and she nodded, her mouth full of bacon. "Are the boys up?" She asked swallowing the bacon half chewed. She glanced towards the door behind her to see if the boys were there. "No i don't think so or they would be in here demanding food" Harry answered coming around around the island to stand in front of her. He wrapped his arms around her waist, he pulled her in to him. He lowered his head slowly to her lips, the door behind her burst open and Harry pulled away from her quickly, tripping over his feet as he did and fell to the floor, landing heavily on his bum. She couldn't help but laugh at Harry as he looked up at her with puppy dog eyes. "Harry what are you doing on the floor?" Louis asked as Harry pulled himself off the floor with as much dignity as he could. "Tripped..."Harry mumbled, blushing slightly as he turned away from her and the boys. "Yay! Bacon and eggs!" Niall shouted pushing past Louis who was standing in the doorway looking between Harry and her with a puzzled look on his face. "I'm guessing you want heaps Nialler?" Harry asked opening the fridge and pulling out more bacon and eggs. "Yep!" Niall said plonking himself down in the chair next to Dylan. "Who wants tea?" Liam said making his way over to the kettle and filling it with water. "Me!" Louis said sitting down on the other side of Dylan, forgetting about his confusing thoughts at the mention of tea. "I'll have tea too"Harry mumbled, a line forming in-between his eyebrows as he concentrating on not burning the bacon. "Zayn? Dylan?" Liam asking pulling cups out of the top cupboard above the kettle. "Na I'm going to make the coffee that Harry never made me" Dylan said shoving the last piece of bacon on her plate into her mouth before Niall hot too hungry and started to eat her food. "Make me one to, please?" Zayn asked from the dinning room table, he had the laptop in front of him and he clicked on a few things before looking up at Dylan who had glanced at him in shock, normally she was the only one to have coffee. "Okay...how do you like it?" She asked standing up and placing her plate in the sink which was overflowing with dirty dishes from the past few meals. "Extra strong, two sugars" Zayn said turning back to the computer without another word. She just realised that she was still in her towel from the shower. "Let me go get changed before I make the coffee" She said to Zayn who mumbled something she didn't understand but she took it as a yes. She bolted upstairs to her bedroom and grabbed the cleanest clothes closest to her which happened to be a white summer dress. She heard the door close quietly again before she felt someone's arms go around her waist. "Harry, what are you doing?" She mumbled leaning her head back against his chest. He didn't answer her question instead he placed a kiss on the top of her head and stepped away from her, she spun around to see Harry slip through the bedroom door. Why hadn't Harry answered her? Why did he just leave? //


She didn't think about these questions for very long because Zayn was calling out to her from down stairs "Dylan where's my coffee?" she sighed at Zayn, he wasn't the most patient person in the world. She grabbed a hair tie before she left her room, tying her long curly hair into a high ponytail, even with it up it still came to the middle of her back, when it hangs lose its comes to around her belly button. she skipped loudly down the stairs and into the kitchen were the other boys were, she was surprised not to see Harry with them. "Where's Harry?" She asked dogging around Niall who was carrying a big plate full of bacon and eggs. "Don`t know" Niall replied mouth full of bacon. "I heard the front door open before, maybe he went out?" Louis said taking a sip of his tea, he was casually leaning against the counter top next to the stove, a plate of food in front of him on the island, completely empty except for a few bread crumbs and bacon juice. "Got enough food Niall" Zayn asked, grabbing some of the bacon off Niall`s plate. "I don't ever think their will be enough food for  Nialler" She said grabbing two mugs for her and Zayn's coffees. "It must run in the family" Louis said staring at her, she had just grabbed an apple from the fridge while she was waiting for the coffee machine to warn up. She smiled at Louis and took a bite of the apple. "I just think its the irish blood, and me and Nialler aren't related" She said placing her apple on the counter top so she could make the coffees. "I thought you guys were?" Liam said looking at Niall them to her. "No, her brother is like my best friend" Niall said his mouth full of food. "And my brother" said another voice from the door that leads to the stairs and front door. Dylan's twin Ollie stood in the doorway, Harry just slightly behind her. "Ollie!!" Dylan shouted running over to her twin and pulling her into a big fierce hug. "Dylan...you can let-t me go now..." Ollie muttered unable to breath since Dylan was hugging her so tightly. Dylan let go of her twin and took a step back, taking in her full appearance. Ollie's hair was longer than it was last time, she had more of a tan now but other wise she was the same. They used to be identical twins but as they had gotten older things changed, Dylan's hair had turned curly around the age of 14 and Ollie had grown taller. Facial differences became noticeable, now you could see the difference, they had slightly different noses and mouths, Dylan had their father's smile, open and big, while Ollie had their mothers kind eyes, that always seemed to be smiling. The way they acted was different too, Dylan was more like their mother, because she was closer to their mother and Ollie was more like their Dad because they had been closer. But when they had been little there was only one person that could tell them apart when they didn't want to be told apart was Niall, he had a knack of always know who was who. Niall, their big brother Shawn, her and Ollie had been the four best friends, Niall seemed more like a brother than a friend so they were more like four siblings. When she, Ollie and Shawn had moved away when she and Ollie were 13 to live in London their friendship was more or less over the phone. They had grown apart in the last 5 years but hey we were finally catching up, well her and Niall were, Ollie was supposed to be over in america with her boyfriend, Mark. "What are you doing here? Where`s Mark?" Dylan asked but before Ollie could reply Niall groaned and pushed past Dylan. "Well don't hog her all to yourself" Niall said and pulled Ollie into a Horan Hug. Ollie never got to answer her question as Niall introduced Ollie to the other boys. Dylan glanced over at Harry, he had a smug smile on her face. She made her way over to him without being noticed by the others. "This was all you, wasn't it?" She whispered and Harry startled having not known that she was next to him. "Don't you want her here?" He asked looking down at her bare fee. She could feel Harry's eyes on her but she didn't met them like she usually did. The truth was that she was worried and sort of jealous, Ollie was very beautiful, what if Harry decided that he thought she was prettier and liked Ollie more that he like her. "Are...are you jealous?" Harry asked astonished taken back, he could read her like she was an open book maybe she was to him. "Babe..." Harry said stooping down so he could look her right in the eyes, she turned her head to look at Ollie who was talking to Niall. "You've been in contact with her, been alone with her, she's very beautiful and nice and-and..." Dylan said biting her lip to stop herself from crying. "Love...I did this for you, I heard you talking to Liam about Ollie and I contacted her, your the beautiful-est girl in the whole world!" Harry whispered so no one else could hear them. "Are you sure you don't like her?" She asked looking up at Harry still very uncertain. But before he could reply Ollie grabbed Dylan and pulled her away from Harry. Dylan and Harry weren't able to talk for the rest of the day alone, but finally when everyone had gone to bed, Dylan sneaked out of her room which she was sharing with Ollie to Harry's room. She raised her hand to knock on the door but before she could the door opened and Harry stood there in his boxers. "Your not very quiet you know" He grumbled but he was smiling. Her grabbed her hand and pulled her into his room, he closed the door behind her with a soft click. His hand came up to her cheek and softly brushed a piece of her hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear. He slowly lent down and kissed her. He was the one to pull away from her, his fingers laced in-between hers, he walked her over to the bed. He pulled back the covers and slid into bed. She stared down at him uncertain of what she was supposed to do, normal they would make out or something ;) before going to sleep. Harry noticing her confusion, chuckled and smiled his cheeky little half smirk smile. "I know you like a bit of rumble tumble before sleeping..." He said making her blush, she shook her head and she felt Harry's arm go around her waist and pull her into the bed next to him. She relaxed next to him after a few seconds, her head was on his chest and she could hear his heart beat. His hand gently drew patterns on her bare arm as she drifted off into a deep sleep. //



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