The Krum Girl (Harry Potter FanFiction)

Fifteen year old witch, Isadora Lolita Krum, the Quidditch star's, Viktor Krum's, sister. He favours her, and would do anything for her, as she would him. But a certain trip to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry leaves her worried, and fretting for her brother. Many have died in the TriWizard Tournament, and she fears he will die, though she'd never doubt his strength. Throughout her time at Hogwarts, she finds friendship and a love she thought she'd never find. Then there's her brother, annoyed that another man dare look at his sister, he tries to stop them from seeing each other, and secrets of Isadora's manage to slip out.

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6. Chapter 6

So, here I am, sitting in my own dorm room, well, mine and Hermione's dorm room. Yeah, I'm officially a Hogwarts student, but don't tell Snape that, he still thinks I'm not a Hogwarts student and allows me to call him Severus. I think he's catching on though.. Anyways, I'm sitting in the middle of the room, shoes and clothes strewn all around me. Today is Christmas Eve, the day of the Yule ball. Though it's not even six am yet, Hermione and I are awake, have already eaten breakfast, and plan to get ready then stow ourselves away in the red and gold bedroom until the time of the ball.

Hermione intends to eat lunch then get ready, but I'm far too nervous to eat. I have to dance first! I mean, sure, the other champions will be as well, but I'm practically going to be under the spot light! You know, me being part veela and all of those articles about me that I don't appreciate because of the attention it's given me. Especially my outburst when I was being interviewed by Jane and Kent! I keep all the articles though, cut them out and keep them in a scrap book called 'cut-outs'.

I groaned and let my back hit the ground, spreading my arms out about my head. I probably looked like a starfish right now, a half naked starfish with a tangled mess called hair. "Hermione!" I whined, and she looked up at me from her book. "How come you've already got yours chosen?" I closed my eyes and picked up a shoe, examining all the red sparkles on it. "Because I bought one dress, not more than a dozen" she said sternly. I stopped examining the shoe and looked at her skeptically. She just gave me a 'I told you so' look -even though she told me nothing-, then went back to her book. "I'll just go the way I am" I said sarcastically, carefully putting the shoe down as to not snap the heel.

"Oh. I'm sure George would love that, and every other guy. In fact, a war would happen, right there and then" she said nonchalantly. "Oh yeah, George would love that. That's why I'll dress like this every night of the future before bed" I said to myself, smirking at my new found idea. "Really Isa? That's disgusting" she looked at me, alarmed. "I'm kidding" I lost my smirk, looking at her weirdly. "Good" she chirped, and went back to her book. "Or am I?" I added quickly, looking away from her and getting up to bound across the room. "Thanks for the mental images.. Not. Anyway, I think it's cute how you think of a future with him, how close have you two gotten?" she asked, and my eyes widened as I picked up a dress.

"Well, we talk intimately, he- he sometimes buys me flowers, which is super cute. I don't know, I've never really paid attention to how close we've gotten. I'm just enjoying his company, in case it one day disappears.." I trailed off. "What do you mean, disappears?" she asked, closing her book and setting it down. "I just think something bad is going to happen this year.. Woman's intuition" I muttered, inspecting the dress carefully. "Oh, well, hey, can I ask you something?" she asked from behind me. "Sure, go ahead" I chirped, still looking at the dress.

"What do you do most days? When you just sit there staring at nothing?" she asked curiously. "I sit and think" I muttered, putting the dress over my shoulder and searching for some shoes. "What do you keep in your diary?" she continued on. "Nothing" I said firmly. Oh, but my nothing means something. She went back to her book, and I went back to searching for some shoes. As soon as I found some, I put the dress and shoes on my large bed, and put everything back in it's places. I had already put all the stuff from my bag away, so it's empty apart from my wand and a few other things. "Finally decided?" Hermione asked, I nodded excitedly and skipped back to my bed. "What's the time?" I asked calmly. "Five twenty four pm" she replied.

"Bat wings! I took forever!" I squeaked, then began to change my underwear and bra. I put on a pair of white lace underwear, and a white lace bra, using magic to make it invisible so I didn't have to put up with the sight of straps, I have no strapless bras. I quickly re-read the tag, then slipped into the dress.

This halter dress has everything a smartly dressed woman could want. Cool and sophisticated elegance in a charcoal grey halter top dress featuring a sweetheart neckline with beaded straps and a dazzling brooch at the gathered side. A sleek and classy halter dress for prom, pageant, or formal events that accentuates your curves by the designers at Flirt.

I put on a pair of silver six inch heels covered in glistening silvery diamonds. With a flick of my silver wand, roses and vines etched perfectly into the complete silver, my hair and makeup began to do itself. My hair had turned from dark brown to blonde with tints of darker colour, and began to brush itself. After all the brushing and a little bit of curling, well, waving, my hair was off my shoulders and up into a single braid, hair hanging loosely around it, though not touching below my shoulders. Along the braid were several white and extremely light pink roses.

After my hair was done, my makeup was being put onto my face, so I closed my eyes and hoped for the best, that is, until I felt something poking me. Instantly opening my eyes, I saw the eyeliner poking me, lid on. Once it saw my eyes were open, it got to work on my water line, all makeup blocking my view of the mirror. Stupid make up. Though when the eyeliner finished, it all moved to the top of my large vanity, falling lifelessly. I slowly looked to the mirror, and gasped. My hair, a beautiful shade of blonde with tints, the braid and roses accented with a tinge of silver glitter.

Around my eyes, a thin layer of black eyeliner, top lid, bottom lid, waterline. My eyelashes coated in black, shimmering mascara that lengthened, thickened, and dramatised my eyelashes perfectly. On my eye lids sat a slightly glittering white eye shadow, though lightly applied. On my lips I could feel a hint of soft pink lip stick and I could, quite faintly, see it. On my cheeks sat a thin layer of natural red blush, mixing perfectly with my pale skin. "Wow.." I breathed. "Isa.. You look.. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Amazing. Stunning. Perfect!" Hermione said, sounding lost for words though she had said many. "Thank you 'Mione. You get ready too!" I looked to the clock, "we have half an hour. It's six pm" I added.

"Alright!" she chirped, then went to quickly get dressed. "So, you're going with Viktor?" I asked, smirking. "Yeah" she giggled. "That's adorable! Then you could be my half sister in law! Oh my bat wings!" I had to contain my excitement. "I don't know.. He's not really a talkative person, he mainly watches me study" she frowned, then went back to getting dressed. I shook my head and went over to my bag, fixing the extension charm on it and putting stuff in it. My wand, a bottle of Firewhiskey, a bottle of Butterbeer, an off the shoulder brown sweater, and my diary. Though, I used my diary before I put it in.

Dear Diary, 

Well, today's the day, you know, the Yule ball. Now. With George. Oh my bat wings! George! I wonder if he'll like the way I look, or will he? Oh, now I'm nervous! Though, even I'll admit, I look, well, breath taking. I siriusly don't have much time to write at the moment, but I had to, to ease the nerves a bit. Hey, did you see what I did there with the 'siriusly' bit? Awesome, right? So now, every time someone asks me if I'm serious, I say 'no, I'm Isadora'. It's rather funny actually. 

My birthday was fun, I got a Nimbus 2005, the fastest broom yet. I also got two necklaces, one had some weird symbol on it. The symbol was a triangle, then a line going down the middle of the triangle, and a spinning circle inside of it. They mentioned something about the Deathly Hallows. The other necklace is a mood necklace. It's a gorgeous little diamond in the shape of my Patronus, a werewolf. Oh, hang on!

I quickly jumped up and searched through my jewellery box, finding the two necklaces and putting them on. I then searched for some bracelets I also got and put them on. Also, the earrings I got. Come one, I just had to. They were begging to be worn. I sprinted back to my bed and continued writing.

Back. I was just putting my birthday jewellery on. Right, I also got some bracelets. One is a pearl bracelet, with a miniature golden snitch charm made of gold hanging off of it. Another is a simple golden chain bracelet with flicks of red. I got it from my father, Sirius. The flicks of red aren't weird, well, they are when you know what they're made of. My father's blood. Literally, it's his blood. The red flicks of swirl around too, it's enchanting. Another bracelet I got is a charm bracelet, on it is many small charms made of silver. There's a black dog, a werewolf, a friesian horse, a snitch, a quaffle, a beater, an emerald, a pearl, a ruby, an opal, there's a small red heart in the shape of a heart; beating. There's a full moon, and a locket. When you open the locket, it displays images. A hologram. 

The next and final one is a braided silver, words etched into it, 'my little girl'. They're all from my father, except for the pearl one and the necklaces. I got the symbol necklace from Luna Lovegood, and the mood necklace from all my friends, who pitched in together with the money. The earrings were from my mother. They're simple ruby studs, though they too contain blood, her blood. I know the story when it comes to blood jewellery. 

'When jewellery that contains blood is given to a person, and is worn, that person is then protected from curses such as the cruciatus curse, the killing curse, and the imperious curse. They are also immune to most potions and spells'.

"Come on Isa! It's six thirty!" Hermione said, waving her hands in front of my face to get my attention. "Oh, sorry" I murmured.

Gotta go, Yule ball is now. 

Forever, Isadora Black.

I closed the diary and shoved it carefully into my bag that I used magic on to make invisible. I saw Snuffles walking beside me. "No, Snuffles, you can't come today. You've got to stay in here under my bed" I said firmly, pointing to my bed. He whimpered, but went without hesitation. "Good boy, I'll bring back something nice!" I called back to him, closing and locking the door. "Looks like everyone's gone down already!" Hermione chirped, walking happily until we reached just around the corner of the apparently beautifully decorated Great Hall. "Go on 'Mione! I'll go after you!" I gave her a light push forward, and she slowly walked down, everyone's attention on her as Viktor took her hand and led her to beside a wall where she lost the attention.

I looked down to see a patiently waiting George in his dress robes. They weren't like Ron's dress robes, instead they were more like Harry's, modern. I gulped and pressed my back against the wall, hidden from everyone around the corner and down the stairs. Breathe Isadora, breathe, it's just a guy. Oh, yeah? Yeah. But it's not just any guy! Yeah, you're right, it's the guy that makes you feel all weird in your tummy and heart. Yeah, thanks for that, you're real helpful.. Oh don't be sarcastic! I'm you! Weird.. Wait, am I mental?! Talking to myself?! I got not reply from myself, so I assumed not.

Alright, breathe. On the count of three. One, two, three. I didn't move. One, two, three. Still didn't move. Oh, what am I waiting for? Christmas?! Christmas is tomorrow.. No, stop distracting yourself, go, go, go! Now, I finally moved, and when I stepped down the first step, my heels collided with the marble concrete floor, emitting an infuriating sound that attracted everyone's attention. Well to me it's infuriating, I don't think it is to them. Gulping, I continued down the steps, trying to ignore everyone's stares and un-hushed whispers consisting of the words beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, and perfect.

I instead attempted to focus on making it down the steps, alive. My heels continued to make the small, yet too loud, tap on the hard ground. As soon as I reached the bottom, George was in front of me, taking my hand and kissing it, causing me to blush immensely. He then moved to my side and held his hand out, palm up, form me to take. I delicately put my hand, palm down, on top of his. "Miss Black, you look breath taking" he said brightly as we walked over to the other champions waiting to enter and dance. "Why thank you Mr Weasley, I must say, you look extremely dashing tonight" I smirked, glancing sideways at him.

"Why thank you" he smirked back at me. "Alright, champions and their dance partners, everything is ready, enter. Miss Black and Mr Weasley at the front if you will" McGonagall called out. I quickly moved to the front of the line, George by my side, our hands still connected. As the Great Hall doors opened, everyone inside looked at them excitedly, and we entered. Many girls frowned at me, probably jealous, while many of the guys swooned over me; earning a smack on the shoulder from their dates. By now my heart was beating profusely, as was the heart charm on my charm bracelet. Wait, what?!

Oh, makes sense. It's my heart, though it's a miniature version. Cool! "Isa" George whispered, noticing I was distracted. "Huh?" I looked up, confused and dazed. "We're about to dance" he stated the obvious, then we got into the dancing position. "Oh, I think I'd know if I was going to dance" I smirked mischievously. "Don't you dare just stand there!" he whispered harshly. I rolled my eyes and lightly shook my head, "I didn't get all dolled up for nothing, pretty boy." "Pretty boy?" he asked as we began dancing to the beautiful music. "It's a saying.." I muttered. "Oh."

After many fluid movements called dancing, other couples joined in. "So, how long did it take you to get ready?" he asked, voice full of curiosity. "Well, it took me from five thirty am until five twenty four pm to choose my outfit, then that time until about six pm to get ready, then that time until six thirty pm for Hermione to get ready" I smirked at my summary, I'm horrible when it comes to choosing an outfit quickly. "It took you twelve hours to pick your outfit?" he asked, looking at me as if I were from another planet. "Yeah, I'm a girl, what do you expect? I only bought more than a dozen dresses" I grinned, then noticed something standing in the corner of the room. A dog. A big dog. A big black dog. A big black dog that's usually Sirius Black.

"Oi, dance your way over to that corner will you?" I demanded, nodding to behind him. He nodded and we eased our way through the dancing crowd and towards Sirius. Once there, I crouched down beside the dog, George sanding above me, watching. "Padfoot?" I asked, and when he nodded, I gestured to outside, and dragged George with me. Once in a secluded area, Sirius transformed into his handsome human self. "What are you doing here?!" I asked, my arms throwing themselves around him and into a hug. "Can I not come and see my beautiful daughter dance at a ball? It's an opportunity I just couldn't miss" he grinned as I pulled out of the hug.

"Someone could see you!" I scolded, lightly smacking him on the arm. "Merlin, you've got a hard hit. And yes, I know that. But I don't really care" he pursed his lips and began to tenderly caress his right arm where I hit him. "Yeah, whatever" I rolled my eyes, then heard the music. Sure, it's faint, but why not? "Hey, dad, want to dance?" I asked. "I don't see why not!" he chirped as he took my hand in his and put a hand on my waist, while I put one on his shoulder. I smiled gently at George, who was watching us happily. Then Sirius looked to George, "make sure she doesn't get hurt" he said, and George just nodded happily.

I spent a good ten minutes dancing with him, silently. No talking, no nothing. Just the faint music and the sound of my heels hitting the concrete. When the music turned a bit up beat, we stopped, though he held my empty left forearm. Meaning, there's no bracelets on there. "I have an early Christmas present for you, it's" he paused, thinking, "it's ancient, yes, but it's very powerful" he looked at me sternly, and I just nodded as he pulled a few things out of his pocket. He placed a red chain bracelet on me, though it looked like it was a crystal clear phial filled with blood. Wait.. Blood. Seriously, again?!

Then he placed a ring on my right hand, on the middle finger. It was a braided band of gold, flecks of red here and there, and a 'B' in red facing up. "They were both my mother's, passed down from generation to generation. I managed to find them in the house. The very first Black. That's who's blood lies inside of the jewellery. Also, inside a wand, that has never changed it's loyalty from the first Black. Especially after the wand's core was altered" Sirius explained. "Ancient blood runs in your veins. Maybe, now that you've got both pieces of jewellery, the wand will change it's loyalty" he added.

"What?" I breathed, watching as he handed me a wand box. I looked to the box, made of complete gold with flecks of red, again, ancient blood. "Why all the blood jewellery?" I asked, not once looking from the elegant box, vines and roses suddenly etching themselves into it. "To ensure your safety." "Oh." I kept watching the box, words, no, a name, forming. 'Isadora Arachne Black' it read. "Arachne?" I asked, finally looking at Sirius. "Lolita Krum aren't your actual last names, it's Arachne Black" Sirius told me. "Oh, okay." "Wait, how did you know that?" he asked coldly. "It appeared on the box" I muttered, showing it to him, though he only gasped. "The wand has finally changed its loyalty. Make sure to steer clear of Voldemort. I must go now!" he said quickly, then transformed and ran off.

"Well, look at the wand" George urged, and forgive me, I forgot he was there. I sat down next to him, and slowly opened the box. Inside was a beautiful red velvet lining and long pillow, a wand sitting on top of it perfectly. The wand looked to be made of pure gold, with the flecks of red in it once again. The same etchings on my silver wand now on this one, though there's a few slight changes. Among the vines and roses are little pictures spread amongst the whole fourteen inches. A full moon, a werewolf, a dog, a sketch of Sirius and my mother, and a sketch of me. I could sense what the core was made of. Ancient blood, dragon blood, unicorn blood, werewolf blood, vampire blood, and a spider's blood.

"It's beautiful. Would you happen to know what type it is?" George asked, staring at it in awe. "Fourteen inches, unbreakable, complete gold, and ancient blood of the first Black, dragon blood, unicorn blood, werewolf blood, vampire blood, and a spider's blood core" I answered, shocking him. "How do you know?" he asked. "I just know. Come on, lets go back inside!" I chirped, dragging him back inside after tucking my wand away in my bag.

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