The Krum Girl (Harry Potter FanFiction)

Fifteen year old witch, Isadora Lolita Krum, the Quidditch star's, Viktor Krum's, sister. He favours her, and would do anything for her, as she would him. But a certain trip to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry leaves her worried, and fretting for her brother. Many have died in the TriWizard Tournament, and she fears he will die, though she'd never doubt his strength. Throughout her time at Hogwarts, she finds friendship and a love she thought she'd never find. Then there's her brother, annoyed that another man dare look at his sister, he tries to stop them from seeing each other, and secrets of Isadora's manage to slip out.

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5. Chapter 5

"Isaaadooooraaaa!" "Come out, come out" "where ever you are!"the twins chimed. We're playing hide and seek in Hogsmeade, and they're far too close to my hiding spot. They began whispering something too low for me to hear, then bam, they both pop up beside me. "Aww, guuuys! No fair!" I whined. They chuckled then began to drag me to the shrieking shack, "Padfoot just arrived" Fred informed me. I wriggled out of their grip then sprinted to the shrieking shack, where a beautiful big black dog was sitting patiently. "Padfoot?" I asked warily, slowing and carefully walking towards the dog. The dog nodded, and I relaxed.

"Shall we go inside?" he nodded again. Before I opened the door, I scratched him gently behind the ear, his tail wagging. Laughing like a maniac, I headed inside. "Whyyyy?" I heard a male voice whine after the sound of the door closing. Turning quickly, I saw him, though his hair is darker in person, he's the man in the picture. Sirius Black. My father. "Padfoot!" I squealed, then tackled him in a hug. "Blackmoon" he whispered into my ear, hugging me back. "You're even more beautiful in person. My beautiful little girl" he cooed. I giggled and pulled out of the hug, "I'm part veela." He rolled his eyes, "still." "You never wrote back" I said sternly, sitting on a black torn up couch.

"I was going to give you the letter in person instead" he smirked, sitting down next to me. "Well, hand it over." "Someone's demanding.." he shook his head. "Sorry" I muttered, looking to my lap. "Well, here" he smiled, and passed the letter to me.


Sorry for the confusion, it's been my nickname for a long time. Dog form, right, yes. See, I'm an unregistered animagus. A big black dog, or 'the grim'. Well, your step father is a no good git, I hate the guy. Especially because he's disowned you, it doesn't matter if you're a werewolf, you're still my precious little girl. And it's not his house, it's your mother's! She bought it, not him! Live with me as long as you like, I'll be happy about it. Hogwarts is an amazing school, I was in Gryffindor when I went there. Of course I know Remus! We've been best friends for a long time! As with James Potter, Pettigrew betrayed us though, sold James and Lily out to Voldemort! Now they're not alive and Harry, my godson, has no parents. 

Make sure to be careful and stay safe! I don't want to lose you after I only just met you! And yes, your werewolf senses change a whole lot of things. 

Make sure to tell me about this guy, I don't want you getting hurt. Ah, most unfortunate, yet it's fortunate at the same time.

Signed, Padfoot, xx

P.S I love you too my little angel.

"Right, first, can you tell me about Lily and James and Voldypants and Pettigrew?" I asked, pulling my knees up to my chest. "Sure" he smiled gently. "There's a prophecy, about a boy that could destroy Voldemort, and Harry is that boy. Voldemort is not fully destroyed yet, as he has horcruxes and is finding a way to get back to a body. When Harry was little, Peter Pettigrew sold the Potters out to Voldemort, and then he went to their house, killed James and Lily. Though, Harry survived. When Lily stood in between Harry and Voldemort, Harry was protected by love. Therefor, Voldemort's body was destroyed, and a part of his soul attached itself to the closest living thing" he explained. "Harry.." I breathed.

He nodded. "So, Harry's a horcrux?" I asked, eyes slightly wide. "Yes, he is. But do not tell him. He will find out for himself in time." "I promise." "Good girl." I frowned as he ruffled my hair, "daaaad, don't mess my hair up!" I began to fix my hair to how I had it. "So, Harry's my godbrother? Or am I his godsister? Or is it both ways?" I asked excitedly. "Both ways." "That's awesome!" I chirped. "You better tell me about this guy" he raised an eyebrow at me, wanting me to tell him.

My eyes widened, and my heart began beating fast. "W-well. Wha-what do y-you want to- to k-know?" I stuttered, my voice slightly high pitched at 'want'. "What's his name?" he asked. Oh god, why that one first. Why couldn't it be something like, 'what's his favourite colour?'! "George Weasley" I choked out. "Ah, lovely young fellow!" he chirped. My eyes widened even further. "Y-you know him?" I almost whispered. "Of course. The Weasleys are a lovely bunch. Now, I've been told you've been having dreams, tell me what happens in them" he demanded.

"Well, in the.. They're not dreams, no. It's.. Voldemort.. Contacting me. He wants me to j-join him. I always refuse, which causes him to use the cruciatus curse on me, he asks me again, then when I say no, uses the curse again. It's so painful, and.. no, I refuse to say any more. Sorry. It's a touchy subject" I said, wiping a tear away. "It's alright darling. That's completely horrible, though I bet he takes pleasure in it" said Sirius. "He's not even fully alive.." I muttered. "Anyway, onto something brighter. I brought along a fair few galleons with me. So, you're going dress shopping for the Yule ball, and you can buy anything else you want" he smirked, and handed me a large sack of galleons.

"How much is this?" I asked, daring at the sack warily. "One thousand galleons" said he. "What?! You're kidding me! I- I can't- shouldn't- b-but- it's- I.." I trailed off. "Shoosh, you will take the money. It's the least I can do. Plus, I have loads more" he put a hand on my shoulder reassuringly, but I only glared at him. Playfully of course. "Well hurry up, we don't have all day!" he said impatiently, rising to his feet and helping me up. I put the sack in my bag, then look at Sirius, confused. "We?" "Yeah, we. I'm going with you, in dog form though. I want to give my opinion" he pouted, which only looked funny, so I just had to laugh.

"Alright," I threw my arms around him and hugged him tightly, "I love you, father." "I love you too, my little angel" he whispered into my ear, "oh, also, I have an early birthday present for you! You'll get the rest on your actual birthday, tomorrow of course" he chirped. I completely forgot, my birthday is tomorrow! The eighteenth of December, a week before Christmas. "Ooo!" I squealed excitedly, "I love presents!" He chuckled and held something behind his back, "ready?" he grinned as he watched me nod, frantically and enthusiastically. As he moved his hands to in front of him, is saw the cutest little thing.

"It's a puppy, of course. It'll look like my dog form when it's an adult" Sirius explained, smiling all the while. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I squealed, then took the sleeping puppy, stroking his head tenderly, lovingly. "Well, go on, name him!" "Snuffles!" I grinned evilly. "That's what they call me when I'm in dog form.." muttered Sirius, a twinkle in his eye. Snuffles woke up to me laughing like a mad woman. I don't know why, I guess it's just the coincidence with the name Snuffles.

"Well, lets go, Snuffles, and Snuffles" I winked at Sirius, who transformed into his dog form and followed me back up to Hogsmeade. I stopped by a dress store, Snuffles in my hand, and Snuffles at my side. It seemed rather warm inside the store, and there is definitely a lot of beautiful dresses in there, and it's empty of everyone except the old looking female that runs the store. Poking my head in the door, I asked, "can dogs come inside?" "Oh, not usually, but I'll let you off, it's been lonely in here today, and I could do with the company" she smiled brightly at me from across the room.

"Thank you" I called back to her, then opened the door wide enough for Sirius to go inside, then I followed him. "Oh my, they're gorgeous dogs, what're their names?" the old lady cooed, bending down to pat Sirius. "Snuffles, and Snuffles the second" I smiled gently at her, then added, "would you mind looking after Snuffles the second for me? I'd like to buy a dress." "Oh! Sure thing! I love puppies!" she chirped happily as I handed her Snuffles the second and she went back to her desk and began patting him gently, then playing with him.

I shook my head, giggled, and began to search for a dress. I noticed Sirius was distracted, "come on Snuffles!" I called over my shoulder. With a small bark, he ran to my side. "Good boy" I smirked, then went off in search of a dress. I went through many dresses, orange, blue, green. Red, pink, brown. Frilly, tight, loose. Sequins, pearls, diamonds. Strapless, long sleeve, spaghetti strap. Though, I couldn't find one I liked, that is, until Sirius pointed one out for me. Well, actually, he barked and sat still every time I called for him to come over to me.

"What?" I whined, sauntering over to him. He gave me a goofy grin and looked at a rack, then touched the dresses he thinks would look best on me with his nose. I shook my head and began reading the description tags.

You're ready for the red carpet in this stunning gold and white evening gown by La Femme. A chic and sophisticated strapless dress for prom featuring a sweetheart neckline and shimmering gold fabric across the bust. A delicate gold and white print on the floor length skirt gives this evening gown a regal look that is sure to stand out at any formal occasion.

I read the next one.

You'll look like a million at your prom or formal when you arrive wearing this stunning one shoulder white gold prom dress by La Femme. This elegant yet sexy one shoulder evening gown features a shimmering gold print and elegant draping. Dramatic touches include the single gold strap and a seductive open back that will have heads turning the moment you arrive.

And the next.

Add a romantic edge to any special occasion in this elegant white gown by La Femme. A white prom dress featuring a strapless bodice and sparkling accents on the empire waist band that circles around to the sexy open back. A magnificent long prom dress in white, black or light pink.

There were many different ones.

Classic styling, luxurious fabrics and brilliant bead work give this strapless evening gown an impressive style for your prom or formal. A stunning beaded prom dress with a ruched bodice featuring a sweetheart neckline line and open back. The floor length skirt flares at the hip with a small train that completes the look.


Set the stage for a perfect evening in this sexy one shoulder prom dress by Atria. A slim fitting one shoulder gown featuring a unique design of ruched fabric that wraps around you to create a glamorous silhouette. Dazzling sequins on the bodice add the perfect touch of sparkle and a small train on the floor length skirt completes the look. A sensational long dress with one shoulder styling for your prom or formal available in Turquoise, Red, Black, or Orange.


A corset style lace up bodice creates a sensational silhouette on this one shoulder evening gown for prom by Night Moves. An elegant prom dress or pageant gown available in 5 amazing colors with a single shoulder strap and sparkling beaded accents at the hip. Let Night Moves help give you a crown worthy style for your prom or pageant with this magnificent one shoulder gown.


Show off your soft feminine side in this stunning beaded long formal dress by Night Moves. An elegant long dress for prom or formals featuring a slim fitting bodice with a sweetheart neckline and beaded accents sparkling throughout. A plethora of ruffles creates a unique look on the floor length skirt. This long strapless dress is available in Pink, Red, or Chocolate Brown.


You'll look like you are floating on air as you waltz into prom wearing this amazing strapless prom gown by Jasz. A stunning chiffon evening gown with a strapless bodice that dazzles with a sequin trim on the sweetheart neckline and a beaded applique at the waist. Available in Powder Pink, Red, or Blue this strapless chiffon dress is chic and elegant.


Heads will turn as you arrive at your prom or formal in this sexy long print evening gown. A stunning prom dress with a jewel encrusted crossover strapless neckline and flowing A-line print skirt from the designers at Jovani. A long sexy prom dress with layers of color drenched airy chiffon on the floor length skirt and a dramatic side slit to complete the look.


Dress to impress when you slip into this simply seductive and unique prom dress by Jasz. Everyone will admire your sensational sense of style in this sexy print evening gown that will have heads turning the moment you arrive. Beaded straps uphold the attractive V-shaped neckline and trim the cut out waist and open back. A sexy slit and glamorous train on this gown make the perfect pair of prom shoes or sexy sandals the only accessory you'll need.


Go for the glamour of Hollywood at your homecoming or winter formal in this stunning high-low strapless dress by Night Moves. A sensational strapless formal dress featuring a pleated bodice with dazzling beaded accents cascading down the center. The flowing layered skirt is cut high in the front and falls beautifully to the floor in the back to create a dramatic look.


This strapless formal gown is available in six sensational colors that will let you stand out in any crowd at your prom or formal. A stunning long strapless dress featuring a sequin bust with sweetheart neckline. The flattering empire waist is ruched with a floral accent that can be removed. The loose fitting floor length skirt is A-line making this strapless gown a perfect choice for any shape.


Be the center of attention at any formal event in this super sexy long gown by Jasz. A colorful shimmering charmeuse long print prom dress with a seductive cut out design embellished with sequins and beads. A daring evening gown for the girl who wants to be noticed.


This halter dress has everything a smartly dressed woman could want. Cool and sophisticated elegance in a charcoal grey halter top dress featuring a sweetheart neckline with beaded straps and a dazzling brooch at the gathered side. A sleek and classy halter dress for prom, pageant, or formal events that accentuates your curves by the designers at Flirt.


This gracefully chic strapless mermaid prom gown has a confidence inspiring style that includes a sweetheart neckline on the lace up bodice. A stunning long strapless dress for prom in silver or fuchsia that clings to your curves before a beautiful floral accent at the drop waist introduces an elegant flared skirt. Bring back the glamour of old Hollywood at your prom or formal in this amazing mermaid gown by Night Moves.


If you appreciate unique designs that are big on texture and drenched in cool contrasting colors, then this strapless purple print prom dress has a look you'll love. A unique strapless dress for prom featuring a sweetheart neckline, beaded bust, and empire waist on the slim fitting bodice. Colorful purple satin fabric lines the unique hi lo skirt with tiers of ruffles cascading down the sides. Show off your own fashion savvy at your prom or formal in this stylish purple print dress from PromGirl.


Seize the day at your Quinceañera or prom in this luminous crystal organza ball gown by the House of Wu. A shimmering Quinceañera gown featuring spaghetti straps and a sweetheart neckline with pleated fabric on the torso to accentuate your curves and a full skirt in a kaleidoscope of color.

I grinned and went over to a shoe rack, only after grabbing all of the dresses, and grabbed these;

-Gold metallic shoes with 5 1/4" high heel and 1 1/2" platform.
-Platform sandal with pleated satin vamp,cross-straps and a color coordinating rhinestone applique. Heel 4 1/4" - Platform 3/4"
-Grey Satin Ladies Shoes with 4" Heel.
-Nude shoes with black lace, 4 1/2" high heel and 1" platform.
-All over glitter pump with platform and 5.5" heel.
Peep-toe sandal with 5" heel and back zip closure.

After grabbing all I wanted, I turned to the store owner, "how much for all of this?" I grinned. "For you, one thousand galleons. You seem enthusiastic about my store, unlike most who don't come here because I'm apparently frightening" the lady smiled, and I handed her the sack. "Exactly one thousand galleons" I chirped, then began to fold the dresses and put them in the bag, then the shoes in their boxes. "How? That's such a small bag.." the lady muttered. "Extension charm" I smiled as I took back Snuffles the second, "thanks for watching him! Bye! I'll definitely come back again!" I trilled as I left the store.

I rushed back to the shrieking shack, Sirius following close behind. As soon as we got back, I sat the puppy down on an armchair and sat next to Sirius on the couch. I instantly noticed his facial expression. A smirk, raised eyebrow, twinkle in his eyes. "Yes?" I asked, laughing sheepishly. "Girls and clothes.." he muttered, shaking his head. "Of course, I'm a girl, what do you expect? I may not be girly, but when it comes to clothes and shoes, bam, I'm there" I chirped. "Well, I have to go.." Sirius frowned. "Aw, okay.. It was lovely meeting you, it really was. Hey, before you go, make sure to write me?" I asked, frowning like he is.

"Of course Isa, anything for my little girl" he grinned. "I'm not little!" I whined. "I bet you're ticklish" he smirked at me, and put his hands at my sides, ready to tickle me. "You wouldn't.." I breathed. Oh yes he would. He began to tickle me non-stop, while I was double over, laughing my head off. I haven't been tickled for a few years, and man does it feel good. Though, as much as I hate to admit it, I love being tickled. "Stop.. stop.. stop" I managed to choke out in between laughs and giggles.

"Alright," he smirked, "but you have to say the magic word" he continued on with tickling me. "Please!" I managed to say bravely, then he stopped. Breathing heavily, I turned to face him. "Thank you" I breathed, and he just grinned like a mad man. "Well, now, I best be off. I'm not supposed to leave the house. I love you, my little girl" he frowned, and gave me a massive bear hug. "I love you too dad, but, uh.. can't breathe" I choked out after tightly hugging him. "Oh, sorry" he chuckled, then let go of me and transformed, walking out the door.

This place is majorly creepy when here alone.. "Come on Snuffles, wake up" I nudged the happily sleeping puppy, who bit my finger because I woke him. "Yeah, yeah, suck it up. We've gotta go meet Harry, Hermione, Ron, Fred, and George at the Three Broomsticks. They're gonna love you" I smirked, watching as Snuffles jumped up and into my arms.

I made sure my bag was safe over my shoulder, and that my wand was in it safely. Then I noticed something, Snuffles was curled up inside my hat. Sighing, I searched through my bag for another one, deciding that Snuffles could keep the one he's in. Once that was done, I stepped out into the cold winter air, chills running up and down my body.

Once I made it to the Three Broomsticks, I saw the five friends of mine waiting rather impatiently outside, obviously freezing. "Sorry guys, and girl, I was meeting up with my real father" I apologised, "hey god brother" I added, nudging Harry in the side as we entered. He doesn't know Sirius is mt father yet, he hasn't read the Daily Prophet for a while, that or he hasn't noticed the ridiculous articles.

"What?" he asked confusedly. "Padfoot. Your godfather, my father" I smirked, sitting down across from Hermione, George on my left, Fred on my right. While Harry was on Hermione's right and Ron on her left. "Are you serious?!" he exclaimed. I decided to make a joke out of this, "no, I'm Isadora" I smirked, the five of them laughing, and the small bundle of black fur barking from inside the white hat in my arms. "But yes, he is my father. Haven't you read the articles?" I asked rather smugly.

"No, he hasn't, but I have" Hermione chimed in, "have you seen today's one?" when I shook my head, she handed me the Daily Prophet, "you ought to stop talking to Rita" she added. "I wasn't talking to Rita, I was talking to Jane Keetings and  Kent Brocklen, the twp that've been writing those kind things about me" I grinned, then began to read the front page, that my picture was once again plastered on, though this time I had Kent on my left, Jane on my right.


Notorious mass murderer, Sirius Black, has lately been discovered to have had a daughter. His daughter, Isadora Black, whom used to be known as Isadora Krum, was interviewed just yesterday by Daily Prophet writers, Jane Keetings and Kent Brocklen. "We were very keen to see her in the flesh, and when we got there to interview her, she was even more beautiful in person. How a mass murderer could produce such a beautiful young girl is beyond us" says Jane Keetings.

"So, Miss Black, what's it like to have a murderer for a father?" Kent Brocklen asks Isadora. "He is not a murderer!" she exclaimed angrily, shocking the both of them. "Have you seen him recently?" Kent asks curiously. "No! I've never met him in my life! I've only ever seen a photo! But I know enough, to know that he isn't a murderer at all! Any one who says he is, is wrong!" Miss Black almost shouts. Mr Brocklen claims it scared him when she had this sudden outburst within the first minute, so Miss Keetings stepped in. The following is the complete interview;

Miss Keetings, "now, Isadora, why would you say such thing?"
Miss Black, "I know he isn't a murderer!"
Miss Keetings, "that explains nothing. The evidence is there, all of it!"
Miss Black, "stop holding onto the past! It gives you nothing but grief! He was framed!"

Mr Brocklen, "how so?"
Miss Black, "Peter Pettigrew,"
Mr Brocklen, "is dead!"
Miss Black, "No! He really isn't! He claimed to be dead! He was Ron's rat, Scabbers. Then, last year, he ran back to Voldypants! Sirius was framed! He is not a murderer, he is a love, and caring father. He would rather die than sell James and Lily to Voldemort! He didn't do a thing! It was all Pettigrew, and Pettigrew only left one finger. He's missing a finger! Sirius was framed!"
Miss Keetings, "I can't believe I'm hearing such nonsense. You've obviously seen him, and he has convinced you of such lies!"
Mr Brocklen, "I completely agree with Jane."
Miss Black, "Well, you're both wrong! And so is everyone who believes he did all of that. I was there, that is, when we ran into Pettigrew. Everyone knows of my furry little problem, so obviously, yeah. I was with Remus Lupin, getting some more Wolfsbane, as there was a full moon that night. Sirius was there, and Pettigrew. Ron, Hermione, and Harry too! We were all in the Shrieking Shack, and Pettigrew was changed into himself, as he was a rat. He is alive, it's on the Marauders map! He was in Hogwarts, and.. and.. after we left the Shrieking Shack through a tunnel that leads out of the Whomping Willow
, Remus had forgotten his potion, then the full moon. While they were all distracted, Pettigrew turned back into a rat and ran back to Voldypants!" she snapped.
Miss Keetings, "nonsense."
Miss Black, "Bat wings!"
Mr Brocklen, "what?"
Miss Black, "nevermind."
Mr Brocklen, "do you expect to succeed in the second task?"
Miss Black, "yes, but a subject change is not necessary, we're still talking about Voldemort."
Miss Keetings, "we were never talking about you-know-who. Why must you say his name?"
Miss Black, "fear of the name, increases fear of the thing itself. I do not fear that hideous beast."

Miss Keetings, "I think that's enough, don't you agree, Kent?"
Mr Brocklen, "yes, yes I agree. We're done here, goodbye Miss Black."
Miss Black, "Oh come on, Voldemort, fair topic, yes? Lets keep talking about the one you both fear so much. He's planning to come back, he has his soul split and attached to things you know, he'll come back one day. You two will be scared, while I'll be fighting alongside the brave ones that don't fear him, or his name. He's cruel, vile, but he has his own weaknesses, and I know them."
Miss Keetings, "please, do tell us his weaknesses."
Miss Black, "I would, but, you said we're done here. Cya!"
Miss Black then skipped off and left the two writers standing there.

She claims to know a lot, but does she really? Does you-know-who really have weaknesses? Is she going to turn out to be a murderer like her father?

"Voldypants?" George asked from beside me. "Yes, Voldypants. Stupid, pathetic, Voldypants" I said through clenched teeth, and handed the now folded Daily Prophet back to Hermione. Snuffles let out a bark, notifying everyone that he was here too. "What's that?" asked Fred, who tried to look inside the hat that I then pulled closer to my chest. "Snuffles the second" I murmured. "Snuffles the what?" Ron asked. "Snuffles the second.." I repeated, though this time I saw it a little louder than necessary. "Oh, show him to us!" 'Mione exclaimed, getting all excited.

I put the hat on the table, letting Snuffles venture out of the hat. Though he stopped when half of his small body was out, and just looked at his surroundings. "Snuffles, come here boy" I chirped, the gorgeous dog pouncing on my hand I had on the table. "Guys, this is Snuffles the second, or just Snuffles" I introduced, letting him try to gnaw at my fingers with his blunt teeth, doing no harm. "That's the cutest thing ever.." I heard George whisper.

"Snuffles" I demanded his attention, though I didn't get it. "Snuffles!" I growled, causing him to take a step back and whimper. "Sorry boy, I just want to introduce you to my friends," I said clearly, "and.. close friend.." I added awkwardly, side glancing at George. Snuffles cocked his head to the side at George, then nodded. "Alright, well, this is Ron, Hermione, Harry, and Fred. My friends" I pointed out each of them, and saw a flicker of hurt cross George's eyes.

Almost, wincing, I put Snuffles in front of George on the table. "And this, is George, my.. close friend" I had trouble saying 'close friend', as I wanted more than friendship. George smiled, and had a twinkle in his eyes. "Hello Snuffles, aren't you cute!" George cooed, patting Snuffles' head. I giggled, then turned back to the others. "So, anyone fancy some Butterbeer?" I asked brightly, attempting to have my back as straight as possible, so I looked at least a little taller next to the twins and the golden trio.

They all nodded, and I gestured for the waitress to come over here, "yes dears?" the probably fourty eight year old lady asked. "Six Butterbeers please" I smiled, then handed her the money for them. "I'll be right back with those" she then headed off to the bar to get our drinks. "You didn't have to pay for all of us.." Ron's eyes went wide. "Can't I shout my friends to some Butterbeer? Get used to it, now that I'm a Black, I have all the money I could ask for. I might even buy you everything you look at if I wish. Actually, I probably don't have that much money.. Oh no.." my eyes widened.

"What?" they all asked in synchronisation, except for George, he's still playing with Snuffles. "I'm related to Bellatrix Lestrange.. and the Malfoys.. Oh goodness.." I whined, burying my face in the right of George's chest, and lightly banging my fist on the table. "It's not that bad.." Ron said, oblivious to how bad it is. I suddenly stopped what I was doing, breathing included, and turned to Ron.

"You have all told me about the cruel things Draco Malfoy has done, and when Lucius gave Ginny that diary that ended up possessing her, and Bellatrix, she's a mad woman! Absolutely mad! Then you just sit there, and tell me 'it's not that bad'! It is Ronald, it is!" I barked, then took my Butterbeer from the tray the waitress had just put in the middle of the table. "Okay, so, maybe it is bad" he paused, "horrible actually.." he added. "Exactly!" I exclaimed, Snuffles trying to get to my Butterbeer.

"No Snuffles, you can't drink Butterbeer.." then it clicked, "has he fed you today? Or even given you a drink?!" I snapped. Snuffles shook his head. Oh, Sirius is soooo going to hear about this in a letter! "Oi! Waitress!" I called out, and a waitress was at my side immediately, "yes dear?" she asked politely, though had a hint of annoyance in her tone. "Could I get a bowl of milk, or Butterbeer. Also, if you have any meat, could I please get some?" I asked, looking at Snuffles the whole time.

"Ah, I see. Bowl of Butterbeer and some left over meat it is. I'll give it to you free, the puppy doesn't look all that healthy. You can come back whenever for leftovers for the puppy as well" she chirped, gently patting Snuffles' head. "Thanks" I smiled a genuine smile, and awaited for her to come back. Not too long after, she did come back. Placing the bowl of Butterbeer and the plate of meet in front of Snuffles, she left, an annoyed look on her face for some reason. "Gee.. some mood swing.." I muttered.

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