The Krum Girl (Harry Potter FanFiction)

Fifteen year old witch, Isadora Lolita Krum, the Quidditch star's, Viktor Krum's, sister. He favours her, and would do anything for her, as she would him. But a certain trip to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry leaves her worried, and fretting for her brother. Many have died in the TriWizard Tournament, and she fears he will die, though she'd never doubt his strength. Throughout her time at Hogwarts, she finds friendship and a love she thought she'd never find. Then there's her brother, annoyed that another man dare look at his sister, he tries to stop them from seeing each other, and secrets of Isadora's manage to slip out.

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4. Chapter 4

"Hey, Isa, your brother is coming this way" Cedric warned me, then removed his arm from around me, and laid down on the bench. I chuckled then turned to face my obviously furious brother, "yes, brother?" I asked, smirking. "I thought I told you to-" he began, but I cut him off, "yeah, yeah, to stay away from the guys here" I sneered. "So why aren't you obeying?" he scowled down at me. "Because Viktor, I'm not a dog!" I gulped, realising that I technically am. "I heard all of what you and Hermione said, according to that, you are" he said, lifting my right forearm up. I think I made a bad choice with going for a tank top today..

"It's none of your business!" I snapped, ripping my arm out of his grip. "Isn't it? Last time I checked, I was your brother!" "Have you not read today's Daily Prophet?! The same article from a while ago, on the front page again! Viktor, I hate when you're like this!" "Well maybe I wouldn't be like this if you had of told me you were a werewolf! Five years, that's how long you've been dishonest!" he half shouted. I completely froze, just there, I didn't move, blink, breath. Tears welled in my eyes, then I looked towards Cedric and his friends. Then Harry walking up to us, oh.. Great. Cedric and his friends looked freaked out, scared, worried. I came to and looked angrily up at Viktor.

"Why Viktor?! Why here! You could have taken me off to the side! It was supposed to stay a secret! If I'm taken to Azkaban or something, then I won't forget to hate you!" I shouted, then stood and punched him hard, shocking him and myself. He just stood there, staring at me with wide eyes and a blood nose. Yep, now I've done it, good one Isadora, hit your brother, that'll make eeeeverything better.. I turned to the scared looking Cedric and co. "Keep it a secret, or you'll regret telling anyone" I scowled, then went over to near a tree, sitting at the trunk. I saw Harry and Cedric stop by the tree, obviously not noticing me.

"Dragons" Harry paused, "that's the first task. They've got one for each of us" he told Cedric. "Are you serious? And Fleur and Viktor, do they?" Cedric trailed off. Yeah that's right, don't worry about poor little Isadora. "Yes." "Right. Hey listen, about the badges. I've asked them not to wear them." "Don't worry about it." Then they both go separate ways, and I'm alone, letting my tears flow freely.

Harry is pacing nervously, Viktor is acting tough, Cedric's avoiding me, and Fleur is watching me; concerned. And me? I'm sitting on the ground, rocking from side to side gently. Suddenly Harry starts talking to the tent, which is funny, and I watch him. Then bam, Hermione enters the tent and they hug, there's a flash, and I realise it's a camera, so I quickly stand to greet Rita. "Rita" I nod once, "Isadora" she sends a slight nod my way, then looks to Harry and Hermione who stop hugging. "Young love! Ohh how.. stirring. If everything goes unfortunately today you might make the front page!" she chirps. 

"You have no business here. This tent is for champions and friends" Viktor says, coming out from his tent area. I frown at the sight of him, I mean, he's healthy and all, but it's, me, I miss him and regret punching him and- no! He was a down right git, he must apologise first! "No matter. We've got what we wanted" Rita replies, then leaves, that's when Dumbledore and others enter. "Good day champions. Gather round please. Now you've waited, you've wondered and at last the moment has arrived. The moment only five of you can fully appreciate" Dumbledore calls out, and we all circle around him. He looks to Hermione, "what are you doing here Miss Granger?" "Oh um.. Sorry.. I'll just.. go.'

"Barty. The bag" Dumbledore demands. "Champions, in a circle around me. Miss Delacour over here, Mr Krum, and Potter over here" he begins moving everyone around except for Cedric and I. I'm beside Fleur. "Right. Miss Delacour, if you will.." Crouch holds up a bag, and Fleur takes out a cute little green dragon. "The Welsh Green" he announces. "Mr Krum.." he moves over to Viktor, and he takes his out. "The Chinese Fireball. Oooooh." "Oh, I almost forgot Miss Krum" he turns to me, and lets me pick out my dragon. "Romanian Longhorn" Crouch told me, then turned to Cedric and lets him get one, then Harry, who mutters something but shrugs it off.

"The Hungarian Horntail. These represent very real dragons, each of which has been given a golden egg to protect. Your objective is simple, collect the egg. This you must do, for each egg contains a clue without which you cannot hope to proceed to the next task. Any questions?" He gets no questions, so Dumbledore steps in, "very well. Good luck champions. Mr Diggory the sound of the cannon.." Filch fired the cannon when Dumbledore said 'cannon'. Cedric goes on out, comes back sometime later, and I'm suddenly next.

"Good luck!" Fleur calls after me, she's such a lovely girl. As soon as I exit the tent, I see my dragon. It's green scales shining in the sun, long horn looking as sharp as ever. I then see the egg perched in the middle of the place, on a high yet flat rock. Cocking my head to the side slightly, I glare at the dragon, and it lets out a loud whimper, causing me to giggle, then stop glaring and dart forwards, towards the egg. I'd use my wand, but my strength is movement. Yeah, that's right, movement. In agile, and flexible. As the dragon throws it's head forward in attempt to jab me with it's horn, I front flip over it, landing perfectly. See, I used to do dance, like, ballet and all that. I was also a gymnast, and I'm a black belt in karate. Yoga helps too.

The dragon, lets call her longhorn, lets out an annoyed shriek and tries again, but I dart forward. Just narrowly missing her long, sharp horn, I'm half way. She growls lowly, and I just stand there smugly, taunting her with movements. A long line of burning hot fire comes my way, and I somehow cartwheel up the rocks and land beside the egg. I slowly reach down, making sure longhorn sees, then rush to grab the egg and avoid a jab of her horn and long line of fire. She's quickly taken away as the crowds start cheering. "One minute! I am absolutely amazed! Record time so far, lets hope she can keep it up for the rest of the tasks!" a voice calls over a speaker.

Smirking, I walk back into the tent, no scratches, no burns, nothing. I look at Viktor accusingly, "I doubt you won't get hurt" I mock, showing him the egg. "What.. How.." he mutters, looking at me confusedly. "My strength is movement, dodged every attack with ease and well, teased, my dragon, then grabbed the egg in a minute. Movement Viktor, you do remember right? Gymnast, ballerina, dancer, black belt, yoga?" I ask, raising an eyebrow. "Oh.. Well, I'm glad your okay. And, Isa, I'm sorry for the other day, it really should have been a private talk" he apologised, eyes filled with tears. I nodded frantically then threw myself at him, glad he apologised.

Harry is lifting the golden egg in the air and everyone in the Gryffindor common room is cheering, whereas I'm sitting on a couch in the corner, crossed over feet on the table and I'm just sitting here lazily and coolly. "We knew you wouldn't die Harry" says George. "Lose a leg" says Fred. "Or an arm" says George. "Pack it in altogether" says Fred. "Never!" they exclaim at the same time. "Go on Harry, what's the clue?" asks Seamus as he hands Harry the golden egg. I already know the clue, the screeching isn't really heard by me, even with my dog senses. I understand what the mermaids are saying. Black lake, mermaids, lost treasure, -probably a person-.

Mentioning dog.. It's a full moon tonight. I'll have to leave soon, I don't know where I'll be going though. "Who wants me to open it? You want me to open it?" Harry calls out to everyone. Ugh, Harry stop boasting. Everyone cheers a yes and he opens it, only for the screeching to be heard, though I hear both. He closes the egg once Fred and George drop him to cover their ears, though I sit here unaffected by this. Once the egg is closed, everyone looks at me, noticing it didn't affect me. "Why aren't you affected by it?" Harry asks curiously. "She's a werewolf idiot, she's got better senses and can probably hear something other than the screeching!" some kid shouts out. "Shut up! I never asked for it" I snapped, then spoke calmly, "but yes, you're right. I hear beautiful singing, and they're telling me something, something that I won't repeat."

I smirked then opened my egg, them hearing the screech, me hearing more of the singing than the screech. I listen to them singing, then close the egg. "What the bloody hell was that?" comes Ron's voice, and he looks accusingly at Harry from the door way. "Alright everyone, go back to your knitting. This is gonna be uncomfortable enough without all you nosey sods listening in" Fred ushers everyone away, then the twins head over to me in the corner. "Hey strangers" I smirk, I haven't seem thin since before my interview with Rita. "I read what you said about me in the interview" George raised his eyebrows and Fred smirked.

"Well, I'm a very honest and straight forward person. It's true" I cross my arms over my chest. He shook his head and chuckled, taking the conversation no further.

"Look at this! I can't believe it, she's done it again. Miss Granger a plain but ambitious girl seems to be developing a taste for famous wizards. Her latest prey sources report is none other than the Bulgarian bon-bon Viktor Krum. No word yet on how Harry Potter's taking this latest emotional blow" I hear Hermione whine as we sit at the Gryffindor table eating breakfast. I'm seated next to George who's next to Fred, and I'm a little away from Hermione, Ron, and Harry.

"Parcel for you Mr Weasley" a young boy says, then hands Ron a large parcel. "Thank you Nigel" Ron chirps and Nigel is gazing at Harry for a while. Hermione nods at Nigel so Ron can deal with him, "not now Nigel. Later. Go on" Ron says, and Nigel leaves. Ron begins to open his parcel, but Hermione looks at him weirdly, obviously wanting to know what that was about. "I told him I'd get him Harry's autograph" he shrugs, then looks into the now open parcel, "oh look mum's sent me something" he stands and holds it up to him, "mum sent me a dress?!" he squeaks.

"Well it does match your eyes" Harry begins, then pauses and pulls something out, "is there a bonnet?" he then puts it up to Ron who mutters something to Harry. By now, quite a fair few heads had turned, and were watching them. Ron saunters over to Ginny, "Ginny these must be for you" Ron assumes. He really doesn't know that they're his dress robes. "I'm not wearing that, it's ghastly" she looks at it in disgust. Hermione laughs and Ron heads back to his spot, still standing. "What are you laughing about?" he asks worriedly. "They're not for Ginny, they're for you! Dress robes" she tells him, and everyone in ear shot begins laughing, especially the twins and I. 

"Dress robes? for what?" Ron asks, eyes wide, though it only causes me to laugh more. I continued laughing until the owls came, and everyone had stopped laughing five minutes ago. "Merlin's beard, I don't think I'll ever get Isadora to stop laughing.." George whined, giving up. Though he looked surprised when I suddenly stopped, "what? How?!" he demanded. "Owls" I grinned, then grabbed my letters and Daily Prophet. I saw one from my mother, and opened that one first.

Isadora Black, 

I'm horribly terribly sorry to inform you, that I had once cheated on your father with a man named Sirius Black, your real father. I am, of course, your mother, but who you've been calling father, isn't your real father. On the weekend, you are to meet Sirius, I can't tell you much about where he is, as he's still in hiding. I'm sorry for not telling you sooner, I really am. He's been wanting to meet you since I told him, and I figured that it's time you know. With this letter is a photograph of Sirius, just so you can know what he looks like. 

Also, honey, Viktor told us about your furry little problem. I love you no matter what, though your step-father has disowned you, that being part of why I told you about your real father. He doesn't want you stepping one foot inside the house, I'm sorry honey. I hope you don't mind, but you'll have to live with Sirius.. It's be a great opportunity to get to know him better though. He's seen a picture of you, and thinks you're as stunning as stunning could be. He hasn't even met you, and he's taken a huge liking to you. 

I love you honey, for ever and always baby doll, xx 

With much love, your mother, xx

I accidentally let a tear slip down my face when I saw the picture of my father. He looked distraught in a way, and like he doesn't sleep well. His hair was slightly untamed, slightly curly and wavy, reaching down to near his shoulders. He has a mustache, and a slight hint of a beard. His piercing blue eyes looked straight into my piercing blue eyes, slightly shocking me with how much our eyes are the same, as with our hair colour, though mine was slightly darker due to mum's being an almost black kind of brown. He had some almost visible wrinkles, though he still looked young and naive.

"George, Fred, whichever, I need some parchment and a quill" I demanded, bouncing slightly in my seat. "Someone's excited" Fred muttered, then went back to his food, while George was the one to hand me ink, parchment and a quill.


Thank you so much for telling me. Goodbye. 

Forever and always, xx 

Isadora, xx

I folded it up and put it in an envelope, then took another letter from my owl, Skye. She's a gorgeous snowy owl, though she's not white, she's black, and has blue eyes like me. The next one was from.. Padfoot.. Who the bat wings is Padfoot?! I shrugged mentally then opened it and began to read the letter.

Isadora Black, 

It is I, your real father, but please, through letters and in public or anything, call me Padfoot. Especially when I'm in dog form, I'll explain that when I see you face to face. I'm glad you finally know who you really are and that I'm your real father. I've even wanting to contact you since I knew you were mine, which was as soon as you were born! I've seen a picture of you, you're absolutely stunning, and you're my stunning little girl, even if you've got a furry little problem. Remus told me that it was his fault and apologised to me for it. Yes, I know Remus. He told me he's helped you with Wolfsbane, and taught you. Which I'm glad for. He goes by Moony as well. 

Mentioning that.. You need a nickname in case someone intercepts the owls or letters. So, you figure that out. 

Love, Padfoot, x

I smiled and stole more parchment from George.

Dear Padfoot, 

You really had me confused for a short while with who Padfoot was, and yes, I promise. Dog form? You better explain that one! My stepfather disowned me, and much to mum's protests, doesn't want me to step one foot into 'his' house. I have all my stuff, so I have no need to go to my ex-home. Oh, yeah, by the way, I'm going to be living with you, whether you like it or not! I'll be attending Hogwarts next year, and I'm in Gryffindor! You know Remus? Well, that's good, it'd be easier to get Wolfsbane then. A nickname? You'll see at the end of the letter! 

I'm one of the five champions in the tri-wizard tournament, though there's only supposed to be three. I got through the first task easy, in less than a minute, which was the fastest and is a record. The second task has something to do with the black lake, mermaids, and lost treasure. When I open the egg, I don't hear screeching like the others do, instead, I hear extremely faint screeching and extravagant singing. Anyway, um, dad, there's this guy I want to ask to the Yule ball, but I don't know how to.. ask him. See, I'm usually not nervous, because I never like the guys, but with this one, I'm as nervous as possible, I'm sitting next to him now.

I was cut off by George saying yes, "what?" I asked nervously. "Yes, I'll go with you to the Yule ball" he smirked. I shook my head and turned back to my letter, continuing it.

Um, well, never mind that question, he kind of just read over my shoulder and startled me by saying yes. Anyway, another topic. I'm going to Hogsmeade with the Hogwarts students this weekend, meet me at the shrieking shack in your.. Dog form?

Signed, Blackmoon, xx

P.S, oh, and dad, I love you.

I folded the parchment up carefully, then put it in an envelope. Once that was done, I handed them to the owl to take, and grabbed my Daily Prophet, and began reading the small article on the front page once the owl left.


You're probably wondering, Isadora Black? Well, it has recently been found out that Isadora's father is mass murderer, Sirius Black. Though we take this as no reason to hate upon Isadora, as she's clearly not a murderer like her father.

The first task was dragons, and miss Black had gotten the Romanian Longhorn. "She just stood at the entrance, cocked her head to the side a little, then glared at the dragon. The dragon then whimpered in fear, though Isadora had done nothing. Then, all her movements as she quickly made her way to the egg, were so fluid, swift. Perfect. She's a black belt in muggle karate, was a ballerina, gymnast, and dancer. Her main strength is obviously movement. She's agile, and flexible, a perfect combination. She got to the egg in record time, exactly a minute. We believe she would've gotten there quicker, but she was teasing the dragon, especially when it came to grabbing the egg. She reached down slowly, then picked it up fast and dodged an attack" says Rita Skeeter

This dragon, the Romanian Longhorn, is a particularly vicious one. Her fire is supposed to be at least five hundred degrees, and her horn is supposed to be razor sharp and solid as a thick slab of concrete. "I had fun, I really did. Teasing Longhorn was hilarious, as she'd go straight for a jab or breath fire at me, which I could feel the intense heat, and it felt as if I was going to melt" states miss Black. It was an amazing sight to see, especially her cartwheeling quickly up rocks and landing right beside the egg. Also when she did a front flip over the Romanian Longhorn's horn to dodge an attack. We were absolutely amazed and stunned with this young lady's one and only live show with a dragon in the tri-wizard tournament, first task.

Written by Jane Keetings and Kent Brocklen, Daily Prophet. ©

"The yule ball has been a tradition of the tri-wizard tournament since it's inception. On Christmas eve night we and our guests gather in the great hall for well mannered frivolity. As representatives of the host school, I expect each and every one of you to put your best foot forward, and I mean this literally because the yule ball is first and foremost.. a dance" McGonagall says once she has everyone's attention. Groans emerge from the boys while the girls, including me, seem a whole lot more excited. "Silence. The house of Godrick Griffindor has commanded the respect of the wizard world for nearly ten centuries. I will not have you in the course of a single evening besmirching that name by behaving like a babbling, bumbling band of baboons" McGonagall calls out over the noise.

"Now to dance is to let the body breathe, inside every girl a secret swan slumbers longing to burst forth and take flight" McGonagall continues. "Inside every boy a lordly lion prepared to prance. Mr Weasley, will you join me." She doesn't even wait for an answer, she just pulls him up to dance. "Now, place your right hand on my waist." "Where?" he chokes out, eyes wide. "My waist." He goes to put his hand on her waist but heard a wolf whistle and goes to flip them off, but McGonagall forced his hand back down to her waist. "Now bend your arm. Mr Filch.." she demands, then Filch starts playing classical music.

"One two three, one two three, one two three" McGonagall says, directing Ron. "Everybody come together" McGonagall calls out. The girls instantly stand and walk forward, though the boys are all still seated. "Boys, on your feet!" McGonagall snaps. Neville stands, then George, who heads over to me. He puts his right hand on my waist and my left hand on his shoulder, then holds my right hand with his left hand in the air beside us, arms bent. We begin to dance to the music, slowly, peacefully.

Since the day George and I met, we've gotten a lot closer. Especially since yesterday when I managed to ask him to the Yule ball without saying anything.

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