The Krum Girl (Harry Potter FanFiction)

Fifteen year old witch, Isadora Lolita Krum, the Quidditch star's, Viktor Krum's, sister. He favours her, and would do anything for her, as she would him. But a certain trip to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry leaves her worried, and fretting for her brother. Many have died in the TriWizard Tournament, and she fears he will die, though she'd never doubt his strength. Throughout her time at Hogwarts, she finds friendship and a love she thought she'd never find. Then there's her brother, annoyed that another man dare look at his sister, he tries to stop them from seeing each other, and secrets of Isadora's manage to slip out.

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18. Chapter 18

"Are they here?" Lucius Malfoy asked me, his tone rather aggressive. "I don't like your tone, Malfoy. But, yes, they're here" I replied, taking my spot next to him. I've grown quite used to this life, that it's almost become my actual one, not my second one that's supposed to be a lie. I go to drop out, but I remember Ginny, Tonks and everyone else. I'm doing this for them, I've overheard them discussing what they'd do to them if I left.

"They're coming down the corridor now, just outside the door" I said quietly, watching from Harry's point of view in his mind. "Now" I mutter to Lucius, just as Harry opened the door and I left his mind. "What now?" I whisper. "We wait until the right moment" he whispers back. I give a curt nod, and stand straight. I watch from the shadows as Harry looks around, "this is it. Sirius! Sirius! Sirius Black!" he said, then rushed around, running between shelves, turning corners.

"He should be near.. Somewhere about.. He might be.. no, maybe over.." Harry muttered, looking around while standing in perfect view of Lucius and I. "Harry! I don't think he's here" Hermione called to him as they walked closer to him. "No! He has to be! I saw him. He was on the ground right here!" Ugh, Harry, he's not here, leave before you get hurt!  "Harry.. It was just a dream." "No, I felt it. My scar hurt. It only hurts when Voldemort's.. He's got to be here!"

Harry looks around frantically shaking his head, his frustration turning to anger, then to fear. He looks as if he might cry. "Harry" Ron said, looking at something on a shelf. "What!?" "I think you better look at this. It's got your name on it.." Slowly Harry reaches and grabs it. It seems to shine brighter in Harry's hand, everyone stares transfixed at it.

"Very good, Potter. Now slowly hand it over" Lucius said firmly, then when everyone spun around, we stepped out of the shadows, as did the other Death Eaters. We all have our masks and cloaks on, though I'm dressed in the usual skinnies and tank top with flat black leather boots. Hermione and Ron stand closer to Harry, Neville looks like he is about to cry. Harry stands firm, "where's Sirius!"

"Dark Lord always knows. Give me the prophecy, Potter" Lucius replied coldly. "I want to know where Sirius is!" Harry exclaimed, then Bellatrix stepped forward; "ah, the baby wants his godfather" she teased. Then I realised, why am I helping these guys? I should be helping the good, not the bad. I'm only making things worse for the good, and better for the bad. I know I can protect the others, all of them. "Don't do anything until I say.." he muttered to the others. "How cute, baby Potter's giving instructions to the other children" Bellatrix continued.

"Oh, Potter has a great weakness for heroic, Bellatrix" Lucius was going to say something else, until he saw me walk over next to Harry, everyone but him let out a whimper and began to shake nervously -eyes full of fear. "What are you doing?" Lucius hissed. "Not anymore" I said plainly, "I don't care about Voldemort threatening to harm the ones close to me, I can protect them, and I will. Tell him he's a fool for trusting me, he just lost his best Death Eater." I held my left arm up, and morphed my dark mark away.

Harry looked at me weirdly, obviously confused as to who I am. With a roll of my eyes, I pulled out my wand, and used it to rid of the mask from my face. "Isa.." Harry muttered, tears filling his eyes when he saw my grey ones. Lucius rolled his eyes, and continued his talk, "now give me that prophecy in your hand and we'll allow you to live." Harry's grip tightens around the orb, his other hand grips his wand. "Give me Sirius!" he demanded. "Harry.." I whispered hopelessly.

"Foolish boy! Learn the difference between dreams and reality. The Dark Lord knew you were foolish enough to come charging here with your little gang of rugrats" Lucius snapped. "He's not here" he said disbelievingly.

"No, but you are. Now give me the prophecy. No one needs to die tonight, Potter. Just hand it over and you and your friends can walk away." "Liar!" Harry almost shouted, somewhat hurting my ears. "Enough of this! Accio Pro-" Bellatrix began, but Harry knocked her back a few steps with a nonverbal spell. She looked up at him furiously, "so baby Potter knows how to play. Let's try another game, Pott-" she began, but Lucius cut her off, "no, you fool! You could smash it!"

"We need more persuasion then. Kill the little girl!" Lucius growled. Instinctively, I pulled Ginny beside me, yet slightly behind me, and wrapped my right arm around her tight, while taking my golden wand out of my boot, and having it ready. Ginny looked up at me with a hint of a smile, happy that I haven't gone completely horrid like those that follow Voldemort usually do. "You touch her and I smash it! I doubt Voldemort would be pleased" Harry threatened.

"You dare speak the Dark Lord's name! Your unworthy half-blood lips-" Bellatrix began, but I cut her off. "Yeah, well, old Voldy's half-blood too. Never told you, did he? His father was a Muggle. A common verity Muggle."

Bellatrix explodes with anger and aims her wand at Harry, seeing as Voldemort ordered them to not harm me; no matter what. Harry points his wand at Bellatrix, slightly moving in front of Ginny and I. "Stop! Wait until we have the prophecy" Lucius said to her, then looked to Harry, "fine, Potter. You want to know what you hold? Dumbledore never told you why you bear your scar, did he? Explains why you didn't come earlier." As Lucius talks Harry lightly taps his foot on Hermione's, then taps his foot on Ron's.

"Haven't you ever wonder why the Dark Lord wanted to kill you as a baby. The reason is in your hand!" Lucius added. "It's about both of us, isn't it? Only him or me could get it. That's why I saw Sirius. He knew I'd come. He put the images in my head. And now your his delivery boy" Harry said, look from the prophecy to Lucius. "Very good, Potter. Now give it to me. Or I will kill you, boy!" Lucius barked. Harry looks down at the prophecy in his hand, he looks back up and stares at Lucius. "Face me if you dare! Exurous!" Harry exclaimed.

Without warning, a blinding red bolt of fire launches at Lucius, knocking him back against the shelves. Just then Hermione, Ron, Luna, Ginny, and even Neville fire a second after. All their spells smash into the blue orbs on the shelves behind the Death Eaters. In a flash four shelves smash to pieces. I raise an eyebrow, and let go of Ginny, then turn to Davis Keenlin, he really annoys me. "Avada Kedavra" I whisper, and the bright green light hits him square in the chest. I grin, then run after Harry and the others.

Luna is the first through the door, followed by Ginny, Neville, and Ron. Hermione reaches the threshold and turns just as Lucius grabs Harry by the hair. Hermione raises her wand; "stupefy!" she exclaimed and a bolt of red light shoots Lucius in the chest, knocking him backwards. Hermione grabs Harry and throws him through the door, Hermione points her wand again at the door just as a Death Eater charges for them, "colloportus!" she said. Then we both went in the door, in which magically slammed shut and locked.

The twelve doors begin to spin, and everyone catches their breath except for me. "Isadora, you killed someone" Hermione said breathlessly, and a hint of shock was in her voice; clear on her face. Neville and Harry look at me with wide eyes. "I hate the guy, tried to.. do things with me. Failed of course, but succeeded once" I said blankly, staring at the floor. "Oh.. Isa.." Hermione whispered. "No matter 'Mione, I'll live" I replied, then she looked around. "That's not going to hold."

"It's okay, it'll hold long enough.. Where's Ron? Luna and Ginny?" asked Harry. "Oh no" said Neville. "They must of gone through the wrong door." "We can't wait for them here." "We can't leave them." "We're not, but all these rooms are connected. Eventually they're going to find us, both sides." "So where?" asked Hermione. "I've been trained to track minds, it's good with battle and things like this" I said excitedly. "This way" I chirp, then drag them through a random door, "by the way, this is a guess."

The room is lined, wall to wall with books. The ceiling seems to go on infinitely upwards, with the books showing no end. Millions, perhaps tens of millions. Hermione stares transfixed, "wow" she breathed. "Not now" Harry snapped. All around us are thunderous footsteps. Hermione points to another door, "there! Come on."

I don't pay attention, in fact I just stand there, untouched. Though, when a Death Eater shoots the killing curse at Hermione, I add in a mix of protection, turning it into a blue light. Hermione and Harry's eyes meet as her face turns emotionless as she falls the floor. Harry turns to the Death Eater that sent it, his eyes turn malicious as he raises his wand to the Death Eater. Harry mutters a curse he has never used and is against every wizarding law made, "crucio!" The Death Eater falls to the ground screaming, writhing in pain.

Harry lowers his wand, the Death Eater's body is broken so it seems. He rushed to where Neville and I are next to Harry. "No.. she can't be.. please, Merlin.." he trailed off, eyes tearng up. "She's breathing, she's alive. When I saw the Death Eater sending the killing curse, I added some protection into it, she won't actually die."

"Thank you! Come on, we have to go!" Harry said with a heavy sigh of relief, then went to pick Hermione up, but I beat him to it. "I'll carry her." The next room we enter is the room of brains. Ginny comes out from behind a knocked over book shelf, her wand at the ready. Luna and Ron rise too, Ron laughing hysterically. Ginny rushes to Harry, "what happened to Hermione!" she exclaimed. "She got hit. She's alive. What happened to you? Are you alright? Did they hurt you?" I asked frantically, worrying like Molly would, -she kind of rubs off on people.

"They chased us into a room of planets" she replied. "Harry, we saw Uranus up close!" Ron exclaimed in between laughter. "What happened to him?" asked Harry. "Ron, now's not the time!" I barked, though he continued. "They hit him with a laughing curse, I think" Ginny replied.

"We gotta get outta here. Have you tried that door?" I asked, nodding towards another door. "No" said Luna, for once not in a dreamy voice. "Well, anywhere's got to be better than here" said Harry, and we headed towards the door, Ginny pulling a laughing Ron behind her, and I carrying Hermione bridal style, with both wands in my hands.

"Lovely, room of doors" I mutter. The door opened to a grand large flight of stairs going down. The area is wide and open with red curtains forming as walls. We all rush down them, and Ron noticed Hermione in my arms, "oh no, what happened to Hermione? I'll kill them." I walk around him, and we stop thirty feet away from six golden doors. "Which one?" asked Luna.

Just then both Luna and Harry fly forward, sliding across the floor. I look up and see Lucius Malfoy coming down the stairs, followed by Bellatrix and five other Death Eaters. Lucius raises his wand at Harry. Each Death Eater aims at one us. We're pretty much trapped. "Games up, Potter. No more bargains, not more running around, no way of escaping. The prophecy or you watch us kill each and every last one of your friends!" Lucius snarled.

Bellatrix steps on Neville pinning him down. She points her wand down at him, "Longbottom? I don't believe it. It seems like only yesterday I was torturing your parents. Went mad, didn't they? Do they even know who you are anymore? I can still hear their screams. Your father begged me to kill him, your mother too. Oh well, I suspect your grandmother's use to losing her family members by now. Your death won't be a great shock" she said menacingly.

Lucius Malfoy advances on Harry who's still on the ground, Harry pushes himself away from Lucius, closer and closer to the doors. "What's it going to be, Potter? The prophecy or we see if Longbottom can last longer than his parents did before they cracked." "Don't do it, Harry" Neville calls out to him.

"I swear one day I'll make you pay" Harry glared at Lucius. It seems I'm the only one without someone's wand at my neck. Lucius stabs his wand forward just as five of the six golden doors open. The light pours into the dark room from each open door. In each door frame stands Sirius, Remus, Mad-Eye, Tonks, and Kingsley. "Get away from my godson" Sirius began, then looked to me, "and daughter!" he barked, then punched Malfoy hard. The battle erupts as the Order of the Phoenix and the Death Eaters charge each other, I quickly put Hermione next to Ron, while Harry rushes to them

I join the Order, and fight alongside them. Tonks knocks one out, also moving them away from Ron, Harry and Hermione. "Take them back up the stairs and stay there!" Remus calls to Harry, who nods and Ginny helps Harry take her up, Neville and Ron following behind them.

Suddenly Ginny flies backwards, as if being pulled by an invisible rope, and she stops a foot from Lucius' feet. Blood dripping from his forehead, Lucius aims his wand. Harry's eyes narrow as he drops Hermione in Ron's arms and jumps down and aims his wand. "Expelliarmus!" he exclaimed.

Lucius' wand pulls forward, but Malfoy's grip doesn't break, so the wand drags him forward a few feet. Harry aims his wand again, and both Lucius and him shoot a spell at each other; both of them being knocked back. Sirius sees Harry in trouble and rushes for him, but Bellatrix steps right in the way. The two stare each other down, "dear cousin, how wonderful to see you again" she smirked evilly. "Bellatrix. I always love family get-togethers" he replied just before Bellatrix shot a red blast at Sirius who ducks and blast his own spell in return.

Harry turns as Lucius blast another spell at Harry, he dodges just in time. Harry aims his wand back, but Lucius stabs his wand forward in Harry's direction. Lucius swings his wand back towards the golden doors and Harry flies through the air. Harry lands hard as he skids to a stop, he reaches in his pocket and pulls out a shattered glass orb with vapor coming off. I ignore the rest of what they do, and edge closer to Bellatrix and Sirius.

Sirius' and Bellatrix's wands flash at each other as they duel. Sirius flicks his wand and a red spell slices across Bellatrix's face, making a deep cut. Sirius smiles, "come on, I know you can do better than that!" Bellatrix's eyes fill with fury. She makes three slices, each one sending a jet of green light to Sirius. Sirius slashes his wand and deflects the first, then the second, and the third . Sirius swings up with his wand deflecting it skyward. A fourth jet of green light hits him in the chest, passing through him.

I scream, falling to my knees while watching Sirius' smile leave his face as his wand fall from his hand. As his wand hits the floor the sound thunders as if the wand weighs a thousand pounds. He falls gracefully backwards through a rag red veil hanging. The red cloth that is the veil seems to gracefully move, as if reaching up as Sirius falls into it's grasp. Bellatrix screams with glee, while I glare at her. As Harry tries to get to Sirius, Remus holds him back. I stand and storm over to Bellatrix, wand at her neck. "You b***h!" I scream at her, "crucio!" I watch in pleasure as she falls to the floor screaming, she manages to leave, but not before calling back to me, "you might be able to save him!"

Harry chases after Bellatrix, and everyone leaves the room too, except for Ginny, who looks at me sadly. "Isa.." she whispered as I let my finger touch the red veil. "What are you doing?" she asked gently, taking another step towards me. "Go with the others, I'll.. I'll see you soon" I mutter, then keep twirling my finger in the veil. About five minutes after Ginny leaves, something grabs hold of my fingers. I pull my hand out, and much to my surprise, I pull Sirius out. "D-dad" I stutter, looking at the grinning man.

"Ooo, I'm alive! How intriguing! Isa!" he exclaimed, then hugged me tightly. I didn't hug him back, I just watched as the veil disappeared. "Why aren't you hugging back?" he asked, letting go of me. I hit him hard on the shoulder, "ouch! What was that for?" he whined, rubbing his shoulder. "I thought I lost you!" I said stubbornly, then stomped my foot as I crossed my arms over my torso. "I thought I lost myself too. Don't tell them that I'm alive, instead, I'm gonna pretend to be your dog. Chocolate, and Snuffles. Yeah, put a collar on me if you'd like." "What?!" I shrieked, just as he turned to his Animagus form, and Ginny walked in. "Oh, hey Snuffles" she grinned from ear to ear, "how'd he get here?" she asked, patting him on the head.

"That's what I'd like to know. Because this isn't Snuffles. This is Chocolate" I glared down at him. "You have two dogs?" she asked. "Yeah, one stayed at number twelve Grimmauld Place, the other at Hogwarts. One to keep Sirius company, but as of now, he's keeping me company" I continued to glare down at the dog. "Alright, well, we're waiting for you." "I'll be out in a moment."

As soon as Ginny left, I conjured a bright blue collar, then used my wand to dye some white on his belly, and on his paws. I made one eye a bright green, and left the other the same grey as my eyes. He seemed to be glaring at me, so I read his mind, 'this so isn't my look'. "I don't care if it's not your look. If you're my dog, you gotta play the part properly, and not look like you usually would. Lucius recognised you on the platform that day, and he won't now. "Come on boy, I'll call you Chocolate, or nothing at all" I chirp, then walk out into chaos. I head over to Ginny, with Chocolate by my side, "sit boy" I point to the spot next to Ginny.

"Hello Chocolate" she said sadly, then began patting him. I turned around and looked to Voldemort, who was obviously about to leave until he saw me, "Ah, Isadora, come now, we must go" he said calmly, arms wide open. I just stood my ground and glared at him, instantly taking my wand out. "You said no one would get hurt! That you'd leave them alone if I joined your forces! But they did get hurt! And my father died! My father! I'm no longer yours to control, I'm no longer one of them idiots that follow you!" I shouted at him, showing him my empty left arm, all that is on it is my jewellery. I noticed Ginny had my bag, and was protecting it for me.

"What?" he breathed, though I could hear it. "Crucio!" I shouted, hitting him directly. I laughed evilly as he fell to the ground screaming, squirming and writhing in pain, trying to get away from it. He looked as if he was about to implode or explode at any minute, hardly breathing. After another thirty seconds, I stopped, and let him disappear.

"Sir, I swear I saw him. I saw You-Know-Who! He grabbed a witch and disappeared. I swear it" an Auror said to Fudge after Harry awoke from the ground. Dunno what happened there.. "I know Williamson. I saw him too. My God he was actually here. Of all the places.." said Fudge.

"If you proceed downstairs to the Department of Mysteries, you will find certain escaped Death Eaters along with a few a reformed ones bound by an Anti-Disapparation Jinx awaiting your decision of what to do with them" Dumbledore informed Fudge, who turned to Dumbledore with a shocked expression. "Dumbledore.. You? Williamson. Go!" Fudge ordered. The Williamson guy hurried off to where I had come out of.

"What happened?" asked Fudge. "I would think that obvious considering what you saw with your own eyes." "Dumbledore. Tell me everything." "In due time. Once Harry is back at school and safe." "Harry Potter?" Fudge asked, looking to Harry, Dumbledore picked up a piece of the Magical Brethren statue and tapped it with his wand. "Now see here, Dumbledore, you are not authorized that port-key. Especially here in the-" Fudge began, but Dumbledore cut him off.

"Cornelius, you will now listen! You will give the order to remove Dolores Umbridge from Hogwarts! You will stop hunting for my Care of Magic Creatures Professor! You will alert the Daily Prophet of Voldemort's actions here tonight. And you will give medical attention to my students, new and old, below! I will return in a short time. Letters addressed to the headmaster of Hogwarts will reach me!"

Fudge doesn't say anything as Dumbledore turns to Harry holding out the piece of statue. "Ready, Harry? One, two, three." They disappear in a whirl, and I go back over to Chocolate and Ginny, well, Sirius. I don't understand why they can't know about him being alive.. Strange. I sigh as Tonks comes over to Ginny and I. "I'll be apparating you two outside the gates of Hogwarts, I can't apparate within, sadly" she told us. I grabbed hold of Sirius' collar, and Tonks' arm. There was a pop, and the familiar feeling of being in a tube.

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