The Krum Girl (Harry Potter FanFiction)

Fifteen year old witch, Isadora Lolita Krum, the Quidditch star's, Viktor Krum's, sister. He favours her, and would do anything for her, as she would him. But a certain trip to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry leaves her worried, and fretting for her brother. Many have died in the TriWizard Tournament, and she fears he will die, though she'd never doubt his strength. Throughout her time at Hogwarts, she finds friendship and a love she thought she'd never find. Then there's her brother, annoyed that another man dare look at his sister, he tries to stop them from seeing each other, and secrets of Isadora's manage to slip out.

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14. Chapter 14

Hermione, Harry, and Ron are sat next to each other, Neville Longbottom sitting across from them, and next to me. Angelina Johnson, a pretty black girl with braids walks up to us. "Harry, why weren't you at practice last night?" she asks. "I'm sorry, I had detention. Hey, did Isa make Chaser?" he asked. "Detention? It's the first week, how'd you do that? And no, she hasn't even tried out, though, we've allowed her to be without trying out. I've seen her and Viktor play Quidditch last year, she's absolutely brilliant!" Angelina chirped.

"It's a long story" Harry muttered. "Harry, I'm the new captain. We have a new Keeper and Chaser, so we all have to be there. I can't have practice without my Seeker" she scolded. "I know, I'm sorry. I'll be there." "You better, Harry."

I glare at Malfoy as he walks over to our table. "Scar feeling okay, Potter? It's been a week since you've been to the hospital wing, that's a record for you, isn't it?" he teased, a smirk playing on his lips. "Get outta here, Malfoy!" Harry sneered. "I don't like your tone, Potter. I just might have to give you detention" Malfoy scowled down at him, then looked at me in fear. "You're not the only prefect here. So beat it" Ron barked.

"Ah, Weasley, now I don't like your tone. So let see: That will be fifty points for you. Fifty for Potter, for talking back.. And Granger, I forgot, you're a Mudblood, that's fifty more" he let a smirk form on his face. "Malfoy, you're a down right git! You shut your filthy mouth before I make you shut your mouth. You di-" I began screaming at him, but stopped mid sentence, I never, ever, cuss, and I almost did. Hermione smiled weakly at me, knowing how much I hate cussing. They always kept it to lower than minimum -nothing- when around me. "Funny Malfoy. Prefects can't take away more than five points" Hermione protested.

"You mean Gryffindor prefect can't take away more" he said in his snobbish tone. "What?" Harry asked, and we all turn towards the house point counter, and sure enough, a hundred and fifty points have fallen from Gryffindor. "You can't do that!" Ron exclaimed, in denial. "How did you-" 'Mione began, but Malfoy cut her off, "it pays when your father is close with the Minister of Magic." "Yeah, well, tell your dad to say 'hi' to Voldemort for me" Harry commented. As Malfoy walked off, I called to him, "also, tell him I said that I had a nice little visit to his head quarters. Oh, don't forget to ask that I was wondering how his daughter is!" I couldn't control myself and began laughing, ending up on the floor clutching my sides.

"Umbridge must has to be behind this. I don't know how, but it has to be her" Ron said once I sat back up in my seat next to Neville as the owls came in. "Ron, it's hardly to do with her, in my opinion. It's all to do with the Ministry" I said calmly, sorting through my letters that my new owl, InkHeart had brought for me. "What do you mean?" asked Harry and Ron. "Don't tell me you don't know" I asked, and rolled my eyes when they shook their heads.

"Umbridge is here as a spy for Fudge, because Fudge is afraid that Dumbledore is forming an army out of us all. There's four sides, the Ministry, Voldemort, Dumbledore and the side that just doesn't care about it. Both Voldemort and Fudge are afraid of Dumbledore. Fudge is afraid that Dumbledore is forming an army to rid the Ministry of Fudge, so Dumbledore can become Minister of Magic, but it's far from what Dumbledore wants, or is planning. Fudge is just paranoid, and sent Umbridge to spy on all of us and mainly Dumbledore, though it's pathetic really" I explained, "Dumbledore's getting old" I added sadly.

"What d'you mean by that?" Ron asked. "I mean, he's bound to die sometime, whether it's Voldemort ordering him to be killed, Fudge forcing him onto the streets with nothing, or of old age, he will die. And I bet you Voldemort's already planning his death, blimey, he probably has thousandths of well thought out deaths planned for him" I said nonchalantly, gnawing at some bacon. "What?!" Harry exclaimed. "Come off it! People are beginning to listen now!" I snapped, then began opening my letters.

Isadora Black,

It's weird calling you Black now, but I suppose I'll get used to it. Why haven't you written? It's been forever! Come on, just because we're not fully related, doesn't mean we have to hate each other! Any way, it's lonely without you, everyone at Durmstrang misses you, and mother. Especially her. During the holidays when father wasn't home, I'd hear her crying. She really misses you, as do I. Though, my father despises you, which is pathetic. Please, do write back.

Signed, Viktor Krum.

I scrunched the letter up, and somehow it burst into flames within my palms, turning to ashes. I looked to the next few, mother -burned that one-, my father, and Harry.


I hope you're doing well in school, I don't like the sounds of this Umbridge woman though. Darling, don't get yourself into anymore trouble with her, please. Promise me. Any way, I wanted to congratulate you on your little escape from his headquarters, very well done from what I heard. Though, that scoff could have been let out after the meeting. I hope to see you soon, I love you, my precious little girl.



Of course I'm doing well in school, probably better than 'Mione! But hey, don't tell her I say that! You wouldn't like the looks of her either! She's a fat, pink toad and her voice makes me want to scratch my ears off! I'll try not too, but annoying her is far too hilarious! Why thank you, I reckon it was rather amazing too. Not as amazing compared to when I messed up the Dursley home though. I won't be seeing you the next break, I have some studying to do in the library. I love you too father.

Blackmoon, xx

I opened Harry's letter while sending him weird looks, then gasped when I read it. I looked up at Harry, embarrassed actually. I looked back down to the letter again.

Isa, what happened the other night? You know, the night we first got back to Hogwarts, and when I answered Ron's question? I could have sworn I saw a sad, and hurt look in your eyes. It's confusing, and I want to find out.


Harry, just mind your own business, you don't need to know! Actually, I don't even know, so don't bother! -Arachnid.

I quickly scribbled the note, then sent the two letters off with InkHeart. Yeah, I call myself Arachnid, as do my friends. It's my new nickname, as I also have a fascination with spiders. "Arachnid, there's a new article about you.." Hermione said gloomily. I winced as I took the paper from her, probably regretting what I was about to read.


She claims to not be dangerous, but is it true? Many have taken a great disliking to her once she began believing Harry about You-Know-Who's return, that is a LIE! It is a well known fact that he is dead. But back to our main conversation lately here at the Daily Prophet. We've lately been discussing Isadora's lycanthropy, which is a major threat to the society and students at Hogwarts. Dolores Umbridge confirmed during the first day back, that Isadora is in fact a werewolf. Though Miss Black said she was not bred, as she is a pureblood and not a halfbreed, but was instead bitten by none other than Remus Lupin when he wasn't in his right state of mind.

She is a known werewolf within the Ministry, an though they have tried countless times to keep it a secret, it has managed to come out to the public. "She's a feisty one, never takes no for an answer either. Has to have her own way, and is super moody at times. She continuously argued with me on the first day of classes at Hogwarts" says Dolores Umbridge. "She's feisty, beautiful, intelligent, has amazing grades, has an awesome attitude, she's powerful, a great friend, and just so many other things. I don't get why people talk rubbish about her, she's a lovely person" a few of her friends: Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Angelina Johnson, Luna Lovegood, and Harry Potter sum up to defend her.

"She has rights to, you know. Just because of her lycanthropy, doesn't mean she's not a good person. She needs some respect too! She never asked for it, so come off it already!" Hermione Granger snaps furiously, then clams herself a little, "she's my best friend, and I couldn't ask for a better one" she adds. Dumbledore says that during the full moon time, she is under constant surveillance, and there's nothing to worry about.

Written by Jackson Wittgenstein, Daily Prophet ©

I scowl at the paper and watch in shock as it's burns to ashes in my hands. The four of them look at me in awe until Hermione speaks up, "I was gonna read that, you know" she frowned sadly. I shook my head and handed her mine, "cut out that article for me, when you're done of course" I ordered, and we stood to go to class, except for a still eating Neville. "See you soon Neville, we've got to get to our class" I smile down at him as I grab a blueberry muffin an gnaw on it while we head to Potions with Snape.

Hermione, Ron, and Harry stop in front of a giant billboard, though I stopped a few steps away from then and had to walk backwards and read it with them. "'The Ministry of Magic seeks education reform.. Dolores Umbridge appointed first ever 'High Inquisitor'" Hermione said, shocked just like us. "What's that mean?" Ron asked her. 'Mione ignored him and continued to read out loud. "'Education Decree twenty three, which gives the High Inquisitor power to inspect her fellow teachers and appoint new powers to students as she sees fit'." I scoff at this and frown as I finish my muffin.

"Hermione, what does this mean?" Ron asked, though I answered. "This is an outrage. She's going to conduct inspections of the classes. That means she's looking to sack some teachers" I said exasperatedly. "Oh" was all Ron could say. "I didn't think it'd happen this fast. Oh, I can't wait to see her inspect McGonagall, then that toad is going to get it" Hermione said evilly. "Forget McGonagall, I want to see what Snape and Umbridge do to each other" said Harry. "Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll finish each other off" Ron said hopefully as we headed of to Potions.

"This is why Fudge sent her, she's going to weave out Dumbledore's supporters" Hermione said to Ron, Harry and I once we all sat down. "But she won't be able to sack anyone. I mean our teachers are tough enough as it is-" Ron said calmly. "I think regardless she's going to take them out. She's trying to find out which are loyal and which aren't" I snapped.

Suddenly Professor Snape lurked into the class room and immediately the class goes silent. Snape flicks his wand and rolls of parchment fly out to each and every student. The parchments roll open with grades on top, oh boy, grades.

"As you can see, I have awarded grades on the last test to the standards of the O.W.L.'s. This should give you a realistic idea what to expect on your finals this year" he said in his monotonous voice. I look at Harry's, in which has a 'D' on it. I haven't looked at mine yet. Though, I did, and saw the glorious 'O'. I grinned happily, and looked back up to Snape. "Needless to say, most of you would of failed had this been the real O.W.L. I expect better of my students and I will see a great deal more effort. Or I'm going to start handing out detention to those who get Ds" he sneered the last part.

"Some got Ds" Malfoy laughed, and then he looked at me, and I notice something different in his look, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. "Today we shall have a visitor critiquing the way this class is run. Anyone who acts in a manor of foolishness shale find themselves imbibing Mr. Longbottom's next carelessly produced potion. Today's lesson is on the board, I suggest you get started" Snape continued.

With a flick of Snape's wrist a long, complex list of ingredients and instructions magically appeared on the board. I groaned and began to collect my ingredients, and got to work on the potion. A short while later and Umbridge came in with a clipboard, and was writing with her quill next to Snape, who's leaning against his chair with his hands folded in his lap.

"So you've been teaching for fifteen years?" Umbridge suddenly asked him. "Yes" he said plainly. "And it says you've applied for the Defense Against the Dark Arts position several times. Each one denied." "Yes." "Any reason why you were denied, and unsuccessful so many times, considering the job seems to have constant openings?" "I suggest you ask the Headmaster about that."

"Oh, believe me I will. Very well, they seem to be advanced for their age. It seems you have control of this class" he said sternly, then left the room. I let out a sigh of relief, and look at Snape's almost insulted expression, I small giggle escaping my mouth. "Something funny, Miss Black?" he asked, looking pointedly at me. "Why yes, there is. You were unsuccessful" I replied, smirking. "Ten points from Gryffindor" he sneered. I made a face at him, then went back to my work. The most he would ever do is take points away, no more than fifteen. I'm his prized student, though I'm in Gryffindor.

Potions went by slowly, -in which I earned twenty points for my successful potion- and it was soon Transfiguration with McGonagall. She stands at the direct front, Umbridge off to the side a little with her clipboard and annoying smile plastered on her face.

"Now, as you prepare for you're O.W.L.s you'll be forced to begin to consider what profession you'll be heading for your future. Throughout the year you will be taking practice test to prepare you for the real thing" McGonagall addressed us, and we all remained silent as we let her words sink in. I had never considered what profession I'll be hoping for. Umbridge gave one of her high pitched, girly 'hem hem's, though was ignored by McGonagall.

"Today we're advancing from vanishing snails to mice. Now the Vanishing Spell-" McGonagall began, but Umbridge gave a louder 'hem hem' than before. "Yes?" she asked, looking back at Umbridge. "Well, Professor, I was just wondering if you had received my note about the inspection today" Umbridge asked. "Well, obviously, or I'd ask you exactly what you're doing standing in my classroom" McGonagall says matter-of-factly.

Harry, Ron, Hermione and I smile at each other, though I'm grinning. I turn back to McGonagall, who smiles at my grin. I lose the smile when McGonagall begins talking again, "now, as I was saying the Vanishing Spell grows in complexity with the complexity of the animal. As you begin-" she began again, but was again interrupted by Umbridge's girly 'hem hem'. "-On your mice you will see that vanishing them will prove far more concentration than with-" McGonagall continued.

"Hem, hem."

Professor McGongall's eyes burn towards Umbridge, "may I offer you a cough drop?" "Oh, no" Umbridge replied. "Well, I wonder how you expect to gain an idea of my normal teachings standards if you continue to interrupt me with your sudden asthmatic attacks?" McGonagall said smugly. Umbridge writes something down and returns her cold gaze at McGonagall. "Expect the result of your inspection in ten days" Umbridge smiled all too sweetly. "I don't know how'll I contain my anticipation" McGonagall said sarcastically, and Umbridge rushed out of the room. I looked to Harry, who raised his hand, as did I.

"Yes, Potter?" "You could turn her into a worm" Harry suggested. Everyone couldn't help but laugh, though I remained serious. No pun intended, Sirius' daughter. Normally McGonagall wouldn't stand for something like this, but even she couldn't help but to smile. "We could go fishing in the lake? Use her as bait" I grinned like a mad woman as everyone began howling with laughter, as did I. "That'll be enough, Potter, Black" McGonagall said sternly. "Oh, come on! It's hilarious!" Ron chirped.

"Maybe, we could transfigure her into a toad?" Harry suggested. "She already is one! All pink and toad like!" I smirked, then remembered what McGonagall was going to teach us, "or we could use the vanishing spell on her" I said, then winked at McGonagall, who shook her head and continued the lesson. After Transfiguration, we had Defense Against the Dark Arts. "Ugh, do I have to go?" I groaned, slowly following behind the three I've grown to know so well. "Sorry, but yes! If we have to suffer, you do too!" Hermione snapped. "Hermione? Suffer? While learning? No way?!" I asked, faking shock and mocking horror.

All the students sit quietly as Umbridge walks in, with her clipboard in one hand. Seriously, what's with the clipboard?! Like come on, seriously! "Right, wands away books out. Read chapter two" Umbridge demanded. Harry sighs pulling open his book that was already out, while Hermione raises her hand. Umbridge sighs, "what is it this time, Ms. Granger?" "I've already read chapter two" came Hermione's reply. Of course she has, though, so have I.

"Then proceed to chapter three." "I've read that chapter, too. I've read the whole book. So has Isa" Hermione said bluntly. "Well, then, you'll be able to tell me what Skinkhard says about counter-jinxes in chapter seven, won't you?" she asked, expecting Hermione to not know. But, boy, was she wrong. "He says that counter-jinxes are often improperly named because the witches or wizards who discover them do so by accident during an attack; so 'counter-jinx' is just a means where people give their jinx to sound more acceptable in the general public."

"But I think he's wrong. Giving your jinx, that you've created, a name you've chosen puts ownership over it. When you choose to-" Hermione continued, but Umbridge stopped her, "that's enough. Five points from Gryffindor." "For what?!" Harry sounded from beside me. "Harry, don't.." I whispered to him, shifting uncomfortably. I had only just gotten over detention last week, and if Harry was going to argue, I'll obviously side with him and get detention as well. He ignored me though, and watched Umbridge closely. "For interrupting my class with pointless interruptions. I will not have my class lectured by a bookworm Know-It-All."

"Don't call my friend a 'Know-It-All'!" he said furiously, a look of pure hatred on his face as he stood, his chair making an awful screeching sound. "Sit down, Mr. Potter. Your previous teachers may have allowed you to act a fool in front of the class, but I will not. With the exception of Professor Quirrell, you haven't had a decent teacher since you've begun your schooling" Umbridge barked.

"Yeah, Quirrell was great. He just had that little drawback of having Voldemort sticking out from the back of his skull!" Harry snarled, then say down. I was the one to then stand up, for my rights. "Professor Lupin was an amazing teacher!" I snapped, glaring daggers at her. Hermione looked at me, shocked at me. I hardly ever snap and glare daggers at the same time. Man, I wish I could glare actual daggers, it's be a whole lot more awesome. "He was a werewolf, he was a halfbreed! Like you! There's no good in that!" Umbridge retorted.

"He wasn't bred! And neither was I! He was bitten by Fenrir Greyback, and I was bitten by Remus. Only because he forgot to take his potion and wasn't in the right state of mind. He wasn't only a good teacher, but a good friend. He helped me, and apologised for three years straight! So shut your filthy little mouth, toad!" I shrieked, almost getting my wand out. "That's enough" Umbridge said breathlessly, astonished. "No, it's not! You will never say a word against lycanthropy again! Understand?" I sneered. "Y-yes" she stuttered, looking at my eyes directly. What's so interesting about my eyes?! I sat back down calmly with everyone staring at me in shock, and went on reading the book. Again.

A few nights later we're in the common room, and Hermione is washing Harry's bleeding hand. Again. He'd earned himself more detentions after the second argument, though I got none. Hermione says my eyes turned a blood red when I yelled at her, but now they're normal. Ron, Fred, and George sit around, the twins looking more awestruck at his hand than any of us.

"Wicked, Harry. So it cuts open every time you write?" asked George. "Yeah" Harry and I said at the same time, awkwardly glancing at each other. "Brilliant" said Fred, earning a smack on the shoulder from me. "It's not brilliant, it's barbaric!" I snapped. I've been doing that a lot lately, you know, glaring and snapping. "I was speaking strictly from a disciplinary point of view" came his reply, causing me to scoff rather loudly. "She's an awful woman. We have to do something about her" Hermione piped in. "Like what? Dumbledore can't get rid of her, what hope have we got?" asked Ron.

"I wasn't talking about getting rid of her" Hermione said and my eyes widened in fear of what this girl was thinking. This is not the Hermione I know, all mischievous like. "Oh, I was going to suggest poison, but if you got a better idea, we're all ears" said Fred. "I like that idea.. Poison.." I mumbled evilly, looking at Hermione curiously. "She's purposely not teaching us anything. So, I think it comes time we do it ourselves" 'Mione announced, causing me to choke on my Butterbeer I had managed to get into my mouth, but not successfully swallow.

"What?" asked Harry. "You are mental. You want us to do more work? We already can't sleep at night with all the essays Snape's making us do" Ron breathed. The two sat there staring at her like she was Bellatrix Lestrange or something. "What?!" I shrieked, finally being able to breathe. "This is more important than homework, silly" Hermione said, a small smile on her face.

"Something more important than home work? What have you done to Hermione?" Ron accused. "Yeah, come on, what did you do with her? Rid her of her memory, put someone on the back of her head and let her die, or did you lock her in a chest?" I teased, earning a light slap on the arm from Hermione. "Listen. But we can't do much ourselves, we have to be taught. We need a teacher" she said, brushing off our comments.

"But where are we going to find a teacher?" Harry asked. Knowing their luck, the DADA teacher they find will probably have something bad happen to them. "Harry, wake up. You!" she barked, then Hermione looked at me, "you too!" I just nodded, not pushing her about it, though I couldn't, as I'm choking on my Butterbeer again. "What?" Harry asked. "Yeah, that's brilliant. You two teach us" Ron exclaimed. "You've both lost it. We can't teach Defense Against the Dark Arts!" Harry said, shocked. "Hey! Leave me out of it! I've already agreed to it! Though, you'll be teaching mos tof the time. I'll just be back up. You. Must. Teach" I smiled sheepishly, my slight fear of public speaking rising.

"She's right. I mean look what you've done" Ron grinned. "I haven't done anything" Harry said, almost unsure about it. "Haven't done anything, Harry? In your first year you saved the Stone from You-Know-Who! Second year you killed a basilisk and stopped Riddle. Third year you fought off a hundred dementors! And last you you survived your fourth attack from You-Know-Who and two dozen Death Eaters!" Hermione explained. I nodded, completely agreeing with her.

"Not to mention you're the youngest Triwizard champion ever" Ron added smugly. "But that was luck, and Isa won too" Harry protested. "No one's that lucky, and she's one year older than you, so she can't be the youngest champion" Ron argued, expression growing determined. "You can do it. I know you can. You're the best Defense Against the Dark Arts student since You-Know-Who was here" Hermione insisted.

"Stop it, both of you. That was all luck. I was guessing half the time, the other half I was scared outta my mind. You don't know what it's like. You have no idea what it's like to face him. It's not like Cedric was stupid and I was smart. That could just as easily been me if he didn't need to use me" Harry snapped at them, and thankfully not me. "We're not saying anything like that. But just on experience only you could teach us. Harry, think about it" Hermione continued on. He shook his head, but in his eyes you could see he was thinking about it. "Well, I'm going to bed, night guys" I mutter, heading up to my dorm room. I look to the clock, ten: fifty two. Ugh, enough with the late nights, they exhaust me! I quickly change into a pair of red woolen pajama pants, and a grey tank top, then climb under my covers.

A beautiful woman slowly paces back and forth with a baby asleep in her arms. A fire lighting the room burns behind them. The baby's head bobs slightly resting on his mother's shoulder as she lightly hums to him. The woman has light red hair and brilliant green eyes. Lily Potter. She stops humming, and turns her neck around slightly to see her baby's eyes shut. She smiles, and even though he's asleep, she starts humming again and lightly bobs up and down as she walks back and forth.

A man enters the room. A smile creeps across his face as he leans against the wall in the threshold of the room. He wears glasses and his hair is a wild mess, but he's handsome regardless. James Potter. Lily turns and sees her husband. They talk in whispers, not to wake their son. "He finally out?" asked James. "Yeah. 'Bout time, too. I don't think he likes all this moving around" Lily replied, smiling sweetly at her husband.

Lily puts her baby down on a couch and stretches her back. James walks up behind his wife and lightly massages her shoulders for her, and she places her hand on top of his as they look down at their son. The one year old baby is fast asleep.

"With a bit of luck we won't be here long. At least we're safe" James sighed happily. "How'd you feel about it?" she asked. "Hm? 'Bout what?" he asks, looking down at her with confusion clear on his face. "About all this. Bringing him into this. It's different with a family" she explained.

"It's okay, I'm scared too." "But do you regret it?" she urges on. "Regret what?" "Bringing a child into this world. Now." "Of course not." "We've barely been a family a year and we're hiding for our lives. I don't want to raise him like this. Hiding, shielded from the outside world" Lily said, a frown forming on her beautiful face. "It's just for now. Voldemort is not so mighty yet that he's above fear, Lily. He will never harm Harry. Never" James speaks as if he's trying to convince himself as much as his wife.

I wake up with a start, breathing heavily. "What was that?" I mumble to no one in particular. I ignore it, and lay back down, only to be engulfed in another dream.

The wind violently blows in the night as Lily lays Harry down in his crib and pulls the covers over him. She lightly brushes his head and smiles, then bends down and kisses his forehead.

James walks into the kitchen. He stops and turns his head slightly as if he's sensed something. He goes over to the window and pulls up the drapes, peering outside. Lily comes in. "What is it?" she asked, though he didn't reply, "James?" "There's something out there" he said firmly. "What?" she asked, shocked.

"I can feel it" he said, then his eyes widen, "it's him. He's here" he says while rushing over to Lily. "No, it he can't be. It's impossible!" she denied, not allowing herself to believe it for a second. "He must of gotten to Peter. Lily, listen to me! Get Harry, and go through the the fire place. I'll hold him off!" James demanded. "James, no!" she protested, standing with a determined look on her face. "You have to! Go!" he said frantically. "No, we have to stay together!" she said, almost glaring at him in a time like this.

"Don't worry about me, just go! Please, Lily!" he pleaded, with his voice and eyes. Lily turns and runs up stairs. James stands in front of the entrance door and pulls out his wand. He takes several deep breaths, preparing himself for what he's about to face. Lily carefully picks up Harry and turns to a large fire place, it's large enough for her to stand inside it. She grabs a fistful of powder from a pot next to the fireplace, and takes a deep breath, holding her son tightly with her free hand.

"Hogwarts!" And with that she throws her fistful of powder in the air around her. Green sparks fill the air, but she doesn't vanish. The sparks cease, "no." She looked bewildered.

James stands at the ready, and suddenly a dark red light protrudes through the entrance door's key hole. Cracks spread through the door. And without warning the door explodes inward in pieces. James doesn't budge, and the light dies down.

A heavily black cloaked figure enters, under the hood a skull white head emerges with snakelike eyes that are scarlet red. Lord Voldemort. James slightly shakes, but stands his ground. Voldemort speaks in high whispers that are full of menace and malice, "Potter."

"No matter what you do to me all your policies and webs of fear and treachery are coming to an end. I swear this!" James sneered. "Ah, James. Brave even in your last stand. I gave you the chance of aiding me willingly, saving yourself much trouble and pain. But you and your Mudblood wife chose the side of a Muggle-loving fool! Did you really believe that Dumbledore and your pitiful little band of wizards could ever grow strong enough to launch an assault upon me?"

"Of course I do, you're still afraid of him!" James comment. "Lord Voldemort suffers no rival!" Voldemort exclaims. "Albus Dumbledore's very name still frightens you! And he is, and will always be mightier than you are! And as long as he lives more of us will gather, and those like me and my family will always be there to fight you and your slaves!" said James. "You always were a fool, James. Dumbledore couldn't protect you from me. Your friend has forsaken you, Potter. And no one will save you this time" Voldemort said simply. "Then face me if you dare!" James challenged.

Back up in Harry's nursery, Lily is holding Harry tightly. She hears enormous explosions below as the entire house shakes, "please, no" she whispered to herself. Harry's eyes open as the entire house shakes again, and everything is silent once again. Then there's the sound of footsteps climbing steps, Lily's grip around her son tightens as the tension is about to explode.

Then a light protrudes through the keyhole. Lily screams as she turns, shielding Harry as the door explodes inward in a dozen burning pieces. The light goes out as Lily turns just as Voldemort enters, his wand in his right hand. He steps towards her and tears begin to pour down her face, "no, please! Just don't hurt him; kill me. But just leave him alone" she pleaded.

"You silly girl. What ever made you think I came here for you and James?" he asked, his voice colder than ice. Lily's face turns to one of horror, "not Harry! Not Harry! Please, I'll do anything." "Stand aside!" he snapped. Voldemort raises his wand. Lily turns, using her back to shield Harry and begins muttering something under her breath, staring into Harry's eyes.

"Avada Kedavra" comes the two most cruel words from Voldemort's mouth. A green light explodes behind Lily, hitting her directly. She lets out a long scream before falling lifelessly to the ground. Harry stares forward, and Voldemort stares back as he measures up the child in front of him. A look of insult crosses Voldemort's face, and he raises his wand towards the innocent baby. "Harry Potter" he sneers, then my vision shows only the outside of the house.

The second floor window glows dark green. But then something happens none would have expected, the window explodes, and the the rest of the house follows.

I sat upright when I woke, tears streaming down my face, my clothes clinging to me in a sickly way due to the thin layer of sweat coating my body. I frown and look at the clock, five: twenty eight. It's Hogsmeade day. Sighing quietly, I run a hand through my hair, then wave my wand, leaving me clean and my hair drenched. I waved it again, and scrambled over to the full length mirror, taking in my appearance.

I'm wearing a pair of black skinnies, and knee high black flat boots, in which I tuck my wand into straight away. I'm wearing a white long sleeve shirt, with a black leather jacket reaching my waist. My hair is down, falling in masses of curls to my waist, it's striking green with a streak of blue in my bangs. I have no makeup on, apart from the thin line of eyeliner on my top lid, bottom lid and waterline. Not that it'd stay like that, what, with this dream stuck in my head. I know it's what happened that night, which is what haunts me. I have no evidence for that, except for woman's intuition.

"I'll just re-do my eyeliner later" I whispered to myself as tears rolled down my cheeks. I sighed, running my hands through my hair again, then headed down to the common room. I gasped when I saw Harry sitting on the couch near the fire. Worst timing ever. "H-h-ha-arry" I stuttered, completely frozen and close to not breathing. He whipped his head around, "hey Isa, why are you u- Scratch that. Why are you crying?" he asked, puzzled, clueless, shocked, and amazed. I, Isadora Arachnid Black, never cry.

"Never mind Harry, I don't want to ruin your day, as you've got to teach. Need you in the best mood possible!" I chirped, wiping my tears away, and waving my wand so my eyeliner was back to normal. He sent me a pleading, sad look, and I almost caved. "Later" I said, shaking my head and taking a seat next to him. "So, as I was going to ask, why are you up so early?" he asked, leaning back into the couch, while I was just tense and sat upright. "Bad dream, which is why I'm crying. Horrible. I don't want to tell you about the dream, because it'll ruin your day" I said, fidgeting with my fingers.

"Tell. Me" he demanded. "Harry, no, please don't make me. It was horrible, you may have been a baby, but I've only recently saw it, and know it's how it happened! Please don't make me tell you!" I pleaded, tears forming in my eyes as I stared into the flames in front of me. "Please, Isadora, I want to know. No matter how bad. You don't have to go into detail" he bargained. I groaned, and looked towards him, "your parents' death. I didn't see him kill your dad, but I can't say the same for your mother. The way she crumpled to the floor after she screamed.. Horrifying. Voldemort showed no mercy, though he failed to kill you, and it's got me puzzled" I answered, tears falling again.

I looked away from Harry, and back to the fire. He was speechless, and did not know of what to say, which I'm glad for.

Hermione, Ron, Harry and I sat in the Hogs Head, drinking Butterbeer. I frown at the old, torn up place. It honestly looked like Remus had been through here in his werewolf form, which is a major insult to this place. I'm seated next to Harry, while Ron and 'Mione are across from us.

"Harry, we're not going to learn a thing with that hag teaching us. You're our only hope" Hermione begged, as I had pulled out. You only need one teacher, not two. "I dunno, Hermione" he shrugged. For the past short while we've been here, he's been thinking of excuses as to why he shouldn't teach. To be honest, his excuses are all very lame. "Harry, even Viktor said you could do things he's never seen. And he's three grades ahead of you and was taught by a Death Eater" Hermione said sternly.

"Wait? Viktor Krum?' Ron croaked. "How many Viktors do we know?" I asked sarcastically. "You're still in contact with him" he looked pointedly at Hermione. "So what if I am?" she asked calmly. I had an eyebrow raised at Ron, a smirk on my face. He's sooo jealous. "What do you two talk about?" he asked nervously. "Nothing that concerns you. I can have a pen pal, you know" Hermione snapped. "Your pen pal, I doubt, he's trying to be" Ron scowled. "Shut it Ron! Though, 'Mione, I'm annoyed that you're talking to him" I said gloomily, crossing my arms over my chest and huffing.

"Why?" she asked, curiosity sounding throughout her voice. "He knew my step father wasn't my real father from the beginning, so I'm pi- angry at him" I snapped. "How's Teodor?" she asked. "He's well, I s'pose. He hasn't written me lately, which is worrying, though, I'll survive. My Death-Eater step father has probably banned them from writing me" I shrugged. "Hermione, who am I to teach-" he began, but I had cut him off.

"Harry, you're Harry Potter! You're in every Dark Arts book written in the past fifteen years. You can't pretend like you're not good at it. Call it luck, but the fact is you were surrounded by two dozen Death Eaters and You-Know-Who Himself and you dueled him and survived. No one's ever done that and that was your fourth time" Hermione said, a look of determination on her face. "It's kind'a becoming a bad habit really" Ron said absentmindedly. "Yeah, okay, I'll do it. But just you three" he said bluntly.

"Well that might be a bit of a problem" I almost whispered. "Why?" he breathed, looking straight into my eyes. "Well, 'Mione and I told a few others, just Ginny. And well, some others might of overheard and they were interested too. I mean, Harry, everyone should have a right to learn if they want to" I said quickly. "How many?" he asked, voice now more confident. "Now I don't want you to be mad, Harry, but-" I began, but stopped mid sentence. "Isadora, what did you do?" Harry asked, and suddenly, with a ring, in came the people. The four of us looked to them all.

Entering the room is Neville, Dean, and Lavender. Ginny, Michael Corner. Closely followed by Parvati and Padma Patil and Luna Lovegood. And then there's Katie Bell, Alicia Spinnet, Angelina, Ernie Macmillian, Colin -with his camera in hand-, Fred and George, Lee Jordan, and finally Cho with her friend. Then there are about ten others from different houses that I have never seen.

"I will never forgive you for this" Harry said, leaning towards 'Mione and I. We roll our eyes, and Hermione begins speaking once were all seated at a large table. "W-well, thank you everyone for coming. I think we all know why we're here. We think it's a good idea if we, on our own, study Defensive Against the Dark Arts. I mean, to defend ourselves properly" Hermione said, stuttering a little at the start. "Doing this because you don't wanna fail your O.W.L.?" Michael Corner asked, a smirk playing on his lips.

"No, because I want to be prepared for.. for" she paused, taking a deep breath and looked to be giving herself mental pep talk for a second or two, "for Lord Voldemort" she finished, a determined look on her face again today. I from up at her. "What proof do you have You-Know-Who's back?" Lee asked. "Dumbledore believes it" Hermione stated.

"You mean Dumbledore believes him!" Corner exclaimed. "Shut it, Corner!" I glared at him, and he literally whimpered under my glare. Gee, have I started to actually glare daggers yet? "Harry said it happened, so it did" Cho defended. Oh yes, Cho, precious little Cho defending her lover boy Harry. Ugh, it sickens me to think of it. Wait.. What?! Why would I think like that?! He's my god brother for goodness sake! Technically you're not related. Who are you?! You. Go away. Wait, did I just talk to myself in my head, I shuffled uncomfortably in my chair.

Harry stood, "look, Dumbledore told you what happened last year. If you didn't believe it then, you might as well leave now" Harry said sternly, no sign of joking. No, I can't be going insane. I'm not Bellatrix Lestrange. She's mad, ugh, mad woman. The group looks at each other, and no one leaves. "Is it true you can produce a corporeal Patronus, Harry, Isa?" Susan Bones asked. "Yeah" Harry said simply. I just nodded.

"My aunt told me there are only a few wizards in the world that could do that" Bones continued. I rolled my eyes, and took out my gorgeous wand. "Expecto Patronum!" I said happily, thinking of a memory with dad.

I was running around number twelve Grimmauld Place, playing a game of tag. Even though father and I are far too old for little kid games. He finally caught me, after nearly an hour of catching his breath, running, catching his breath, running. Whereas me, I was fine, breathing normally, though lightly sweating and my heart raced with my legs to the imaginary finish line. Any way, when he had finally caught me, we fell to the ground in the living room where every one was sat, and he began to tickle me non stop. Everyone else began laughing as well, as my laughter can be contagious.

It's a gorgeous memory, my happiest. Because everyone else is happy there, and so am I. A large dog that looked like Sirius' Animagus, except it was silver, carefully ran through the room, then disappeared as soon as I stopped concentrating. "I- tha- that's not m-my p-p-p-p-p- mine's usually a-a-" I sopped, realising I was making a fool of myself. "What?" I asked under my breath, tucking my wand back in my boot. I ignored their compliments, and they went on with talking. "Look, I'm not trying to impress you. I'm just offering to help teach the best I can. If you want to learn, you're welcome to join" Harry said happily, yet didn't sound all too brave.

"Harry, you'll be teaching us?" Neville asked. "Yeah.." he muttered, looking nervously and pleadingly at me, so I just shook my head, no. There was a long pause as the group looked at each other.

"I'll join." Neville.

"Me too." Cho.

"If you're teaching it, I'll join." Corner.

"I'm in." Fred.

"I was in before you even said a word." George.

Harry looks amazed as suddenly he realized everyone is joining, then Hermione smiles and I pull out a piece of parchment. "We all sign, then!" I chirped, and gave the person at the front of the line a quill to write with, and the parchment, watching as it went from person to person.

Hermione, Ron, Harry and I are all sat in the Gryffindor common room, and 'Mione lays down the parchment with all the signatures. At the top it reads 'Dumbledore's Army'. "Why 'Dumbledore's Army'?" Ron asked the question that been on my mind since I had written it down. "Because that's exactly Fudge is afraid Dumbledore's doing. We'll call it the D.A. for short" Hermione said cheerfully.

The next day Harry, Hermione, Ron, and I walk together to class. Me having stayed up a short -long- while, I'm tired and dragging my feet along. "Now all we have to do is find a place to practice" Ron said sadly. "It has to be some place where no one will find us. And it's got to be wide open, so that-" 'Mione begins, but stops when Harry reads something. "No." A giant parchment poster has been posted on the wall. A few other students stand by reading.

"'Education Decree number twenty-four. All student organizations, societies, teams, groups, and clubs are henceforth disbanded.. None may exist without the knowledge and approval of the High Inquisitor.' How does she know?" I read aloud. "Someone ratted us out!" said Ron. "No, they couldn't have. I hexed the parchment and everyone signed it. We'd know who'd ratted us if they did. She somehow knows, though. What do we do?" Hermione sighed, and I ran a hand through my long, straight hair. Harry stares blankly at the parchment on the wall, as if it were Umbridge herself. "We do it anyway" Harry said, determined. We quickly head off to class, me more slowly, so they walk at my pace.

Suddenly someone knocks my books out of my arms, accidentally. "Watch it mu- oh, hello Black" he smiled politely at me, then picked up my books and handed them to me. "Beat it, Malfoy! I'm too tired to deal with your profanities"I scowled up at him. Man, everyone else is so much taller! "Just came to say hello" he grinned, though it turned to a soft smile as he walked away. I shake my head and ignore the nagging feeling in my stomach, somehow catching up with the other three.

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