The Krum Girl (Harry Potter FanFiction)

Fifteen year old witch, Isadora Lolita Krum, the Quidditch star's, Viktor Krum's, sister. He favours her, and would do anything for her, as she would him. But a certain trip to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry leaves her worried, and fretting for her brother. Many have died in the TriWizard Tournament, and she fears he will die, though she'd never doubt his strength. Throughout her time at Hogwarts, she finds friendship and a love she thought she'd never find. Then there's her brother, annoyed that another man dare look at his sister, he tries to stop them from seeing each other, and secrets of Isadora's manage to slip out.

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12. Chapter 12

When I came to, I noticed I was in Ron and Harry's room at number twelve Grimmauld Place. "Harry!" I shrieked, looking at him furiously, his eyes widened when he turned and saw me. "I promise I didn't mean to! Malfoy had me under the imperius curse! He wanted you to pay somehow for what you did last night in Voldemort's headquarters! I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry!" he pleaded, tears forming in his eyes. "It's alright Harry, I'm not angry. Actually, I'm furious, and my head hurts. Any way, I figured it would have been that, don't apologise anymore Harry, it's not your fault. I was an idiot to sneak into their headquarters, like, come on, I made Voldemort kill his own daughter! Plus, it's payback from when I hit you! Mentioning that, you've got a pretty nasty bruise!" I exclaimed, hugging him tightly.

I let go of Harry, then look to Ron, who's sitting in front of Harry and looking up at him, awestruck. Then, there's Fred, George and Ginny, who are dancing in a circle chanting 'he got off, he got off, he got off' over and over again.

Ron finally closed his mouth, then opened it again to speak. "I knew you'd get off. You always do!" he said happily, and half dazed. "Yeah, but it was a close call there for a moment. Fudge didn't look happy" replied Harry. "Well, of course he didn't! Dumbledore's prized student got off right under his nose!" I chirped. "Yeah, I just wish he'd talk to me. Or at least looked at me.." Harry trailed off, obviously speaking of Dumbledore. "He's been busy, you know" Ron defended. "Or a git" I muttered, looking apologetically at Harry. It's obvious that Dumbledore's ignorance towards Harry's mere presence is affecting Harry way too much.

Fred, George and Ginny finished their little dance and came over, all tackling me in a massive hug. Though we let go of each other when Harry winced and rubbed his forehead, well, his scar. "What's wrong?" asked Ginny. "I think someone else found out I got off. And he doesn't seem too happy about it" Harry sighed, a frown appearing on his face. I rubbed his arm soothingly, "I hope this ends soon, but until then, we'll all be here for you" I said sympathetically, "for each other" I added. I noticed Fred leave for a moment.

"Wicked, Harry. I wish I could tick off You-Know-Who as much as you do and know when he find's out" George said, seemingly impressed. I gave him a smack on the arm as Harry said, "trust me, you don't." "Exactly what Harry said! George, sometimes ticking someone off can be a majorly bad thing. You probably already tick him off anyway!" I said calmly. "How?" George asked, clueless. "By existing and being a friend of Harry's!" I exclaimed, then look at their confused faces. "Oh come on, seriously? Do I have to explain it?! The more people Harry has on his side, the more of a threat he is to Voldemort! Someone being on Harry's side is one less on Voldemort's side, therefore, Harry is stronger" I explained, and watched as they all nodded, finally understanding.

Fred entered then, holding a parcel and a handful of letters, "Hogwarts letters are here. Ron, you got this" he said, throwing Ron the small package and Ron opens it.

"Guess Dumbledore found a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Wonder how long they'll last this year?" said George. "Probably not very long" I muttered. "Why not?" Harry asked. "Well, lets see, from what I've heard, the first one had Voldemort living on the back of their head then died, the second one lost his whole memory, the third one was a werewolf; yet an amazing teacher and friend, and the fourth one was locked up in a chest for the time they were supposed to be teaching!" I said, a horrified expression on my face.

"I don't believe it" I hear Ron mutter to himself. We all turn around and see Ron huddled over something small and shiny, and I see it to be a prefect badge. "What? What is it?" asked Harry. "No way.." George mutters.

Ron finally looks up from the badge, and averts his gaze to us. "They made me a prefect.." he chokes out, handing Harry the badge to look at. Harry studies it, not believing it more than Ron does. It was quite clear that Harry had wanted to be Gryffindor prefect, but with all the trouble he manages to find himself in, that was highly unlikely. "It's real, right?" Ron asked. "Yeah.. It is" Harry said, sounding rather sad in my ears. "No, it's not, it's just gonna self destruct in ten seconds" I say sarcastically.

Suddenly Hermione bursts into the room, unable to hide a smile, though she stops at the sight of Harry holding the badge. "I knew it! Me too!" she exclaimed, and Hermione held out her very own prefect badge. As Hermione goes to hug Harry, he shakes his head. "Not me" he said, looking to Ron, "him." "What?" Hermione asked, flabbergasted. "Ron's the prefect!" George said teasingly. Hermione shook her head, not believing it anymore than the rest of them. Though, I quite believe it. The three people Dumbledore absolutely adores are Ron, Harry and Hermione. If it had not been for all the trouble Harry finds himself in, Harry would be prefect instead of Ron. But Ron, being one of the three favourites, and one of the two that hardly gets into trouble alongside Hermione, became prefect. Not much of a shock really.

"Ron.. no, I mean.." she paused, "really?" she asked, still shocked. "I don't see it as much of a shock" I mumbled to myself, though Ron heard, and sent me a weak smile. "His name is on the letter it came in" said Fred. "Well, fantastic. Well done, Ronald" Hermione said, slightly losing the shocked expression. "C'mon, you have to show Mum!" Ginny squealed, then dragged Ron out of the room, the twins and Hermione following.

Harry sits on the bed I was once on, a mixture of amazement and envy crossing his face. "Who in their right mind would make Ron prefect?" he asks himself, forgetting I'm here. "Dumbledore would! Sure, I slightly agree with you, but that wasn't very nice! He's smart when he wants to be, and can have authority. It's quite evident to me that you wished to be prefect, but over the years you've gotten yourself in all sorts of trouble that Ron was slightly involved in, yet not involved enough to not become prefect. Don't be all moody about it either, or I might have to start calling you Alastor Moody!" I snapped, then stormed out of the room.

Later that night, we're all sat at the dinner table, and waiting for dinner to be served. With us is Sirius, Moody, Shacklebolt, Tonks, Lupin, and of course the Weasleys, Hermione, Harry and I. "I think a toast is in order. To Ron and Hermione, the new Gryffindor prefects!" Arthur says. We all clap, then he adds, "and, of course, to Harry for getting off." We all clap again, and Moody takes a seat next to Harry. "You alright, Potter?" he asks. "Yeah" Harry replies. "Got somethin' here you'd might like to see" Moody says, then pulls something out. A wizarding picture, moving. "The original Order of the Phoenix. Found it today" he told Harry.

I look over and see about twenty people in the photograph. "Those are my parents.." Harry muttered, looking to two people, Lily and James. "Of course!" Moody exclaimed. "They were in the Order of the Phoenix?" asks Harry. "Harry, they were the first members. Right after Dumbledore, your mum and dad were the ones that defied Voldemort the most. Tried to make ya parents join his side of things. Oh, did he ever want control of your dad. Wanted your dad to be the head of his Death Eaters. But even Voldemort couldn't ensnare your dad, and that's saying something. James would never turn; too close to Dumbledore. Probably closer than any of us ever knew."

"Oi, Moody, shut it, food's ready, and I'd like to not hear about Voldemort while I'm eating. I like to not throw my dinner up, thanks" I barked at Moody, and he instantly shut up and put the picture away. "Oh, sorry, 'princess'" he scowled at me. "See, absolutely moody! And mad. Can't forget mad!" I say to Tonks and Ginny while gesturing to Moody, who was glaring daggers at me. I giggled and went straight to eating.

A few days later, and it was the day we back to Hogwarts. I'm excited as can be, as it's technically my first year at Hogwarts, though I'm going straight to fifth year. Molly hears the train's loud whistle, signalling it's leaving very soon, and hugs us all tightly. Us being the Weasleys, Hermione, Harry and I. Though, she hugged me tighter.

"Now you watch out after each other, you hear?" she said sternly, then turned to Fred and George, "and you two. I don't wanna hear a peep about you being out of line." "Of course, Mum" said George. "How can we when little baby brother here's a prefect" said Fred. "Shut up. I'm not Percy" Ron scowled at the two. "Come off it!" I snapped at the twins, then smiled at Ron politely, "I've got your back, Ron" I said cheerfully. "Actually, you've got everyone's. You're a miracle woman, just running around telling people to shut up" Ron said teasingly. "Hang on, the boys actually listened to you, well, that's a first for them, listening to someone" Ron said matter-of-factly.

Harry and I both look down at Sirius, who gives a joyful bark. "I'll be alright, Sirius" says Harry to the big black dog. "Come off it!" I barked, referring to Harry calling him Sirius. "Hey Padfoot" I say, crouching down to his level. Actually, I kind of just sat on the ground. "I love you, dad" I whisper, and watch his eyes begin to twinkle, and he lets out a small bark before licking my cheek. "Ew!" I whine, wiping the dog slobber away. I giggle before hugging him quickly and standing again.

"Come on, we don't want to miss the train" 'Mione said, dragging us along. I took one last look at my father before allowing her to drag me onto the gorgeous train, the Hogwarts Express. Ginny, Harry, Ron, Hermione and I hurry to find a compartment.

"I still think it was foolish for Sirius to come. Even if he was a dog" Hermione said. "He's barely seen daylight all summer. Give 'im a break" Harry defended. "Yeah 'Mione, I agree with Harry. He's stuck in that house all day, every day!" I said nonchalantly. "But what if someone saw?" Hermione protested. "Who would know if they did?" Ron asked. "Ron, you can't be that thick" she began, then turned her voice to a whisper, "Peter knew! And, sure enough, he told You-Know-Who. And Malfoy's dad we know is a Death Eater. He was on the platform." Harry, Ron and I all look at each other.

"I'm sure he was fine. Come on, let's find a compartment" said Harry, quickly changing the subject. I noticed Ron and Hermione exchange a look, though I can't quite put my finger on what type of look it was.

"Actually.. we sort to have to go to the prefect carriage and report" Ron said guiltily. "What?" Harry asked, taken aback. "I'm sure we won't have to stay for the entire journey. We'll catch up" Hermione said reassuringly. "You're leaving me?" asked Harry, sounding slightly hurt. "Sorry, Harry. We have to." "Fine, whatever" Harry snapped, then turned and walked off. "Harry, we'll catch up. Okay?" Hermione calls to him. "Yeah, sure.. c'mon, Ginny, Isadora" he said, not looking back. I look at Ron and Hermione apologetically, "sorry about his attitude.. and.." I pause, "manners" I apologise, then drag Ginny off to follow Harry.

We find a compartment, though it's not exactly vacant. Inside is a blonde haired Ravenclaw girl reading an upside down Quibbler. Strange.

"Hi, Luna. Can we sit? Everywhere else is full?" Ginny asked her. "Sure" Luna replied, not looking up from her magazine. Harry and Ginny both sit across from her, while I sit beside her. "You have a good summer?" Ginny asks her, breaking the awkward silence. "Yeah, pretty good" she replied, then lowered her magazine. "You're Harry Potter" she states, though it's the most obvious thing in the world. "I know" he muttered.

"Oh, Harry, this is Luna Lovegood. She's a Ravenclaw, my year. And Luna, that's Isadora Black, used to be a Krum until she found out who her real father is" Ginny introduced. "Hi" Harry and I chorus. "Hello" Luna says, then goes back to her magazine. "Isadora, my father helps with the Quibbler, you know. In the Daily Prophet, you're dirt, just like Harry and Professor Dumbledore, but in the Quibbler, you're all amazing. Would you like a copy?" Luna asks me, handing me a copy of it without tearing her eyes form her magazine. "Sure, I'd love a copy! How much for it?" I chirp, then happily take the magazine. "Free, for you." "Oh, cool!" I say happily.

"You know, you're reading that magazine upside down" Harry points out to Luna. "I know" she says simply. "I don't know how you do it!" I say, frustrated. As soon as she had handed the magazine to me, I had tried to read it upside down, yet failed miserably. "I read upside down all the time, so I find it easy" she smiled up at me. To be honest, her smile is dazzling. She's gorgeous actually, though maybe a bit mental. But that's something that can easily be ignored. "It's very difficult for me. I think I'll just read it the other way around.." I muttered, turning the magazine back the right way.

"Isa" Ginny said sternly, getting my attention. "What?" I asked. "Go to page sixteen, there's an article about you and Harry. Also, page eighty nine, there's a small one about you. I'd say page eighty nine first, it's really good" she informed me. I instantly went to page eighty nine.


It has recently been confirmed that the gorgeous young witch, Isadora Black, is in fact a metamorphmagus, and can do wandless, and speechless magic. It is also confirmed that she is almost invincible, due to some special protection that is unknown by many. She can slip away easily with her ability to morph at will, and can sneak up on you with her wandless and speechless magic. You may try to hex her, but she can easily avoid it. No one has seen this young witch in battle or training, but it is a known fact, she is powerful.

Though she is complete rubbish in the Daily Prophet now days, she is a star here in the Quibbler. In the Ministry, she is adored, though that doesn't change the Daily Prophet's views. We see no problem with her, although she believes He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is back. We don't mind, because it's probably true. She states she saw it with her own eyes, and that only gives more witnesses aside from Harry Potter. (Go back to page 16 for an article about Miss Black and Mr Potter)

Written by Jefferson Kelps, Quibbler. ©

I sighed happily, and flicked through the pages and back to page sixteen, which made me frown.


Young Isadora Black and Harry Potter have been seen around each other quite a lot, and seem to believe everything each other says. Is it just us, or do they seem to be hiding a relationship from the public? Have they got young love on their hands? Sure, we've written about this a few times, and so has the Daily Prophet, but it's just something un-forgotten by the public. Both winning the Tri-Wizard Tournament last year and earning themselves each eternal glory, they're bound to be remembered forever by many. The boy who lived, and notorious mass murderer's daughter, a couple or just close friends? You'll soon find out if you read tomorrow's magazine. Luna Lovegood has been asked by her father, who works for the Quibbler, to find out.

Written by James Morris, Quibbler. ©

"What is this?!" I almost shouted, then looked to Harry, "I knew I should be reading the Daily Prophet! They've written articles about me, saying that Harry and I are together! That's rubbish, not true! I'm with George!" I said loudly to Ginny. I watched as Luna wrote down the words 'Not true' on a notepad, then went back to her magazine. "What?! You and George?!" Ginny squealed with excitement. "Yes, though he's not like he used to be before we were together. He used to give me a rose each day, and be a complete gentleman, though now, it's like he's ignoring me" I said sadly, looking to my lap. "Well, he has read articles about what the Daily Prophet is assuming between you and Harry. He probably thinks they're true" Ginny said. "Probably" I muttered, then went back to reading.

After quite a fair few hours, were at Hogwarts, I follow Ginny and Harry into the Great Hall and we sit at the Gryffindor table. Harry next to Ginny, and I directly across from Harry. I see Hermione and Ron rush over to us, Ron sitting beside Harry, and Hermione across from Ron; and next to me.

"Sorry, 'bout that. It was a nightmare. I don't think I'm gonna like being an authority figure" said Ron. "I wouldn't either, though Ron, you'll do great, and anyone who thinks different needs to have some respect" I say politely while looking at Harry, then smile at Ron. Harry looked at me with wide eyes, realising it was directed at him. "And you'll never guess who's Slytherin's prefect Hermione said disgustedly. "Malfoy" Harry said bluntly. "What?! That git?!" I exclaimed. "Yep" Ron said, popping the 'p'.

"Just what I need; Malfoy with power over me" Harry muttered to himself, though I heard. "Don't worry, Harry. Just don't let him realise how much power he has over you, and it'll be alright. Plus, you've got me, the girl who slapped him twice because he was flirting with me. He had bruises on each side of his face for the next month or so, that, and he left me alone. Hasn't spoken to me since then" I chirped, smiling reassuringly at Harry.

"Have you seen Hagrid?" asked Hermione. "No, he wasn't at the train station" said Harry. "And he's not over there" Ron said, looking to the Professor's table, "do you think something happened to 'im?" "I hope he's okay" I said sadly. "Isa, Hagrid can handle himself" Hermione said firmly. "But who's that?" Ron asked, pointing to a toad-like woman next to Professor Snape. "I know her. She was at my trial" Harry said nonchalantly.

"Really? Oh no" Hermione said, eyes lingering on the pink toad. "What?" asked Ron. "That means she works for Fudge. And she's here" I answered, still watching her.

Dumbledore stood, "attention please" he called out, then began his speech. "Welcome back everyone, to another year at Hogwarts. And a pleasant welcome to those joining us. As you may have noticed we have two changes in staffing this year. We are very pleased to welcome back Professor Grubbly-Plank, who will be taking Care of Magical Creatures lessons; we also like to introduce Professor Umbridge, our new Defense the Dark Arts teacher-" he was cut off by that Umbridge woman with a little girly 'hem hem' that made me want to scratch my ears out, and her cardigan made me want to scratch my eyes out. As did her face.

Ron said something to Harry, Hermione and I, but I paid no mind to it. She walks to the stand where Dumbledore is also standing.

"Thank you, Headmaster. I'm am delighted to be here and I'm sure we're all gonna to be good friends. The Ministry of Magic has always considered education-" I drown her out before I decide to kill myself. I can tell she's going to be horrible. Instead I listen I Harry and Ron.

"I have a bad feeling about this" says Harry. "She looks like a toad" Ron blurts out quietly. "A pink one at that" I say, earning a somewhat quiet laugh from Harry and Ron. I finally listen as Umbridge's voice gets louder. "Some changes will be for the better. Some old habits, outmoded, and worn out, must be abandoned." I frown at the woman as she goes and sits back down.

After the feast, Harry, Ron, Hermione and I all head up to the common room and sit near the warm fire.

"'Old habits, outmoded, and worn out, must be abandoned' What's 'progress for progress' sake' mean?" Ron asks, imitating Umbridge's voice. "Oh goodness Ron, please don't ever imitate her so accurately again" I whined. "It means the Ministry is starting to interfere with Hogwarts" Hermione said, staring at the fire. "How do you know that?" Ron asked, dumbfounded. "Because she just said it, Ron. Didn't you listen? Didn't you see the look on Dumbledore's face? No one wants her here. I bet you she's a spy for Fudge" she said, looking at Ron.

"Personally, I'd rather not listen to Umbridge" I muttered. "But they can't do that! I mean-" Ron began, but Hermione cut him off, "Ron, haven't you been paying attention? The Ministry's slowly taking over. Forcing Dumbledore out. That's why the Daily Prophet's been calling him an 'old fool'. It's Fudge's doing. It's propaganda." "What's propaganda?" I asked, completely clueless as to what the word means. "Never mind" she said, shaking her head.

"Is it just me, or are people staring at me more than normal" Harry asked nervously. "Ignore it, Harry. It's just.." Hermione trailed off. "It's what?" Harry asked. "Just from last year. A lot of people still don't believe you, you know" I said for Hermione, noticing her relieved expression once I said it, as she didn't have to say it. "Why?" he asked. "It's just everyone's gone home since what happened last year and their parents have been telling them what to think. It's.." Hermione began, and I finished, "not many of them believe us about what happened, that's all."

"But Dumbledore even told them what happened" Harry protested. "But Dumbledore told them from what you saw" said Hermione. "I didn't make it up!" he snapped. "We know" we chorused, annoyed. "You just have to wait it out. You-Know-Who can't stay hidden forever" said Hermione. "Cheer up, Mate. At least we're back" Ron said in attempt to cheer him up, which kind of worked.

While they began talking about what to do, I grabbed some parchment and a quill. 'George, you have been ignoring me lately. Until you figure things out, we're not together, sorry. But it's just the way you are lately. As of now, we're both single, unless you sort yourself out. -Isadora' I wrote, the sent it off with Snuffles to take to George, and let Skittles curl up on my lap. Not too long after, Snuffles returned with some parchment. On it was written 'Fine. -G'.

I tossed it in the fire, then let Snuffles also curl up on my, though he was more beside me. "I know!" Ron said excitedly, "lets play truth or dare!" I clapped excitedly, "yes! Yes! Yes!" I chirped. "Alright, I'll start, go clockwise. So, Harry" Ron began, facing Harry, "who's the lucky girl you'll be asking out this year? My player friend" he grinned. "Well, Cho, hopefully. But hey, guys don't talk about feelings" Harry said smugly, smirking and blushing at the same time. When he said Cho, my heart ached, though I don't understand it, it just did. I decided to ignore it and went on with our little game. Hermione had called it quits when it neared midnight, so it left the two guys and I.

Over all, I'm annoyed with the Ministry, weirded out by that ache I felt when he said Cho, angry at George, and tired as can be.

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