The Krum Girl (Harry Potter FanFiction)

Fifteen year old witch, Isadora Lolita Krum, the Quidditch star's, Viktor Krum's, sister. He favours her, and would do anything for her, as she would him. But a certain trip to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry leaves her worried, and fretting for her brother. Many have died in the TriWizard Tournament, and she fears he will die, though she'd never doubt his strength. Throughout her time at Hogwarts, she finds friendship and a love she thought she'd never find. Then there's her brother, annoyed that another man dare look at his sister, he tries to stop them from seeing each other, and secrets of Isadora's manage to slip out.

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11. Chapter 11

"So, who is he?!" Tonks asked excitedly as we plonked down on my massive bed with the Coca Cola and chocolate. "Well, uh, he's, George" I shrugged, having a mouth full of the muggle beverage. "Oh my Merlin! That's adorable!" she chirped, "so, tell me, how long have you two been dating?" she asked. "Since he asked me at dinner today. Though, I've known him since the beginning of Harry's fourth year. When some of the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons went to Hogwarts for the tournament. Now, I attend Hogwarts. So, I'll be seeing more of George!" I sigh happily, and pop a tiny square of chocolate into my mouth. "Well, don't go rushing into things!" she said sternly, "snogging and se-" she began, but I cut her off.

"No, no Tonks. I'll save that for when I'm older! But snogging I can't say anything about" I said, covering her mouth. "Alright, good girl!" she chirped after removing my hand from her mouth. "So, in the time you two have known each other, how close have you been?" she asked. "Well, very close. Best friends actually. From the day we met until the Yule ball, he bought me roses every day, and the days after that. It was cute really, and when we went to the Yule ball together, he was such a gentleman!" I said dreamily, sighing happily as I ate another piece of chocolate.

"That's adorable!" she squealed excitedly, and I let out a small giggle. "Yeeah. Then they insulted me and used magic against me. Hurtful really. But now, they've been yelled at by Molly, and I forgave them" I shrugged, then cast a spell on the room so no one could hear anything from within it's walls, nor could they enter. "What are you going to do about VTSI?" Tonks asked. "Well, she's going for a walk in five minutes, likes she always does at midnight. So, I need your help. Sell her some Coca Cola, say it's a new alcohol or something. She loves alcohol. Though, in it will be Polyjuice potion, so she shouldn't know about it. It'll taste unlike Coca Cola and like whatever flavour this is!" I chirped, holding up the phial filled with a shimmering glossy black liquid with a few swirls of white in it.

"Perfect! Fool proof plan! Alright, we'll go now. We have two minutes. Diagon Alley?" she asked, and I nodded. "Morph into someone, uh, lets say, an innocent old lady?" I suggested. I watched as Tonks nodded in agreement, and morphed into an old lady no taller than me, though she looked slightly young. "Impressive. Right. We'll apparate to outside of Ollivanders" I grinned then grabbed the Coca Cola and pocketed the Dumbledore Polyjuice potion. "Wotcher" I said firmly, and nodded at her, she nodded back, "wotcher." I took her arm, and felt the familiar squeezing sensation.

We were then outside Ollivanders, and I saw her not too far away, heading towards us. I quickly poured the potion into the small bottle of Coca Cola, then handed it to Tonks. "Wotcher" I said quickly and hid in the shadows, slowly morphing into Voldemort's daughter. "Wotcher" she whispered as she walked towards her, setting the plan into action. "Why hello there dear! Would you like to buy some WaterWhiskey? Last bottle of the day, and everyone's loved them. You choose the price!" Tonks chirped in an old sounding voice. I watched eagerly as Voldemort's daughter snatched the bottle and drank it all at once, "I'll have it free thanks. Doesn't taste like alcohol though" she sneered, pushing past Tonks.

I rushed forward as the new Voldemort's daughter, though she was becoming Dumbledore. "Move it!" she snapped. "Shut it, Dumbledore, my father wants you dead, and if I were to take you to him, he'd love me even more!" I said evilly, watching as she looked down at herself, horrified. I quickly took her wand without her noticing and used silent magic to make no sound come from her mouth, then looked to Tonks, "wotcher." "Wotcher" Tonks chirped, morphing back into herself. "Could you apparate me to the front door of the headquarters? Then quickly disapparate?" I asked pleadingly.

"Of course" Tonks chirped, taking my arm and the fake Dumbledore's arm. Once we were there, Tonks disappeared, and I heard the talking within the doors stop. Quickly casting a silent imperius curse on the fake, yet believable Dumbledore, I put walls up around my mind, and stormed in amazingly. "Ah, my dear daughter, is that- oh my, it's Albus Dumbledore!" Voldemort exclaimed. I disguised my voice. "Yes, father, it is. Well, I'd like to hope so, and hope that it's not just an imposter" I smirked evilly, knowing exactly how she spoke of him and to him, how she acted and how she moved, as I had taken a quick look in her mind.

"Thank you, Morbidia, but how did you silence him, and why isn't he fighting?" Voldemort asked. "Imperius curse" I said bluntly, using my wand to guide the real Morbidia forward, two steps in front of me. Of course, I'm using Morbidia's wand, and it surprisingly obeys me, though my wand will always be loyal to me. Both mine and Morbidia's clothes were to fit our person. Mine are what she was wearing before I turned her into Dumbledore and her clothes changed. "Now, Dumbledore, I shall kill you!" Voldemort exclaimed, pointing his wand at who he thinks is Dumbledore, "avada kedavra!" and with a flash of green light, Morbidia was gone.

I smiled down at her, and was happy she was still looking like Dumbledore. "Rid of his body" Voldemort demanded of me. I pointed my wand down at the lifeless body, "reducto!" I whisper shouted, and with a strong blast, the body was mere ashes. "What spell did you use?" Bellatrix asked, looking at me weirdly. "Reducto.." I muttered, looking at her the same. "That's powerful.." she mumbled, then went back to the conversation. I took the empty seat next to the head of table, Voldemort. "Now, we need a way to" he paused, "get into the Order's headquarters and find out some information" he finished, looking at me a lot.

No one but Bellatrix and I raised our hands in the air. "Bellatrix, no. They'll know it's you, and Polyjuice potion won't be enough. Morbidia, you, will be the one to enter and get information. They do not know of your existence, and I've never allowed you a dark mark, so they'll believe you're one of the good. Now, my dear daughter, be sure to act like them, and not speak of my greatness" he ordered. I scoffed when he said 'greatness'. "You're not Morbidia.." he said slowly, eying me suspiciously. "No. She isn't, Morbidia would never disagree! She thinks he's the greatest wizard in history!" Bellatrix exclaimed. "You're one of them, one of the good! How dare you step foot in our headquarters!" Fenrir shouted. Uh oh!

"Crap.." I muttered. I quickly took my muggle iPhone out of my pocket, and whilst dialing Tonks' number, I managed to snap Morbidia's wand and take mine out. I quickly stood, and backed away, putting the phone to my ear. "Who are you?!" Voldemort screeched, pointing his wand right at me. I did the exact same, yet remained quiet. "Hello?" Tonks' voice sounded from the other end. "Wotcher" I said quickly. "Wotcher. What's going on?" she asked, concern dripping in her voice. "I kind of need you right now, they're not as stupid as I thought.. I need to be apparated away" I told her, while dodging spells and throwing them back.

"Alright, just give me a second" she said, then hung up. The familiar pop sounded beside me, and I turned my head, "wotcher." "Wotcher" she replied. I dunno, I'm just really paranoid that it's not going to be her. "Who are you?!" Bellatrix shrieked. "Sirius Black's daughter, Isadora Black. I'm sure you've read about me in the Daily Prophet? By the way, Voldypants, Dumbledore was your daughter, Morbidia. You killed her, fool" I laughed evilly, then grabbed Tonks arm and she disapparated before the flashing green lights could hit us.

We landed in the kitchen, where I morphed back, and all of their wands were pointed at me. "Sheesh, calm it guys. Wotcher" I scowled, then moved around them to get some food. "So, how'd it go? What did you find out?" Molly asked. I looked around and saw it was only us, the Order. So, I began, "they're trying to get into our headquarters, find out information. So, before you go letting anyone in, I must speak with them first. I can morph into Voldypants or a death eater and quickly interrogate them. I didn't get very far into their meeting, I scoffed when he called himself great. Gave me away, but, I think I've saved you all a lot of work with plans. If they were to find out, it would be horrible."

A few hours later, and I have to get ready to go shopping with Tonks. I quickly put on a pair of black skinny jeans and tucked the legs into a pair of knee high black leather five inch wedge boots. I put on a black tank top, and just left my hair and face as it is. I tucked the debit and credit card into my back pockets with the pin codes, then put my wand in my boot. I quickly put on the circular locket, the first Black bracelet, and the first Black ring. I grabbed a piece of jewellery, and a dagger. Why, you ask? I'm giving Tonks some protection. She's a relative, and my best friend. I just have to!

I read all about it, and found out how to make it. Though it's painful, it's worth it. I stabbed the dagger into my thigh, then pulled it out, replacing it with the silver and gold chain bracelet with a small golden wolf charm on it. "Silencio" I gasped out, pointing my wand at myself. I was then free to scream as much as I wanted, as no sound would come out. The pain in my thigh was almost unbearable, but I continued to think of Tonks' protection.

If a death eater were to find us, sure, we could morph into someone else, but they might recognise our clothes if we morph after they see us. I watch with tear filled eyes as the wound closes over, as does the cut in my jeans. The pain becomes more intense, and soon, a glowing red, gold, and silver light shines from underneath my jeans, and I feel the bracelet there. I reach down to underneath my jeans at my thigh, and grab the bracelet and clean it. I remove the silencing charm from myself, and rid of the dagger. "Reducto" I whisper hoarsely. I raced downstairs once I fix myself up, and headed into the kitchen.

I grabbed a piece of toast and listened to their conversation. "Now, Harry, I don't want you to worry about a thing. Everything's gonna be fine" Molly says to Harry reassuringly. "I know" he says bravely, though I can see the fear in his eyes. "I'll have him back before noon, Molly" Arthur chirps, fixing his jacket. I turn to Tonks, "put this on" I demand, handing her the bracelet. Harry heads over to Sirius and began talking, though I can't hear them. "Is that.." Molly pauses, "sanguis protectione!" she exclaims, looking at the bracelet now on Tonks' wrist.

Once Harry leaves with Arthur, I'm looked at with both angry and shocked expressions. "Well, is it?!" Molly snapped. "Yes.." I muttered. "When did you make it?" Sirius asked, intrigued. "Well, ten minutes ago. Most painful thing I've ever done. I just hope it doesn't reject her" I say quickly, then drag Tonks outside.

"You really did, didn't you?" Tonks asked me as she apparated us to a deserted alley way, then we walked into the shopping centre. "Yeah, though, I'm one of the only two that's never been rejected by sanguis protectione. Over thousands have tried it, I just hope it doesn't reject you" I said, shrugging. A good half an hour later, Tonks and I disappeared back to outside number twelve Grimmauld Place, and entered with many bags in each hand. Filled with dresses, shoes, make up, pants, tops, skirts, under wear, bras, lingerie, night gowns, and pajamas. Loads of jewellery, and many accessories. I had also bought some books.

"Kreacher!" I shouted once we made it into the kitchen. "Yes mistress?" he asked in his creepy voice, appearing in front of me. "Take my bags up to my room, now. Put everything in it's rightful places" I ordered, handing him the many bags. "What about the rest of the bags?" he asked. "They're Tonks', they go back with her. Now go do what I told you to!" I snapped, tapping my foot impatiently. Once he left, I turned to Tonks, "lets go see Harry and Arthur!" I chirped, then took her arm as we accidentally, yet amazingly, apparated in front of Arthur.

"Oh heavens! You two scared me, young witches these days. Wotcher" he said, putting a hand over his heart. "Wotcher" Tonks and I chorused. "So, what brings you two here?" Arthur asks us as we follow him down a gloomy hall. "Actually, we came to see you and Harry! Has his hearing finished yet?" I asked. "Yes, he's right next to me. Silly girls" Arthur said, shaking his head. "Oh.." I mumbled. "Hey Harry!" Tonks and I said sheepishly. "Hey girls!" he grinned back at us. I leaned over to Tonks' ear, "I take his grin as a good thing?" "I suppose so" she replied. 

"They tried you in front of the full court? I didn't know you could stand in front of-" Arthur began, but stopped when we turned a corner and saw Fudge with Lucius Malfoy, one of the death eaters at Voldypants' headquarters last night. I smirked at Lucius and sent him a wink, while he just scowled at me.

"Well, if it isn't Patronus Potter" Lucius sneers. I watch closely as Arthur puts a hand on Harry's shoulder. "Lucius" Arthur says curtly. "Malfoy" I spit his name out like it's dirt, which it may as well be! "Arthur" he replies, then looks to Harry. "The Minister was just telling me about your narrow escape from conviction. Interesting how you seem to always wiggle out of holes.. almost snakelike" Lucius said coldly. "Well, I'm good at escaping. But you already knew that" Harry replied. "Indeed" Lucius said curtly, then turned back to Fudge, "well, Minister, might we continue this some place where the fouls of the young can no longer hear us" he said, and the two walked away. "I look forward to the day when you and I meet alone" Harry calls to Lucius.

I roll my eyes and drag him away, though, for some stupid reason, he punched me. I feel to the hard tile ground, my head oozing blood and hitting the ground harder than it should've. I try to sit up, but everything's blurry, and my whole body is aching. I frown up at the wide eyed Harry, and he's the last thing I saw.

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