The Krum Girl (Harry Potter FanFiction)

Fifteen year old witch, Isadora Lolita Krum, the Quidditch star's, Viktor Krum's, sister. He favours her, and would do anything for her, as she would him. But a certain trip to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry leaves her worried, and fretting for her brother. Many have died in the TriWizard Tournament, and she fears he will die, though she'd never doubt his strength. Throughout her time at Hogwarts, she finds friendship and a love she thought she'd never find. Then there's her brother, annoyed that another man dare look at his sister, he tries to stop them from seeing each other, and secrets of Isadora's manage to slip out.

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10. Chapter 10 (Fifth Year)

I skipped happily down one of the halls of number twelve Grimmauld Place, humming a soft tune. "Mudbloods, Blood Traitors! In my house! In the presence of great young witch Isadora Black! Out you filthy vermins! Out, out, out!" a female voice shouted from beside me, causing me to stumble sideways; away from it. I looked to my right, and saw a portrait. Ugh, I've been told about this portrait. "Oh shut up, you're giving me a head ache!" I shouted back, completely lying about the headache. "Sorry Miss Black, but I will not have such filthy blood in my house. Rid of them and I'll stop" she sneered, though it was half polite.

"Excuse me! They happen to be my friends, so shut your mouth before I find a way to rid of your portrait. Kreacher is bad enough! If you ever speak of my friends like that again, you'll never shut me up, I will insult you in every way possible, until I run out of breath if it has to be. So, shut your mouth" I shrieked, waking up the whole house if she hasn't done so already. It's five in the morning, you see. "Yes Miss Black, as you wish" she muttered, then her curtains closed over. "Wow, no one has ever been able to do that" Sirius said from behind me, scaring the living daylights out of me.

"I'm very persuasive" I smirked, and began walking to the kitchen, Sirius following me. "Well you better be to stay out of trouble. You woke everyone up" I could literally hear him grin. "Easy!" I chirped, and began skipping down the hall and into the open kitchen door that was my destination before I was screamed at by a pathetic portrait. "Isadora!" Mrs Weasley said angrily, and tiredly. I quickly hid behind Sirius, who cheekily side stepped, and walked over to the group, leaving me alone and defenseless. I gave him an exasperated look, then glared at Fred and George. Yeah, almost a month later and I still haven't forgiven them. I don't hold long grudges at all..

I grimaced at Mrs Weasley's evilly tired look, and looked to the floor. "At least she shut her mouth after I yelled at her, defending my friends that she was calling mean names" I shrugged lightly, and dared a look at Mrs Weasley. "You woke the whole house" she stated, though it's quite obvious. "Uh.. Well.. uh.. um.. I-I was defending all of you, s-so really you should all be thanking me" I grinned evilly. She put her hand on her hips dramatically, "I was enjoying a very good dream." "Of course you were, as was I until I got hungry and woke up. If I have to wake up, so does everyone else" I said matter-of-factly, smiling smugly as she sighed, gave up, and began cooking us all breakfast.

I skipped over to Sirius, standing on the twins' feet as I went, and making sure it hurt. "See!" I grinned madly at Sirius. "Not that persuasive" he shrugged, an amused expression on his face. "Ah, but it's persuasive enough!" I added, raising an eyebrow. "Anyway, Isa, you're welcome to join the Order in tonight's meeting if you wish" Sirius said happily, a twinkle in his eyes as I sat down. "She's far too young to be a part of the Order, Sirius!" Molly exclaimed, smacking him on his head with today's rolled up Daily Prophet. "I never said that! I only ever said she could attend the meeting tonight" Sirius scowled, tenderly rubbing the back of his head. "Fine!" she snapped, then added, "only because she's your daughter, oh, there's an article about you dear" she said as she handed me the Daily Prophet. I shoved it away, "I don't read the Daily Prophet anymore, it's full of lies" I sneered.

"What about us?! Can't we attend the meeting too?" Fred and George asked, frowning at their mother. I turned to face them, "because, if you two join then Ron and Ginny will want to. As will Hermione! It wouldn't be fair!" I snapped, glaring daggers at them. "Now, now kids. Please, what's going on between you?" Molly asked, looking from me to the two boys. "They called me a dud, a big ugly beast, a scaredy-cat, a scaredy-mutt, and- and they used magic on me. Flipendo. Sure, I was in werewolf form, but it was very insulting. I won't forgive them until they've had a punishment" I whimpered, then looked at Molly, who winked at me and turned to the two boys.

"You two! I am very disappointed in you both! She is certainly not a dud, she is anything from it! She's most definitely not afraid of anything, you idiots! She's not an ugly beast either, in fact, she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Ever use magic on her again, and I'll scream my lungs off! I'm very disappointed that you both treated a lady that way! She is to be respected by the both of you, as of now, you two will be under her command for a week! Meaning, you have to do what ever she wants you to! No matter what it is, you do it! Got it?" she yelled at them, and when they nodded and mumbled a yes, she went back to cooking.

I sat down next to Sirius, and the two boys sat across from me. "Are we forgiven?" they whined. "No" I scowled at them, face completely serious. "What?!" they exclaimed. "Kidding. Yes. But, ever use magic on me again, I'll have you cleaning all of Hogwarts for ten years!" I lost my scowl as the food was served. I filled my plate with pancakes and bacon, then began eating, listening to everyone's pointless conversations.

Later that night, most of the Order and I were at the long kitchen table, the others upstairs as they should be. "She should be a part of the Order!" my father demanded, raising his voice as he slammed his fists on the dark wooden table. I looked at him in disbelief, he's actually getting angry over them not letting me join the Order? "She's still so young, Sirius!" Molly fired back, standing hastily, a nasty screech coming from her chair as it was pushed back. "So?! She's mature for her age, and strong. She got past a dragon with ease, she got past merpeople, Voldemort didn't harm her! She's a metamorphmagus too. Molly, she could be our secret weapon! If she were to morph into someone else that looks nothing like her, and pretend to be someone she's not, she could get information from within! She won't even have to receive a dark mark, she can morph one. She'll never truly be branded by him, and she'll always be a part of the Order and remain one of the good!" he half shouted, then took some calming breaths.

Every one went silent for a while, Sirius, and surprisingly Molly. I thought about it, being a secret weapon sounds nice. I wouldn't mind deceiving Voldemort, in fact, it would be lovely. It'd be like revenge, for him killing Cedric, one of my true friends. "I agree" I said quietly, breaking the silence. Every one looked at me, shock clear on their faces, even on Sirius'. I hadn't spoken all day, except for this morning. "Yes, I definitely agree" I said again, looking to the table. "What do you mean? This could put you in danger" Molly said, sitting back down with a worried expression on her face.

"Molly, if I were to pretend to be someone else, deceive Voldemort, and get top secret information from within his headquarters, I would feel on top of the world. He killed one of my best friends! Anything I can do to fight against him, I would gladly do. Seeking revenge is what I want, and if giving information that he wants a secret is what I have to do. Well, it's a start. I know exactly who to portray. Though, to get her out of the way, she either has to be dead, or in a coma. Personally, I prefer dead, because she's a Voldemort minion" I said breathlessly. "Who?" most of them asked, literally sitting on the edge of their seats. "He has a daughter, which completely shocked me. I met her once in Diagon Alley, a-a few days back. Completely nasty, and she's 'daddy's little princess'. I know how to get rid of her too. Has any one got some Polyjuice potion I can add Dumbledore's hair to?" I asked politely, while looking at them all mischievously.

"Yes, here" Severus said, handing me a glass phial with a potion in it, while Dumbledore passed me some of his hairs in a small tube. I pocketed them, then stood up. "Thank you. Now, we need to go get Harry!" I said commandingly, and all who volunteered, followed me out onto the street. We all mounted our brooms, mine a Firebolt two, which isn't supposed to be out for another year. I was next to Tonks, and behind me was Shacklebolt, in front of me was Moody, -the real one, ugh-. "You should make your hair a light green" Tonks says to me, turning her hair a violent shade of violet. I nodded in agreement, and made my hair the colour she said to make it.

There were a few others, but I honestly don't care. Remus was on my other side though. Once we made it to Harry's aunt and uncle's, we dismounted our brooms and quietly made it inside, then Tonks, being her clumsy self, knocked over a glass. The infuriating, and ear splitting sound of the glass shattering all over the wooden floor echoed through out the house, and was definitely heard by Harry. I followed the sound of Harry's miserably heavy and panicked breathing. Once I got to a door with way too many locks, I knew it was his room. I slowly and quietly unlocked the locks, then turned the knob and threw it wide open, taking a step back so I was in line with Tonks and Remus.

Harry was standing in a defensive position, wand pointing directly at us, and if he were to cast a spell, it would hit the exact middle if my chest. His breathing has quickened, yet isn't as loud as before. "Who are you?" he asks shakily. Remus steps forward and removes his hood, as he is the closest person. "Professor Lupin!" Harry exclaims. "It's not professor anymore, Harry. It's good to see you" Remus chuckled, ruffling Harry's already messy hair. Harry hesitated for a moment, before hugging Remus, who returned it. "What are you doing here?" Harry asks. "Take a guess" Remus says, and I can literally hear his grin. Harry's smile widens as he lets go of Remus.

"Let's go, Harry. We haven't much time!" I say impatiently, ushering everyone into the Dursley's kitchen. Harry follows behind Remus, while I'm on the right of Remus and Tonks is getting a piggyback ride from me. We all stop when in the kitchen, and I drop Tonks on one of the benches and head to the fridge. "Harry, this is Alastor Moody" Remus says, gesturing towards Moody. Though, he really is moody, and it's annoying! "I know him" Harry says gloomily. "Don't confuse me with that punk who posed as me, Potter" Moody scowls at the tile kitchen floor. "Stop being so moody, Moody" I sneered. "This is Nymphadora" Remus said, gesturing to Tonks, and ignoring Moody.

"Lupin, you're asking for it" she growls as she shakes we head at him. "She prefers Tonks" Remus said to Harry. "You would too if your fool of a mother named you Nymphadora!" she snapped, and I nudged her in the side while looking through the massive fridge full of muggle food and beverages. She shook her head lightly and calmed herself. "And this is Kingsley Shacklebolt" Remus finishes, pouring to Shacklebolt. "Pleasure, but Lupin, who is the one with green hair that's going through Vernon and Petunia's fridge?" Harry asked, not recognising me. "Black, that's not a good idea!" Remus barked, obviously annoyed that I'm stealing their food.

"I'm sure they won't miss a few possessions!" I snapped, grabbing a purse nearby and searching through that now I'm done with the fridge. "Oh, and Harry, it's me, Isadora. I really thought you would have recognised me. Blame Tonks, she said green would suit me" I said simply, opening the overly large purse. "Oh, I'm so sorry! Though, the colour definitely suits you!" he exclaimed. "If you're done with gettin' acquainted-like, I'd like to get a move on before the Death Eaters find out we're here" Moody said plainly.

"Quite right. Kingsley, his trunk is up stairs" Remus said, and Shacklebolt went upstairs for a while. Remus looked to me, "what are you doing now?!" "As I said, I'm quite sure they won't miss a few possessions, or notice. You don't mind, Harry?" I asked, looking up at Harry. "You're stealing from them?!" he croaked, eyes wide. "Well, obviously!" I rolled my eyes and went back to the purse. "They have nice stuff, and- hey, muggles aren't that smart! Petunia wrote down her pin code for her credit card, and debit card. Perfect, muggle money, shopping!" I chirped. "Sorry Harry, but it serves 'em right! They treat you like dirt underneath their shoes!" I barked, noticing everyone's bewildered expressions.

"I'll write a note. Promise" I muttered, and continued through the purse. In the purse I found the debit card, credit card, piece of paper with pin codes on it, and a few hundred dollar bills. I quickly found what muggles call pens, and a piece of blank parchment. On it, I wrote;

Dear Petunia, Dudley, and Vernon,

Thank you for the money, food, beverages, and possessions. I never knew of Coca Cola before, but now, I'm taking the three big bottles. It's an amazing beverage, better than Pumpkin Juice, Butterbeer, and even FireWhiskey!

I won't apologise, you deserve this, what, after treating him like dirt under your shoes. Pathetic, I say. If it happens again, I will definitely steal more stuff. But hey, just think of it as borrowing. Don't call what you muggles call 'cops' or 'police', I can just slip away like I never existed. I'm a metamorphmagus, meaning that I can change my appearance at will. It's rare, but very helpful, especially to say out of trouble. Your house is lovely, so I smashed a few things and made a little mess. Hope you enjoy it! Pigs.

Love from, Isadora xx

I stuck the note to the empty fridge door, then took out some sauces and began putting it all over the tables and benches. I grabbed a fair few packets of chips, skipped into the living room area, and spread them around everywhere. I took a few of their muggle books and put them in my large bag. I also grabbed some pens, and a gorgeous pair of glossy red five inch heels that were my size. I smirked then skipped back into the kitchen area, grabbing the three large bottles of Coca Cola, and the many blocks of chocolate they have in there. I put them in my bag, all the while listening to Remus' protests, though he looked smug and was doing nothing to stop me, Harry was rolling on the floor laughing, Moody sat there cleaning his glass eye in a glass of water, and Tonks joined me in making a mess of the place.

In the end, when Shacklebolt came back down and into the back yard, the place looked horribly messy that I actually grimaced at the sight of it. Soaked into the living room carpet is milk, wine, and soy sauce. On almost every table top is some sort of sauce, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, mustard, and ketchup. Potato chips are all over the kitchen floor, alongside a few smashed plates and glasses, and all over the walls is melted chocolate, some ice cream, and loads of smearable foods. In a largely covered area of the wall is written 'Love From Tonks and Isadora, we hope you enjoy our mess. Girls just love to have fun!'

"Are we in danger?" Harry asks Remus once we settle down, and he remembers Moody's words. "Don't let stumpy-leg here scare ya, Harry. He always thinks somethin's 'bout to jump out the bushes and hex 'im. He gets a little paranoid" Tonks reassured him, sending a wink his way as we headed out into the back yard. "It's not paranoia, it's experience" Moody shot back. "I think that magic eye's affected your brain for too long, Lazy-Eye" I sneered, and Tonks smirked, Harry smiled, and Remus rolled his eyes.

Once we make it into the backyard, I see a few large garden ornaments. I grin and smash a few in half, then put them back together with magic, except the bottom half doesn't match the top half. I race back over to the others, where Shacklebolt just finished tying Harry's trunk to the back of his broom, and went upstairs again to get Hedwig and Harry's broom. "Is this.. all for me?" Harry asks with wide eyes. "Yeah, quite a lot volunteered to come and get ya. If you hadn't noticed you're kind'a popular" Tonks told him as if it were the most obvious think in the world, which it is. Shacklebolt comes back outside with Hedwig and Harry's Firebolt.

Tonks shakes her head fast and her purple hair turns bright blue, and Harry just blinks at her. "What do you think? Blue or Pink?" she asked him. "Ah.. Blue" he says shyly. "Yeah, you think? Really?" she asked, but Harry had no time to respond. "Here" Shacklebolt called out, tossing Harry his broom. "That everything?" Shacklebolt asks. "Yeah, thanks." "Alright, I want close formation. It's a clear night, so I want high and fast. No going into clouds. If one of us is killed, keep flying. And don't break rank" Moody tells us all. "He's such an optimist. Don't worry, we'll be fine. You just stick close to me, Harry" Tonks said to Harry.

"He's as moody as can be. Ironic that his last is Moody" I sneered, leaning towards Harry and Tonks as I mounted my broom. "Alright, mount your brooms!" Moody demands, and everyone obeys. We fly high into the sky, and when we get to a large river, I slow down dramatically, running one hand through the icy cold water. Watching as the others turn into faint black dots, I zoom forward, going as fast as possible until I reach them in record time, stopping in between Harry and Tonks with a grin plastered on my face. "Black, stop showing off!" Moody shouts at me while I do flips and everything on my broom. "Just because you can't do what I can!" I snapped playfully, poking my tongue out at him. He ignored me, and we kept on flying, not too long after, we stopped in front of twelve Grimmauld Place, well, eleven and thirteen. 

The only street lamps goes out, and the moonlight is the only thing illuminating the deserted street. "Where are we?" Harry asked, looking at us all as we stopped walking forwards. "Here. Read and memorise" Moody orders, handing Harry a piece of paper with the address written on it. "What's 'the Order of the-'" Harry began, but was cut off by me. "Shhh, not out here, wait until we're inside, foolish boy. We don't want enemies hearing" I snapped, then walked into the now there house, holding the door open for everyone. I close the door behind us all and follow behind Tonks. "Welcome, Harry, to your new home. The headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix" I said in a quiet voice, beating Remus to it.

Molly comes out of the kitchen and hugs Harry, then lets him go and they talk in whispers. "Did everything go well, then?" Molly asks us, looking over her shoulder at us. "Not so much as a peep. Bucket-leg here wanted to come from the southwest. Add another hour to the trip" Tonks answered. "Well, the meeting has already started. The others are waiting for the rest of you. Harry, upstairs, first door on your right" Molly ordered, pointing up the stairs. "I can't come? What about Isa?" Harry asked sadly. "Sorry, Harry. Members only, and you're still a bit young. Sure, Isa is too young as well, but she's Sirius' daughter, and is doing a top secret mission for us, so we've allowed her to be a part of the Order" Remus told him. "Are you sure, I mean I-" Harry began, but I interrupted.

"Oh don't worry, Harry. It's nothing important. Just go up stairs, they'll explain everything" I blurt out. "They?" Harry asks, but quickly finds himself alone in the dark and gloomy hall. "Alright, every body sit and be quiet" Molly demands, but no one does and they stand and talk endlessly. I glare at them all, then help her out. "Shut it! All of you!" I shout, gaining their immediate attention. "Now, you best sit before I yell anymore" I snap sort of quietly. Every one flinches and instantly take their seats. I of course, sit at the head of the table, and Sirius at the opposite head of table. Tonks is to my left, and Moly to my right. "Now, or the next few minutes, I shall be speaking of VTSI, so please, do not interrupt" I say calmly.

They all nod frantically, knowing my yelling is worse than Molly's. Though Mundungus Fletcher raises his hand, to his own stupidity. "Yes, Fletcher?" I ask, surprisingly calm. "What's VTSI?" he asks. "VTSI is short for Voldemort's Top Secret Information" I answered, then when he went to speak again, a flipped the bird towards him and he shut up. "Right, now, as some of you know, I have a way to get completely top secret information from within Voldemort's headquarters. He has a daughter, I do not know her name, but she is nasty, and nasty looking. I plan to slip her some Polyjuice potion that will transform her into Dumbledore" I began, earning confused looks.

"Why me?" Dumbledore asked. "With you around, he won't be able to get to Harry and kill him. So, if I morph into 'daddy's little princess', and successfully slip her the Polyjuice potion, I will then use a silencing charm on her, and will have an hour or so to take her to his headquarters and present the fake Dumbledore. Wotcher is the word I will say to any of you, as a safety precaution. In fact, we can all use it. Do not tell anyone outside of us it's true meaning, or I might have a go at you" I say, authority somehow making it's way towards me. "That's it from me. I hear Harry yelling, so I'm going I go see what it's about" I said, then stood and left them to continue the meeting.

When I make it to we're all the noise is coming from, I open the door and walk into some unexpected outburst where Ron stands with his mouth open in shock and Hermione looks about ready to cry.

"So what! You're still here, together! I've been stuck in a black hole, completely cut off! I've been hiding in bushes listening to Muggle news, hoping for some shred of news about Voldemort! Everyday I've been looking over my shoulder, expecting to see a Death Eater pop out with a wand pointed at my heart! And all the while I haven't got a clue what's going on! I can save the Sorcerer's stone, get rid of Riddle, and save both your skins from the Dementors, but I can't be trusted to know what's happening with the people who are plotting to kill me!" Harry shouted furiously. "Harry, I'm sorry. We wanted to tell you, but-" Hermione began, but Harry cut her off.

"Whatever!" he snapped. "Harry Potter!" I bark, glaring daggers at the back of his head, but he ignores me. "You think I-" he began shouting again, but I interrupted him, spinning him around and forcing him to look at me and listen. "Harry Potter, stop being so cruel and heartless! They're your best friends, stop taking your anger out on them! They wanted to tell you as much as I did! You were so nice before and now your yelling at the closest living thing! Get a hold of yourself Harry!" I shrieked, and surprised all of us by slapping him hard across the face. He stumbled back slightly and tears sprang to his yes, but didn't fall. The slap echoed two more times before fading away.

"What was that for?!" he barked. "For being an insensitive git! Stop taking your anger out on your friends! You deserved that, and I won't say sorry until you prove how sorry you are first!" I snapped, and didn't even jump as Fred and George apparated to beside me, though the 'pop' scared everyone else. "Hey, Harry. Thought we heard the ranting of our tragic hero" said George. "You might want to consider anger management" said Fred. "He needs more than anger management," I growl, walking over to 'Mione and hugging her gently. "Guess who passed their apparation test?" Ron asked smugly, looking at the twins. I let go of the almost crying Hermione, yet kept my arm around her waist and let her rest her head on my shoulder.

"With distinction" the twins chorused. Ginny walked in then, and rushed over to my side, giving me an awkward side hug. "Hi, Harry. Thought I heard you" she chirped. "It was kind'a hard to miss, mate" said George. "Sorry. I didn't.. you know. I think when Isadora slapped me, I snapped out of it. That hurt though" he said, rubbing his right cheek as he turned to face us. "It's alright, I'd be mad too. But you haven't been missing much. They don't tell us anything" Ron said. "Neither will I" I barked, glaring at Ron, who looked shocked. "You're part of the Order?!" he croaked. "Yep! All because of my little plan, VTSI. I won't tell you what it stands for though, but it does involve me going under cover and pretending to be someone else" I shrugged, almost hurting Hermione and Ginny, who both had their heads on my shoulders, even though I'm four inches shorter than them.

"Shame too. I really wonder what Snape's been up to" said George. "I know!" I blurted out, then covered my mouth when they all looked at me expectantly. "Wait, Snape's here?" Harry asked, finally realising. "Yeah, remember he is on our side" said Ron. "Who else is here?" asked Harry. "Everyone. McGonagall, Hagrid, pretty much the entire school staff" Hermione finally spoke. "Don't forget Mundungus Fletcher. He's always falling asleep during meetings!" I groaned, and rested my head on Ginny's, as she was shorter and still on my shoulder. "Bill and Charlie are even here" said Ron.

"Where's Percy?" Harry asked. Oh.. No.. We all give each other a knowing look and Harry shakes his head, "what?" he asks. "Well, Percy's being a real git right now" said I. "He and Dad had a kind'a fall out. Don't mention it in front of Mum. She still breaks down" added Fred. "What happened?" "Fudge promoted him. Junior Assistant. Youngest one ever" replied Hermione. "So what's the problem?"

"Well, Dumbledore's name is mud in the Ministry these days. Yours too. They don't want to listen to him, all because of You-Know-Who. They still don't think he's back. Dad sided with Dumbledore, Percy with Fudge" Ron explained.

"Percy takes the Daily Prophet seriously" said Hermione. Yes, he's such a big head, an insufferable know it all. "What do you mean?" asked Harry. "You haven't been reading it, have you?" I asked. "Of course not." "Dumbledore's name isn't the only one that's gone downhill since you saw Him come back. They're kind'a taking shots at you too" I said, shrugging.

"Why?" he asked, edging closer to me. "They're just trying to discredit you. They just don't want to believe it." We left the room, walking through the halls. Though, I kind of did a Tonks and knocked over the broom stand. "Mudbloods! Bloodtraitors! Halfbloods! In my house, in the presence of Isadora Black! They don't deserve to be in her presence, out you filthy vermins, out!" the portrait shrieked. Ginny began to fix the umbrella stand while I went to sort her out. "You!" I snapped, pointing a finger at her. "What?!" she barked, then saw me, "oh, so sorry dear!" she said in a more hushed tone.

"No! Sorry doesn't cut it! I've had enough of this nonsense! Stop talking about my friends like that or else, I'm one step closer to figuring out how to remove of your portrait! So shut your filthy little mouth, you insufferable prat!" I shrieked at her, Harry looking at me in awe. Hermione, Ron and Ginny looked completely used to it. All this morning, this portrait and I have been arguing over petty little things. "Yes mistress" she said sadly, hanging her head in shame as she closed her curtains. I turned to the other four, and we went back to talking.

"You don't have to worry, eventually You-Know-Who is going to have to reveal himself, and everyone will know you were telling the truth" said Hermione. "Yeah, they'll be begging forgiveness then-" Ron begins all too loudly as we walk back past the portrait. "Filthy Mudblood! How dare you befoul the house of Black with your filthy Muggle feet walking into my house and-" she began. "Give it a rest!" Sirius shouts from behind us, obviously sick of her antics, as we all are. He struggles to close her curtains again, yet he manages.

"Hey, Harry. See you met my dear old mum" Sirius said to Harry, frowning.

"Well, I'm hungry" I state, dragging them all into the kitchen where I can smell Molly's delicious cooking. "This is your house?" Harry asks Sirius once we're seated at the set dinner table. I sat next to George on my left, with Ginny on my right. Hermione is seated directly across from me, with Ron on her right and Harry on her left. We're near the head of table where Sirius is sitting.

"My family's, yeah. Never thought I'd be back here. You see, my grandfather put hundreds of hexes on this place, perfect for hiding. No one can find it unless it's address is written down by someone who's been here. Dumbledore thought it'd be a good place for headquarters. So how ya been, Harry?" Sirius replied, completely changing the subject. "Alright" said Harry, Hermione rolled her eyes. "Sorry 'bout all the secrecy, but we had to make sure" Sirius apologised. "Tonks, I like your new hair" Ginny said as Tonks sat on my lap. "Yeah, Harry thought it was good too. I was thinking about yellow, but I thought it stood out too much" she replied nonchalantly. "No, bright blue is much more modest" Sirius said sarcastically.

"Tonks, I'm much smaller than you, can't I sit on your lap instead?" I whined. "Sure, little Issie-kins!" she chirped, quickly sliding under me. Surprisingly, she could see over my head. Though, I am rather short. Five foot four isn't all that tall. Arthur then walked in, followed closely by Bill. Tonks quickly squeezed in between Ginny and I.

"Harry, wonderful to see you. You gave us quite a fright. Two dementors" Arthur said, taking his seat next to Bill. "I'd be more worried about what those Muggles did to him. Look at him, he's nothing but skin and bones. Don't they feed you dear?" Molly said once she put our plates in front of us. "Well, not really" Harry admitted. "Well, you're in my care now. Eat up, I want you back to full strength." "You know, Harry, I'm surprised. I would'a thought the first thing you'd ask stepping in here is about Voldemort" Sirius admitted, and I groaned.

"No, Sirius! He doesn't need to know. He's safe now and that's all that matters!" Molly snapped, taking her seat. "Well, I did-" Harry began. "He's not in the Order" Molly said, cutting Harry off. "Since when do you have to be in the Order of the Phoenix to ask questions?" Sirius said smugly. "Molly, a few questions can't hurt. The boy has a right to know" Arthur joined in. "It's not your job to protect him. He's not your son, Molly-" began Sirius, but stops. Molly stares furiously at Sirius. "He's as good as! And don't you ever take Harry's well-being as being less important than any of my children!" she barks. "I'm sorry, Molly. I didn't mean it like that-"

"I just want to know what's happening!" Harry interrupted what would have been a pretty amusing argument. "Very, well. Tell him. But no more than he needs to know" Molly gives up, and begins eating. "Well, first, what's the Order of the Phoenix?" asked Harry. "It's a secret society, Harry. Devoted to fighting Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Thanks to you, we have a head start on him. He didn't expect you to survive your last encounter. No one is suppose to know he's returned" I explained. "Most don't believe it, regardless" Sirius scoffed.

"But still, the last person he wanted to know he had returned was Dumbledore. Again, you ruined that for him, didn't you? Not an hour after his return the Order had been reformed. Right now we're trying to convince as many as possible that he has indeed come back. But that's proving a bit tricky" Arthur continue my explanation. "Fudge still refuses to believe You-Know-Who's back" says Bill. "Why?" asks Harry.

"Dumbledore. Fudge is afraid of him. Thinks Dumbledore is going to overthrow him. Take over. Which couldn't be farther from the truth. Plus, Fudge is flat out scared. The Ministry is in no condition right now to handle Voldemort's return. And I'm afraid Dumbledore is losing his footing at the Ministry" I explained sadly after swallowing some of the pancakes Molly had cooked me. Yeah, she often adds pancakes onto my plate. She absolutely adores me! "They've already demoted him from Chief of the Wizard's High Court" Molly added.

"He says he doesn't mind, as long as they don't take him off the chocolate frog cards" Bill says, smiling slightly. "But this is exactly what You-Know-Who wants. We're fighting amongst ourselves when we should be gathering our strength. He is biding his time, gathering his forces. His plans are ripping; his plan to strike down all resistance and to seize control of this world and all who live within it for ever. But fortunately for us he does not have that type of power yet. Yet time is on his side. He is fast becoming powerful; he, himself, is already stronger than he was when his powers broke, Harry. Your last encounter with You-Know-Who has taught him one thing. Your survival against his assaults was more than luck of chance. He still doesn't understand how you have escaped time and time again. It's the lack of this knowledge that protects you, Harry" said Arthur.

"I want to join the Order!" Harry exclaimed, and Sirius smiled. "Harry, no! And dad, lose that smile!" I snapped. "Then how come you're in the Order?" Harry whined. "Because of VTSI!" I barked. "What?" he asked, dumbfounded. "Stay out of it!" I scowled, then went back to eating. "Sorry, Harry. Only overage wizards. Besides, harm has an easy enough time finding you without us putting you in it's way!" Arthur said. "So?! I've managed to stay out of it!" Harry retorted.

"Harry, give up already! Wait until you're of age instead!" I barked. "Tell me what VTSI is, and I'll leave you all alone about it" he said smugly, a smirk playing on his lips. I looked to Molly, Arthur, Bill, Tonks, then Sirius. They all shook their heads sadly, so I looked back to Harry. "Harry, I can't tell you what VTSI is. See, Voldemort is able to look into your mind, and if he sees any of our plans, then they're not worth it. I'm so sorry, we'd love to tell you all about VTSI, but it's not worth the risk. It's a fool proof plan, and if Voldemort finds out what it is, it's completely useless. I'm not even going to bother telling the others either. The Order are the only ones who can know. Harry, it's best if you don't know much, so that way Voldemort can't know either. One look in your mind, and he could see the plans. I'm sorry, Harry" I explained, as went back to eating as did everyone else.

"Okay" he said sadly, and he too went back to eating. George leaned over towards my ear, "I realised, I never got the chance to ask you this, but, will you be my girlfriend?" he whispered. "Yes" I whispered back, then turned to Tonks. "Hey, put a green streak in your bangs. The same green as my hair" I demanded. She nodded, and did so. I smirked as I put a blue streak in my bangs. Our hair was completely the same, except for the colour. The bangs, layers and length were all the same. I leaned towards her ear, "I've got a boyfriend" I whispered. "Really? Who? We'll have a gossip session tonight in your room. You know that chocolate and Coca Cola you stole from the Dursleys? We'll eat and drink that too. Then, with the credit and debit card, we'll go shopping as soon as the sun rises. There's some really good clothing stores here in London!" Tonks chirped, then sipped at her Butterbeer, as I did mine. "Agreed."

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