Daddy's Girl

I stared out the window, waiting. Waiting to die, waiting to live. Waiting to move on, waiting to let go. Waiting.


4. What Goes Up, Must Go Down

     I turned up the radio as we cruised down the road. "The A Team" by Ed Sheeran was playing, and I began to softly sing along to it. Lillie, who was driving, started too.

     "What do you want to do today?" Lillie quickly took a glance at me, then returned her eyes to the slick road.

     "I have no idea." I laughed, the first time I had in weeks. "How about bowling?"

     "Sure!" She started turning a different direction. Many songs later, she pulled into a parking lot at the closest bowling alley.

     I opened the car door and stepped into the cool air, tightening my light coat around my body. Lillie and I walked towards the door and entered, the noisy sound of flying pins and cheers greeting us. We walked over to the counter, asking for our correct shoe size. The man I identified as Robert, by his nametag located on the right side of his colourful shirt, gave us a glum look as if he was tired of his job. Lillie paid him and we set out to pick a ball. Picking up various sizes and weights, I chose a burgundy ball and Lillie chose a dark blue one. We stepped down and sat down on two of the five chairs at our lane. I slipped off my furry, grey boots and tied on the red and white bowling shoes. Mine fit comfortably, so I entered our names into the machine. Lillie placed her bowl on the circular rack and sat down, smirking.

     "You're going down." She chuckled evilly and stretched her arms a little.

     "In your dreams Blondie!" I grabbed my ball and stepped onto the bowling platform, aiming at the center pin. I swung my arm back, and shot it straight down the middle. I watched it go down, then swerve a little to the left, only knocking down the left side. I heard Lillie laughing behind me a

     "I'd like to see you do better!" I called behind me. I waited on my ball and threw it down the lane. It struck the remaining pins and they all fell down, giving me a spare. I turned around and walked back to my seat, smiling away.

     "Beat that."

     We continued playing, the score always changing. Lillie ended up winning, only beating me by a few points. When we had paid for the games and returned our shoes, we walked out. The snow was beginning to melt, making the sidewalks sloshy with dirty snow. I started worrying, one of my many awful habits. What if Mum wasn't home yet? Did she wreck like Dad? My stomach started twisting, so I quickly got in Lillie's car and put my knees up to my chest. Lillie climbed in and began driving, noticed my uneasiness.

     "What's wrong?" She rubbed my arm, never taking her eyes off of the road.

     "I'm just worried about Mum." I picked at my chipped, uneven fingernails. I had never been a fan of nail care.

     "I'm sure she's fine." she replied reassuringly. I nodded in response.

     Minutes later, we exited the busy city of London and pulled into my driveway. I noticed Mum's car and one I had never seen before.  

     "Who's that?" Lillie eyed the car, not sure if we should exit her vehicle.

     "Let's go find out." I was the first one to open a door, Lillie still unsure about going in. I slowly climbed out and waited for Lillie at my front door. She eventually joined me, her nerves causing her to gently shake. I sluggishly turned the knob and heard quiet laughter.

     "Mum?" I called, putting up my coat. Lillie followed close behind, cell phone already out. Mum came out, smiling gaily.

     "I'd like you to meet someone."

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