Daddy's Girl

I stared out the window, waiting. Waiting to die, waiting to live. Waiting to move on, waiting to let go. Waiting.


3. Moving On

     The dim light seeping through the clouds slightly lit my neighborhood. I stared out my window, waiting. Waiting to die, waiting to live. Waiting to move on, waiting to let go. Waiting. The town started waking up, ready to greet the new day. I sighed and laid down on my uncomfortable bed. 

     It has been one month since Dad's funeral. I slipped his bracelet on his wrist before they closed his casket. The memory of him still, frozen in the tight space made me tremble. Ever since his funeral, I only leave my bedroom to use the bathroom and brush my teeth. I don't bother showering, although I probably smell horrible. I haven't changed out of my sweats and one of my Dad's old t-shirts. His cologne was permanently embedded in the cloth, and it made me feel like he was right next to me. I usually don't sleep, so I watch the neighbors carry on with life. It's already late January, so I expect I will never move on.

     A quiet knock at my door frightened me. "Sweetie, I have your breakfast." Mum's sweet voice rang through the door. I unlocked it and let her in. She set the breakfast tray on my night stand and sat down on my bed. "Move on. He wouldn't want you to be locked in your room all day, Ash."

     My eyes weren't capable to produce more tears, so I nodded. "I know."

     She looked at me, then stared at the picture on my night stand of Dad and me. A smile grew on her stressed face, but slowly faded. "I've arranged for Lillie to get out of school today to cheer you up. You're going to have some fun. Please, do this."

     "Ok, I'll get ready." I weakly smiled. Mum brushed my light brown hair behind my ear.

     "Thank you. She'll be here at two." Mum walked out, shutting my door on her way. I immediately grabbed my phone, ignoring my sixty-three text messages and forty-five missed calls. The time read 7:21.

     I departed from my bedroom and entered the bathroom. Examining the cabinets, I snatched a towel and laid it on the counter. Stepping into the shower, I turned on the hot water and let it beat down onto my dirty skin. After the shower, I pushed a brush through my tangled, messy hair. When I was finished, I scanned my closet. I put on skinny jeans, sweater, boots, and a beanie. It felt so much better to be clean. I skipped downstairs and plopped myself onto the couch.

     "Hun, I have to go grocery shopping. I'll be back later! I love you!" Mum called as he grabbed her coat and turned the door knob. I quickly got up and hugged her, hoping I would see her again tonight. "Don't worry." She smiled and walked into the cold. I locked the door and peeked out the window and waved. She returned it, and drove off.

     Hours later, at around 6:00, I realized Mum hadn't arrived home. Lillie would arrive soon, so I shrugged the thought off.

     The doorbell rung, creating sound throughout the quiet house. I peaked through the kaleidoscope glass to discover the visitor was Lillie. Her bright blonde hair gave her identity away easily. I unlocked the door and let her step inside from the freezing air. She walked in shivering and kicked the snow off of her boots.

     "Where's your Mum?" she glanced around at the almost empty house.

     "She went grocery shopping hours ago. I have no idea."

     "Well, are you ready?"

     "Yes!" I smiled, happy to be able to escape the house.

     "Let's go!" She grabbed my arm, so I quickly snatched my coat and locked the door.

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