Daddy's Girl

I stared out the window, waiting. Waiting to die, waiting to live. Waiting to move on, waiting to let go. Waiting.


1. Birthday Party

     The fragrance of syrup-drizzled pancakes along with fried eggs and bacon drifted up to my nose, awakening me from my sleep. I stretched my arms and sat up, supporting myself with my left arm. I rubbed my eyes, yawned, then kicked my bed covers to the end of the bed. I slipped on my pink, furry pajama boots and shuffled down stairs. Mum, Dad, Sky, and Lillie were waiting at the bottom, all smiles.

     "Happy Berfday Ash!" exclaimed Sky as she hugged my leg tight.

     "Thanks Sky!" I picked her up and spun her around, then gently threw her on the couch, tickling her. An eruption of laughter came from her smile. Skylar is barely 4, and is the sweetest thing that ever lived.

      "Happy Birthday Butt Face, you look awful!" Lillie announced, hugging me tightly. Lillie had always been there for me every since we met during Grade 8.

     "Happy Birthday Sweetie!" Mum cheered, and gave me a squeeze. I returned the hug and scanned the room for Dad. I began walking towards the living room, smiling slyly.

     "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLYNN!" He came running up behind me, and before I could turn around, he picked me and spun me around. He threw my over his shoulder, leaving me dangling.

      "LET ME DOWN!" I screamed while giggling, kicking everywhere. He plopped me down on a bar stool and gave me my breakfast plate.

      "FATTY!" Lillie screamed as I scarfed it down, but she had already ate way more than me. I rolled me eyes and Dad handed me a small wrapped box.

      "You didn't have to get me anything..." I examined the box, finally tearing the shiny paper off revealing a silver box. Lifting the lid, I discovered a father/daughter bracelet.

      "Where's the other half?" I questioned, placing it on my left wrist. Dad pulled out his keys and there the other half hung. I smiled and dumped my plate.

      "I'll go get the cake!" Dad proclaimed and darted out the door into the chilly fall air. I waved, and plopped down onto the couch. Flipping through channels, I began wasting time.

      "Go take a shower! I have to set up your gift!" Lillie requested, so I obeyed.

~Lillie's POV~

     "Sky, can you go get our gift?" Her mum asked,  and she darted off, her blonde pigtails flopping wildly behind her.

     I took out the gift I was giving Ashlynn, an iPhone 5. I set it up and downloaded tons of music, along with several apps. After everything downloaded, I logged her into everything just before Ash came back down.

     "Ash open mine first!" Sky rushed over her and gave her a poorly wrapped box, with a mixture of Christmas and Birthday wrapping paper. Ash tore at a corner and opened the box inside. A beaded bracelet with different colored beads and a card was inside.

     "Happy Birthday Ashlynn! I love you very much!" Ash read aloud. "Aw, I love you too. Thank you!"

     "Mommy helped!" They both smiled and I gave her mine. Her face lit up when she realized what it was.

      "NO WAY!" I laughed and nodded.

       "Thank you so much! I love you!" She gave me a squeeze and I returned it.

        The telephone rang so Ashlynn's mum, Ally, answered.

~Ashlynn's POV~

     I explored my phone as Mum answered the home one. I looked over at her, and tears had formed at her eyes.

     "Mum, what's wrong?" I stood up and walked over to her.

     "Get in the car. Your father has been in a car wreck." She choked.

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