Daddy's Girl

I stared out the window, waiting. Waiting to die, waiting to live. Waiting to move on, waiting to let go. Waiting.


2. Accidental Tragedy

     I looked up, frozen and shocked. A tear fell from my eye. Lillie jerked my body up and pulled me out the door. The sweet morning turned into a dull, tragic dawn. The coldness sent shivers down my spine. The icy snow that was perfectly lain across the driveway was disturbed by our shoes. Mum grabbed Sky and walked towards her car.

      "C'mon Ash!" Lillie ordered, and I willingly obeyed. I used my jacket sleeve to wipe off the snow on the car door handle. The cold metal against my warm skin sent chills all through me. I quickly opened it, and climbed in. The leather seats inside were even cold.

     "Mummy where's Daddy?" Sky questioned as Mum strapped her into her car seat.

     "We're going to see him." A tear fell down from her eyes but Sky wiped it away.

      "It's ok Mummy."

     I buckled myself up and Lillie slid in next to me. Mum started the car and turned on the heater.

     "You'll be ok.." I faintly heard her whisper. She mashed the gas pedal and skidded down the road, the ice making her slide. Luckily, no cops were around.

     "Mum! Slow down, or you'll wreck too!" I shouted. She looked at me through the mirror and nodded.

     Dad had to be alright. I mean, it was just an accident. They happen everyday. He has to be ok. I love him so much, even Lillie has grown quite fond of him. I don't know how I could cope without him. I had to be strong, for Sky.

       "We're here," My Mum said thrity minutes later. Mum pulled into an open parking space and immediately unbuckled. She rushed to open her door, then Sky's. Lillie opened hers and we all hopped out. Mum began running, so we followed towards the doors that read "Emergency". I gasped as we went through the doors. This was serious.

     "We're Mike Leston's family." Mum yelled as we raced towards the front desk lady. She gave us a sorrowful look and checked her computer.

     "I'm sorry, but you can't see him at this time."

      Mum dashed down a hallway, ignoring the lady's reply. We followed, and the lady called for security.

     "Mrs.! You can't go back there!" A nurse walked up to Mum and held her shoulders.

     "I want to see my husband!" She cried, trying to rip away from the nurse's grip.

     "Mum!" I shouted, pulled her backwards. She broke out into tears and we lead her back to the waiting area.

     I sat her down in a black cushioned chair and took Sky from her arms.

     "Mum, be strong for Sky." I ordered and she nodded, drying her cheeks and wiping her wet eyes.

     I sat down in the chair next to her and sat Sky on my lap. Lillie sat next to me, her eyes forming tears. My own eyes began to water, so I put Sky down.

     "Why don't you go get a magazine over there." She smiled and walked towards the table in the center of the waiting area. Sky looked at them all, then chose one with her favourite guys on it. She came back smiling and holding the magazine in front of her face.

     "Lookie!" She climbed back onto my lap and pointed at the cover. "It's One Direction!"

     I smiled and rolled my eyes. She loved them as much as I did.

     "Who's your favourite?" I asked and she pointed to Niall.

     "I like Niall he's funny!" She smiled and flipped the page.

     A doctor entered the waiting room and walked towards us. "Are you the Leston family?"

     "Yes!" Mum stood up and wiped her tears. "Please tell me he's ok."

     The doctor gave us a pitiful look and a frown appeared on his face. "Mike Leston has passed. I'm so sorry." He looked down at his shoes like he does this ten times a day.

     Mum broke down on her knees in sobs. I looked over at Lillie, who was in shock. I didn't know what to think. Sky started rubbing Mum's back.

     "You can have a few minutes alone with him." He guided us to Dad's room. Mum went in first, so Lillie, Sky, and I waited outside. The curtains were drawn, so we sat down by the door. Minutes passed, and she soon came out. Her hair was drenched in tears, and her eyes her very puffy and red. Lillie went in next, and came out in just a few minutes. It was my turn.

     I stood up and placed my hand on the cold door handle. I entered the room, and shut the door, causing an echoing thud. A tear fell as I grabbed a plastic chair and skidded it to his bedside.

     "I love you Daddy..." I whispered as I placed my hand in his. His hand was cold, and chilled my warm body. 

     His condition was awful. His hands were bruised, and he was missing a left arm. His face was bloody and bruised, and his hair was bloody and ruffled.

     "I know you can here me right now. I want you to know that I love you with all my heart. You mean the world to me. I'll always be Daddy's little girl, ok? I guess God just needed another angel." Tears were streaming from my green eyes, and my light brown hair was drenched. I began talking to him about our memories, although I knew he couldn't hear me. "Goodbye Daddy." I pushed my fingers through his hair and kissed her forehead. Sadly, I pushed the chair back against the wall and exited the room.

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