One Direction Imagines <3 *Closed until further notice* :(

Sooo just comment details about u, the guy u want and the type of story :)


2. Imagine-Rhi & Liam

Liam: Rhi come back!!!!
Rhi: Liam you hurt me don't you understand...
I ran as fast i could i couldn't belive it the pictures said it all Liam cheated on me. I soon got tired and walked at a fast pace. I had no words in the pictures Liam was kissing a blonde clearly not me.
Liam: Rhi!!! please let me explain!!
Rhi: Explain? Explain what? You've done enough explaining!
I kept walking but Liam was catching up. He held my arm and took my chin.
Liam: Rhiana. Listen those pictures are fake.
He ran his fingers trough my brown curly hair.
Rhi: Dont just please. How do i know that? How!?!?
Liam: Just trust me. please.
He looked trough me somehow, and knew that even with anger inside me i loved him.
Rhi: Ok, Ok fine just...
He looked at me and kissed me and we suddenly got lost in a passionate kiss. To make a long story short. I woke up next to him that morning :)

Hope you like it Rhiana :D <3

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