One Direction Imagines <3 *Closed until further notice* :(

Sooo just comment details about u, the guy u want and the type of story :)


3. Imagine- Zoe & Louis

Louis: Zoe, Love im going to bed.
Zoe: Ok i'll just finish watching this movie. Kay?
Louis: Ok *he kisses u on the cheek*
Zoe: Goodnight boo bear hehe
Louis: Ah stop it haha *goes upstairs*
You finish watching the movie and hear noices from the Louises bedroom. You sneek a peek trough the door and see Louis talking to his bear you gave him for his birthday.

Louis: What do you think Teddy? Should i tell her i love her? What if i act like an idiot and get lost in her brown heart melting eyes? She's perfect, her smile , her brown hair.
Louis Yeah, I think im going to do it Teddy. I'm ready for this! <3
You smile to yourself and think I love you too Louis

(I hope you like it and dont mind the cheesiness haha :p)

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