One Direction Imagines <3 *Closed until further notice* :(

Sooo just comment details about u, the guy u want and the type of story :)


10. Imagine- Shania & Zayn

(sorry im terrible at dirty imagines so i got my friend to write it. I didnt even read it so tell me what you think Shania)


You’ve been friends with Zayn for about a year now. You do literally everything and anything together. He’s seen you try on a million different outfits and he’s seen you try on lingerie. He was the first one over when your boyfriend broke up elwith yiu. You’ve bought him condoms and you EVEN gave him a ride to the clinic once. (He needed to be tested for his own good) You guys were bros. No other way of saying it.

You get a text from him around 5 in the evening and it says “Come out with me and the boys tonight?” you reply “Sure” and start to get ready. Zayn texted you that he was on his was to pick you up so you put on some lipgloss and a couple sprays of perfume. He rings your door bell and you open the door. “Damn love you look exquisite.” you smile and jump in his car.

You arrive at the club, late, as usual. Zayn takes longer than you to get ready… You see the boys and hug everyone but Harry seems to hold the embrace a little long. You’re fine with it. Harry’s a good looking kid. After a few drinks, Harry asks you to dance. You take his hand and follow him to the dance floor. You start grinding with Harry. He knows what he’s doing and you show him a few of your tricks. Every once in a while you’d look over at Zayn and he’d be staring at you with a scowl on his face. You are so hot from dancing, you need a break. You excuse yourself and head back to the table. Zayn won’t look at you. “Zaaaaaayn. Hi. What’s your problem?” you say in your drunk voice. He pulls you close and says ”You going to fuck Harry?” You look at him, startled. “First of all, we were just dancing. Second of all, why would you care?” You mutter. “Dance with me instead.” Zayn commands. You get up and pull him to the floor. “Show me what you got.” you whisper in his ear. He’s phenomenal at dancing. They way you two move together… It’s like magic. He suddenly stops and hold you still, with your butt still pressed into his crotch. You feel that he has a growing hard-on. You spin around and grin at him. He whispers “Come home with me. Now.” you nod and you two grab your things, you in front of him to hide his growing manhood. Harry stands up and says “I’ve lost my dance partner! Next time, beautiful. Next time.” he kisses you on the mouth and you turn around to see fire in Zayn’s eyes. He did not appreciate that. He pushes you out of the club and straight for his car. “Are you okay to drive??” he doesnt respond. You sit in the passenger seat with your hand on his thigh. You move it up an in with every passing second. He races into his driveway and screeches to a stop. He gets out and runs to your door and drags you out. He throws you over his shoulder, unlocks the door, and carries you to his room. He sets you down as he moves to the bed and sits. “Your clothes. Off. Now.” you give him a strip tease and all the while you’re thinking “He’s my best friend. We shouldn’t be doing this. This is going to mess everything up.”

As he watches you he undoes hid belt and throws off his shirt. You walk up to him, get on your knees, and undo his zipper. You grab his pants and pull them down. Next is his boxers, you pull them down painfully slow. He groans in frustration. You take his giant cock in your hand. You pump it, twisting slightly, moving your thumb over the head. Then you flick your tongue out and lightly trace circles around the head. You then take him in your mouth. His size doesn’t allow you to reach all of him. The parts you can’t reach you massage with your hand. You suck him hard and long and he taps your head to signal that he’s about to cum. Then you slide his length all the way in till you’re deep throating. He grunts and several strings of his hot liquid stream down your throat. You lick your lips and look up at him. He throws you on the bed and dives into you, tongue first. As he expertly eats you out, you pant his name. He teases and pleases you as he swirls his tongue in and around you. You scream and cum in his mouth. He whipsers in your ear, “You taste so good.” You almost cum again from him saying that so seductively. He turns you over and you get on your hands and knees so he can fuck you doggie style. He never lets go of your hips and his thrusts get harder and harder. You’ve never had sex this rough. He turns you back over and keeps pounding. You feel like he’s going to break you in two but it surprises you that it feels so GOOD. As sweat rolls down the side of his face he says “Ready babe? I’m about to cum.” You nod as you reach your climax too. He rides out your and his orgasms and shoots into you. You cry out. He pulls out and plops down next to you on the bed, completely out breath.

After you catch your breath, he leans over and kisses you passionately. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” he murmurs. You cuddle and you drift to sleep.

The next day, the other four boys burst into Zayn’s house and start yelling for him. You quickly get up to jump in the shower before they see you. As you stand up, you suddenly crumble to the floor, screaming out in pain. Tears roll down your face and Zayn rushes to your side. “Oh my god, baby. I’m so sorry. Next time I’ll be more gentle.” He picks you up and puts you back in bed. He opens the door to tell the boys he can’t go to lunch but Harry is standing right in the doorway. Harry looks from you, to Zayn, back to you, back to Zayn, and starts cracking up. “YOU GUYS FUCKED. LOUIS, LIAM, NIALL. ZAYN AND SHANIA FUCKED!!” They all whoop and yell and you throw the covers over your face and hide. Zayn pushes Harry and says “Don’t ever try to dance with her again. Got it?” He shuts the door, locks it, then climbs back into bed


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