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13. Imagine- Naomi & Niall

Y/n) was walking through the hallways of her highschool. It was her last year, and her last day, and she just wanted to admire everything that had enveloped in her highschool through the passed 4 years.

She looked at the pictures throughout the hallways; pictures of her and her friends, pictures of her and her ex-boyfriends (who were still friends with her, it really just didn’t work out), pictures of just her for honor roll.

I’m going to miss this place.

As many friends as she did have, she had some enemies as well. But she never understood why they disliked her.

Most of her friends didn’t know why either.

“Don’t listen to them,” Her mother had once told her. “You’re better than that. Don’t let comments like those ruin your life. ‘Cause you’re a very nice girl.”

Naomi was a 13 year old girl when her mother had said those very meaningful words.

“She was a good mother,” Naomi said at her Mother’s funeral when she was 15. “She was always a woman of many words. And she always meant what she said.”

Naomi spent the rest of her highschool years thinking of her mom, and what she’d say in some situations.

Her mother never failed to ever cross her mind.

Even when the most important boy walked in and out of her life, with a snap of the fingers.


Naomi was walking toward her car; but she stopped as soon as she saw a boy leaning against the car door. His hair quiffed up, his teeth fitted with braces, and his lips were fitted into a sly grin.

As Naomi walked closer, she saw her ex-boyfriend standing there against her car.

“What do you want, Niall?” She questioned, as she crossed her arms across her chest.

“I just wanted to talk to you,” He said.

“Talk to me about what?” She snapped.

“Our break up… ” He mumbled.

“Oh god,” She sighed loudly, and went to walk around to the drivers side, but was stopped.

“Wait!” Niall commanded, as he grabbed her wrist and brought her closer to him. “I wanna talk!”

“I have nothing to talk to you about, Niall! It doesn’t matter!” Her eyes filled with tears, “Is seeing me cry, fun to you?! Did you hurt me on purpose?!”

“No!” He shouted, “I didn’t do it on purpose!”

“Is it normal to you that I gave everything to you?! Do girls usually just lose themselves for you?!” Naomi yelled.

“No!” He shouted again, “For god sakes, Naomi, shut up!”

She quit speaking.

She stood there in Niall’s arms, grasped, and broken in front of him.


“I was forced to leave you,” Niall said, finally calmed down. “I hurt you because I was told to leave you.”

“But, why?” She whispered.

“My fame… ” He mumbled.

“What about it?”

“My managers… They- They didn’t like that I was with someone who wasn’t famous.” He explained.

She nodded.

And she finally understood.

“So what does this mean?” She asked, “Does that mean we’re together again?”

Niall shrugged, but it was a hoping shrug. “I don’t know. It’s only if you want to be,”

Naomi smiles widely, “I do,”

Then she kissed him, and he kissed back.


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