One Direction Imagines <3 *Closed until further notice* :(

Sooo just comment details about u, the guy u want and the type of story :)


25. Imagine- Lilly & Harry

You were already lying in bed when styles came back from tonights were half asleep as he stormed into the hotelroom. you noticed that he drank alcohol you could smell it through the whole room. you sat up as he crashed his lips on yours. you were so dizzed but you kissed him back. he pushed his tongue slowly into your mouth. you let him enter and you ran your hand through his soft curls. he let out a loud moan as your hand reached his started to rub and he threw you over. now he was hovering above you. he took his shirt of you did the same he suddenly pushed yours and his panties down. you were both completely naked. “harry you’re drunk” you said. “i dont care i just want to make love with my perfect girl” he then kissed you and started to thrust into you. you moaned loudly. he went faster and deeper and your moans turned fast into shouts. you both screamed each others name. his thrust got sloppier and you knew he was close. “i am so close Ha-” you wanted to say as he thrusted so deep into you that he released which sent you over the edge too. you both fell onto the bed. “drunk sex is even better i have to say” harry smirked. "and you where amazing Lilly"

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