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15. Imagine- Ines & Niall

Imagine… All those wishes and hopes that you’d find a guy who treats you right and loves you exactly for you, came true! You are dating Niall Horan… yes, “Niall Horan from One Direction,” but he’s so much more than that to you. You have known each other for a long time.

You met at school about 7 months before he auditioned for The X Factor in Dublin. To be honest, you’d thought he was absolutely adorable ever since you first met, but you weren’t in love with him at first sight. He was wonderful and polite, yes, but you really wanted to know more about him before falling too fast. Once you became best friends ever-so-quickly, you fell so hard. And you haven’t gotten up since; although, you truly never wanted to.



It’s nearly January in Westmeath. Niall lives in Mullingar, and you, in Gainestown. You completely loved that because you could get to his house in about 10 minutes. The snow has been falling for about 3 hours now. You had been praying to God that it would snow for almost an entire month! You loved the idea, the texture, and just.. the thought of snow.


You had been sitting peacefully on your couch in the living room of your medium-sized house for the past twenty or so minutes watching television. You were waiting for your boyfriend to come home. You had baked a cake and made lunch and everything! You were losing yourself in your thoughts when you heard a brisk, light, lovely knock on the door. You leapt off the sofa and lunging toward the front door practically falling on your face because you just knew it was Niall.

Flinging the door open, and gasping when you saw your perfect boy standing right in front of you, in a tuxedo, made you cry tears of joy, thankfulness, and confusion. You two jumped at each other and hugged one another tightly.

“I missed you so much,” you whispered, with your face in the crook of Niall’s neck.

He pulled back, leaving his hand on your waist, and leaned in to kiss you passionately.

“I missed you too. So much Ines!” He lifted you up and carried you inside. You loved it when Niall did random stuff like that. I mean, how many girls can say the love of their life has swept them off their feet in a tux and carried them over the threshold when it wasn’t even their wedding? Not many.

He placed you down gently and closed the front door. You were just about to kiss him again when he smirked at you and took a step back with his hand making that, “wait a second,” motion. You had been so overwhelmed by Niall being on break from tour that you had totally forgotten to ask him why he was indeed wearing a fancy suit. He saw your facial expression indicating your thoughts were racing, but he could begin to explain whenever he was ready.



“Go get dressed love,” he said sweetly, gesturing toward the staircase. You assumed he meant for you to dress up in clothes that matched the formality of his own, so you ran upstairs and didn’t waste a second. You were like a whirlwind breezing through your room, choosing what jewelry, perfume, and outfit to wear.

Not to toot your own horn, but you looked damn hot tonight. You only hoped he’d approve of your outfit and like what you were wearing because you really liked it. You floated down stairs making sure to be extra careful because you’re in heels, and you tend to be a little clumsy. You heard a faint intake of air and you knew he loved your ensemble.

“Like it?” you asked playfully twirling around like a child playing princess-dress-up.

“You are look incredible Ines. You’re so beautiful. Gah, I’m so blessed to have you in my life.” With a that, and a brief kiss, the two of you headed off to wherever it was exactly that he had decided to take you.

You arrived at a club that seemed empty or closed by the lack of the line outdoors, and the lack of parked cars.

“Babe, where are we?” you asked hesitantly, not wanting to imply that you were displeased or didn’t trust him. He parked the car along the curb and made sure the brake was on.

“You’ll see babe, be patient love,” he said softly, kissing your forehead, and unbuckling his seat belt and getting out of the vehicle. You got out as well and he intertwined your fingers. You followed your boyfriend as he guided you toward the entrance of the dark building. A man was standing outside, and smiling at us as Niall silently expressed a smooth, “Hey. Thanks for this.” You were right about the place being empty. This way you could see everything: the walls, floors, and ceiling.


The lights were a bit dim, but bright enough to be blinding compared to the lack of light in the club during a normal visit consisting of dancing and a little drinking.

Another man was sitting at a large, sleek, shiny, grand piano. There were pale pink roses on the keys of the piano. Alongside the man was a gorgeous dark-haired woman in a flowing ebony dress that ever-so-gracefully touched the floor. Everything looked so beautiful you thought to yourself.

Niall let go of your hand, and with a swift nod of the head, he kindly commended the pianist to begin. Niall extended his right hand, while looking at you're brown eyes. “May I have this dance?”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing, seeing, and… doing! You let gave him your hand and he spun you around before placing his hand on your lower back. He was leading and you were loving every second of it.

The woman in the dress began singing such a heart-breakingly beautiful, flawless song.

You spun around and kept dancing with Nialler.

“I thank God for you,” he said, “every day.”

A tear streamed down your face, but he wiped it away, still dancing with you.

“I love you,” you said, secretly praying the night would never end.


The End! :D I hope you enjoyed xx

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