One Direction Imagines <3 *Closed until further notice* :(

Sooo just comment details about u, the guy u want and the type of story :)


20. Imagine- Dominique & Niall

“Hey, Niall,” you reply, walking over and sitting beside him on the bench. “Did you enjoy your walk?” he asks. You nod, “but I don’t really get the point,” you admit.


“I just thought you’d enjoy a trip down memory lane,” he says. Then, he turns around and pulls a bouquet of red roses from behind a bush and presents them to you. “For you,” he says.


“Oh, Niall, they’re lovely!” you say, happily taking them and giving Niall a hug. “Are you up for some more walking?” he asks you. You nod and he takes your free hand and leads you down the sidewalk. As you turn a corner, you see an adorable little picnic set up, complete with food from Nandos. You eagerly sit down on the blanket and wait for Niall to open up the food. He sits, and you both dig in to a delicious lunch. Halfway through, he interrupts your eating with a kiss, making you blush a little. It lingered for a moment, then he broke it to eat another piece of chicken.


When you’re both finished, Niall cleans up the food, and you lay down on the blanket. You spend the rest of the afternoon talking about everything you’ve done together, from your ridiculous first date, where the waiter got practically everything wrong, to the first time you realized that you were meant to be. Niall plays with your hair, and you smile happily at him all day. It’s a simple day, but perfect nonetheless.


As the sun begins to drop behind the trees, Niall starts to stand up. You do the same, and he grins nervously at you. Suddenly, he drops to one knee and pulls out a small black box. “Palvi,” he begins, “This past year has been the best one in my entire life. I never want this to end. I love you with all my heart, so, Palvi, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?” Your eyes are so filled with tears that you can only nod.


As he slides the ring onto your finger, fireworks begin to erupt in the sky. “Niall, did you…?” you choke out. He nods, and pulls you in for a long, sweet kiss. Eventually, he breaks it. “I have one last thing planned, princess,” he says. You raise your eyebrows. What could he follow this with?


Niall takes your hand again while picking up your roses and leads you out of the park. You see a long, black limo waiting, and you bothe get in. “What’s going on, Niall?” you ask.


“Surprise,” he says, grinning at your curiousity. “Do I get a hint?” you ask.


Niall thinks for a moment. “Hmm…. no.” he eventually decides. You groan in frustration. “Trust me, you’ll love it.” The limo eventually stops outside… “The airport?” you ask. “What’s going on?” you ask again.


“Don’t worry, I already packed what you need.” he tells you mysteriously. You both get out.


“Niall…” you say. He doesn’t reply, just takes two suitcases from the back of the limo. “Where are we going?” You don’t expect and answer, and you don’t get one. Instead of taking you into the main part of the airport, he leads you around back where a private jet awaits you. “Niall, seriously, what’s going on?” He just laughs and leads you up the stairs onto the plane. When you’re both settled, the plane takes off.


“Okay, now that I have no choice but to come, will you tell me where we’re going?” Instead of answering he just pulls you in for another long kiss. You’re effectively distracted, and let the matter drop for the rest of the one hour flight. Finally, you feel the plane land, and the captain says, “Welcome to Spain Dominique!” You turn to Niall, and he just smiles.


“I’ve got us a suite here on the beach for the next week, to celebrate,” he admits finally, and all you can do is kiss him again as you think, he’s the best fiancee anyone will ever have.

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