One Direction Imagines <3 *Closed until further notice* :(

Sooo just comment details about u, the guy u want and the type of story :)


11. Imagine- Dani & Louis

Imagine you were on Skype with Lou for 6th time this week. You were so depressed because he was on tour for 6 months. It was the 2nd month and you were torn without him. You spent more than 2 hours with him. You were just talking about a whole bunch of stuff but you reached the whole “I miss you” part. You were about to cry when he said “Dani, please don’t cry I miss you too but what can we do? It’s my job” he said with a sad tone. “I know but it’s so hard waking up every morning without you” you say in tears. “It doesn’t have to be this way…” he replies. “*Sniff* What do you *sniff* mean?” “I mean you can come on tour with us for, like, a month or something. I can plan it all with management.” he says happily. “Really?!?! Oh that’s great, Lou. I don’t think I can go another 4 months without seeing you.” you say wiping away the tears. “Start packing your bags, Love, because as soon as this is all planned out, you’re getting the earliest flight out here!” “Oh, Lou, that’s wonderful. Ok, call me back when you figure out the date, I can’t wait to see you.” “I can’t wait to see you too, Dani and I will. Bye.” You hang up and run to your closet starting to pack enough clothes for the month. You couldn’t believe you were seeing you’re boyfriend again within a week, hopefully.


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