One Direction Imagines <3 *Closed until further notice* :(

Sooo just comment details about u, the guy u want and the type of story :)


21. Imagine- Bianca & Zayn

You woke up to what seemed millions of kisses on your cheek. You groaned and turned around stretching hitting whoever was bothering you in the face. “OW! Claire what was that for babe?” You heard a voice ask. A voice you’d recognize anywhere. It was Zayn the sexiest and sweetest man on Earth. “What did I do?” You whispered sleepily. “Well I was trying to wake you up so we could go and get some breakfast. When all of a sudden BAM you hit me.” Zayn exclaimed with wide eyes.

“Well you deserved it! Not even Zayn Malik can interrupt my beauty sleep. You get it Malik?” You asked him glaring playfully at him. “I guess. I’m sorry. I was just trying to take my beautiful girlfriend out for breakfast and for some well deserved shopping but..” He said trailing off. As soon as he said that you jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom earning a chuckle from Zayn.

“Are you laughing at me?” You screamed from the bathroom. “No baby. Never.” He assured you while grabbing your waist from behind. You nodded your head smirking and kissed his cheek. “So when are you going to be ready love?” Zayn asked obviously bored.

“I’ll be ready when I get my makeup done.” You answered in a smart ass tone. He sighed loudly and groaned for about 3 minutes straight like a little kid. It got to the point where he annoyed you so you got exasperated. “I’m done!” You screamed annoyed. “Bianca I just say you look gorgeous?” Zayn said winking. “Drop it Malik. You annoyed me to no end today. You better make it up to me.” You warned him laughing.

He pouted and smiled. “I will babe! I promise.” He exclaimed like a little kid. You nodded your head and kept walking towards the car. Zayn opened the car door for you and then got in himself. “Where to babe?” He asked. “I was thinking Subway? I haven’t had that in so long! I’m really craving it!” You admitted with a little smile.

“Your wish is my command.” He exaggerated. The car ride was basically you and him jamming out to every single song that came on. When you guys got to your destination you jumped out of the car because you were extremely hungry.

“Slow down babe.” Zayn whispered in your ear grabbing your hand. You calmed down and walked into the place. You went up to the cash register to place your order and of course the girl working the cash register recognized Zayn and couldn’t help but drool over him. It was making you uncomfortable. You cleared your throath and she turned her attention to you.

“Oh right. Hi. What Bianca I do for you?” She asked politely. “Biancabe take our order please?” You asked just as politely. “Of course. Sorry. Huge fan.” She admitted. You nodded your head and placed your’s and Zayn’s order. You and him went to sit down at a table and he was grinning at you. “What Malik?” You asked curious. “Nothing. I just love it when you get jealous Claire.” He admitted. “I was not jealous.” You defended yourself. “Don’t worry babe you are my one and only.” Zayn whispered pulling you in for a kiss. You nodded your head and felt content with that wonderful kiss

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