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17. Imagine- Alyssa & Liam

Your so pretty when you cry when you cry" Liam sings to you by your side as tears roll down your face. Your fiance Liam sit's there next to your bed as you cry, but he has your hand and doesn't let you go but he knows your suffering and your ready to lose the battle.
Let's go back a bit.

June 19th 2011 The day you met Liam.

"I couldn't take my eyes off of you, so love what's your name?" says Liam Payne to YOU in the middle of a 1D concert. "ME? WOAH. IM Alyssa" you say back thinking to your self 'stay calm'. After the concert you walked out of the stadium and looked around for your dad to pick you up and bring you home. You feel a hand on your back, soft and warm. You turn and see an eager Liam. He kisses you softly and whispers into your ear "Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Liam, and I'd like you to be mine". Liam just asked you out. Shocked your eyes light up and you scream yes as you hug him. He walks you backstage were all the boys stand trying to touch there toes "HAH I GOT IT FIRST" Niall yell's. "Just ignore them, there crazy." Liam says softly. Liam brings you to a little room with "Toy Story" wallpaper, you knew it was his dressing room. He hugs you and tell's you "I think I'm already in love with you". You just smile and look into his big brown eyes as he hugs you. You knew he loved you for real.

4 months later

You and Liam had finally hit the point in your relationship where you knew for a fact you couldn't live without each other. When Liam got home from tour he came up to you with a surprise in his pocket. He put his hand's on your hips and made you turn around as he got down on one knee. "Will you marry me?" he says to you pulling out a ring that show's your reflection. "Oh Liam, Yes I will!!" You exclaim. Liam puts the ring on your finger and you kiss full of passion. That night you and Liam embraced like no other, you felt a love like no other. He brought you to his room and made you his forever. The next morning you wake up feeling perfect. "Liam??" you mutter turning over to see him sleeping. He wakes up to the sound of your voice as he puts his body on top of your's and kisses you again. You both giggle and then get up and get ready for the day. You think today should be like no other but you have a doctor's appointment and everything could change.......

Once your dressed Liam brings you to the doctors you sit in the room as the doctor takes your blood for different tests. Liam is right by your side blowing air kisses and winking at you. Over 30 minutes later the doctor walks in and Liam grips your hand. "Hello, Alyssa I have good and bad news." The doctor says firmly. "Okay doctor, what is it?" you say shaking. "Well the good news is your having a baby!!!" the doctor says happily. You look down to Liam. He looks startled, and you do too. Then he kisses you and says "I love you, we'll be great parents" to you. The doctor draw's your attention as he says "Now for the bad news...." you know it could be serious. What if the baby had died. Liam would be heart broken. "Well, Alyssa you have been diagnosed with... cancer" the doctor says as he leaves the room to give you a moment with Liam. You see him crying then you start to cry. He comforts you and says its gonna be okay and it's probably a small amount of cancer. The next few weeks were your worst. Your baby belly got bigger and so did your love for Liam, but the baby would come soon. So would your cancer operation.

4 months later

Your cancer operation went well even though it was heart cancer, you and Liam still hadn't had enough time to have a wedding and your baby was due any day now. But dreadfully, you still had cancer and you were getting worse and worse. Liam shaved his head for you and cancer awareness. Liam puts his hand up to yours and kisses it. "OWW. LIAM I NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL" you scream, your water had broke. Liam puts you in his arms and runs you to the car and speeds to the hospital.

All you know is, you blurred out when you got to the hospital.

"She's waking up!" Liam says by your side again. You look around and see your in a hospital room. You look to your belly. It looked deflated. "Liam, did did did I have a baby?" you question looking for your precious baby. "Yes you did, she's beautiful hazel eyes like her mom". Liam responds handing you the smallest most beautiful thing you ever saw. She was all yours and Liam's. "What should we name her?" Liam says to you stroking your hair. "Charollette Ann Payne" you say back to him. "Perfect." Liam whispers. "BEEEEEP BEEEEEEEP" you hear next to you. You black out again and the doctor rushes in. "IT'S HER CANCER. STAGE 4 HELP WE NEED HELP NOW" he yells.

You wake up once more..... but you saw the light. You know it was Liam's spirit that kept you alive. Looking around the dark night hospital room you look for Liam and your baby. "Liam?" you yell. The doctor comes in. "She's awake" the doctor says. "Yes I am" you respond. "Where's Liam!?" you yell in shock. "Where's Charollette!?" you moan. The doctor hands you a child. She says its Charollette, "This is a mistake I had Charollette yesterday this is a two year old toddler" you snap. "Darling, you've been in a come for two years we thought you were dead" the doctor responds. "Your heart failed the day you had your child and one was donated". the doctor says looking into you eyes. "Well can I see my fiance? I need him, I never told him I love him before I blacked out" you say frantically. "Don't you know who donated the heart?" the doctor responds. "Liam donated he said he wanted you to live on with Charollette" says the doctor. You look down at your child and cry, all you can do is cry. Liam died for you. But he still loved you, you knew it and the scar on your skin where his heart is proved that he loved you.

The end

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