Chance Encounter

Maycie & Emily seem like normal girls until they meet Niall & Harry by chance.


2. Posters

Maycie walks into the room.

"Well, I got the stuff for the posters," she says holding up like 3 plastic bags. I don't respond, I sit there thinking about the phone call.

"What's wrong?" she asks.

"Nothing. It just felt, natural," I say not looking at her.

"What do you mean?" she asks setting the bags down on th floor & coming to sit down next to me on the bed.

"Talking over the phone with him, it felt good," I say laying down.

"While you're still blubbering over having a conversation with Harry, I'm going to get to work on my poster. What about you?" she says getting up & dumping the contence of the plastic bags on the floor.

"Oh. Yeah," I say getting up & grabbing a peice of poster paper and a few markers.

~When we are done with our posters~

"Look at my poster, think Haz with like it?" I ask holding my poster up.

"I think he will LOVE it!!" Maycie says as she pretends to faint.

"Shut up, you dummy," I say pulling her up off the floor then I lightly punch her arm.

"Ow!!" she says with a frowny face, "Oh! Thaanks!!" she says sarcastically.

"Welcome!" I say as I pick up my phone. I had got a text, "Hmmph," I say looking at the text.

"What?" Maycie asks after she puts the posters on the bed.

"I just got a text from someone asking me what hotel I'm staying at," I say.

"What?! Let me see!" she says jumping over the bed. She fell, it made me laugh. She gives me a dirty look. She looks at the number on the text.

"Oh, that's Harry," she says as she walks over to the fridge to get something to drink.

"Really?" I ask.

"Yes! Text him back!!" she say throwing me a bottle of water. I snag it out of the air, "Nice catch."

"I play basketball, remember?" I say sitting down on the bed.

To Harry:

The Excalibur

~Em(: xx

He almost immediately texts back.

From Harry:

Meet me at the pool? Now?

To Harry:

Be there in a few.

From Harry:


To Harry:

Wait! How do I know this is really Harry Styles? Say something no one else would know.

From Harry:

You called me amazing, sweet & kind.

To Harry:

Okay, it's really you, but why do we have to meet at the pool?

From Harry:

So I can meet you in person. Maycie told me amazing things about you.

To Harry:

Oh, yeah? Like what?

From Harry:

For starters, she said that you are very nice, that you have a great personality, that you love to sing, that you have blue/green eyes (I like blue/green eyes), & that you are a sucker for green & brown eyes. Like me?(:

To Harry:

Did she really say all that about me? Also, yes. Like you.

From Harry:

Yes! haha Yes, she did. Now are you going to come down her or not?

To Harry:

Keep your skinny jeans onm I'm coming. =D

From Harry:

Ha. Ha. Very funny. Hurry!!(: Please?

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