Chance Encounter

Maycie & Emily seem like normal girls until they meet Niall & Harry by chance.


1. Waiting

~Emily's P.O.V.~

I sat on the bed in the hotel for hours waiting for Maycie to get back from Walmart. She went to get poster paper and markers so we could make posters for the One Direction concert that we were going to that night. She hasn't texted back, so I called her. She picked up on the like ninth ring.

"Hello?" she says.

"Where are you?" I stop, "And do I hear, Harry Styles & Niall Horan?"

"I'm in the Walmart parking-lot, and yes, it is Niall & Harry," she says as a matter of factly.

"What?!? You meet Niall & Harry & you don't even tell me!!" I yell.

"I'm sorry. Will this make up for it?" she hands the phone to Harry.

"Sorry doesn't cu-" Harry cuts me off.

"Hello?" he says in his sexy British accent.

"Oh my god, is it really you?!" I say shocked.

"Yes, & please don't scream, " he says pleafully.

"No, I won't. It's just I'm just shocked," say trying to believe that I'm really talking to THE Harry Styles.

"Well, why?" he asks.

"Well for starters, I'm talking to Harry Styles from One Direction. The amazing, sweet, kind, green eyed Harry Styles," she says gigling.

"Thank you for those compliments, but I can't compliment you, because I don't know what you're like or even what you look like," he says. I can feel a smile through the phone.

"You will," I say smiling.

"I will? And how's that?" he asks.

"Find Maycie in the crowd, and I will be right next to her, lets just say, we will be in the front row," I say with a British accent.

"Oh, well then, I will be looking for you," he says.

"Okay," I stiffle through a giggle.

"Well, Niall & I gotta run. Oh wait!" he says as he's about to get off the phone.

"What?" I ask.

"I never got your name," he says.

"It's Emily," I say.

"Well Emily, it has been very nice talking to you, and I hope I can find you tonight, so I can meet you in person & not just over the phone," he say. I can feel that he's smiling again.

"It was very nice talking to you too. I hope to see you too," I say thinking about what I had just said. He laughs.

"By the way, Maycie gave me your number," he says.

"Did she now," I say smiling.

"Yeah, she did," he says.

"Well, I hope you use it!," I say.

"I'm sure I will! See you soon," he says. I laugh.

"See you soon too. Not like that made any sense at all," I say. He laughs.

"Bye," he says.

"Byee," I hold out the 'e' for a tiny bit. He hands the phone back to Maycie.

"Well you two seemed to hit it off, because Niall says not a lot of people can make Harry smile the way he did when he was on the phone with you," she says as she watches Niall & Harry leave, then she gets into her car.

"Really?!" I say trying to not sound so egar.

"Yeah! I got a few pictures of him. I am in the car, I'm a few blocks away from the hotel. I will show you them when I get there, okay?" she says as she switches the phone from one ear to the other.

"Kay. Love ya!" I say. She laughs.

"Love you too!" she says before she hangs up the phone.

(I thought to myself)

I could not believe that I had just talked to THE Harry Styles!! Was it really him, or was it just someone who sounded like him?

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