Grandfather clock

Hey guys I'm Emma, I'm making a poem about my grandpa. He passed away when I was 8 and I feel like our time together was cut too short. I love him so dearly and when he passed away.. A part of me did too. He was my everything, he was there for me when I was sad, happy and I just want to thank him.


1. A\N

Hey guys! This is
My very first poem.
So please don't
Hate on me.

This is true, my
Grandpa passed
Away 4 years ago.
I miss him so
Much and I never
Got to say goodbye.

I will tell you the story
In the next
Chapter and it will say
Why he died then when
I last saw him.

The poem will be the
Next next chapter so
Stay tuned cause you
Are not watching
Radio Disney! :)

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