Re-United While Pregnant

The sequel to Kidnapped!


7. Surprise

HARRY'S P.O.V.               I woke up the next morning and went downstairs, Ellie was on the couch. We decided she should move in with me, just in case. I went over to her and woke her up. "Good morning Ellie." "Good morning Harry." she smiled. She sat up and I sat next to her. We looked at each other, and I winked at her. Huge smiles grew on our faces. She laughed a little. "Hey, do you want to go to Zayn's with me later. Louis, Liam, and Niall will be there too." "Yeah sure. I'll go get some clothes on." "I'll take a shower real fast, then we'll leave." she nodded. When we were both finished, we headed over to Zayn's. When we were in the car, 'What Makes You Beautiful' was on and I heard Ellie singing along. She was really good, I just looked at her and smiled. I think she saw me because she stopped. "Why did you stop singing?" "Because I'm bad at singing." "No you're not, you're amazing." "Thanks." she said sarcastically. "No seriously Ellie, I wouldn't lie to you about singing." She was quiet the rest of the ride there. We arrived and Zayn walked outside. "Hey Harry, hey Ellie." "Hey man, what's up?" "Nothin' really, just being Zayn." We all walked inside and saw Liam, Louis, and Niall sitting on the couch. We sat own as well and everyone was looking at Ellie. "Guys, this is Ellie." Niall just shook his head, I think it was because she is pregnant. We watched TV for like 5 hours, Toy Story is really getting old, but Liam could watch it so many times in a row. We all went into the kitchen, Ellie stayed in the living room. We were all laughing and talking. "Uh oh." we heard. I thought about who said it. I went back to the living room, and saw Ellie looking shocked. "What's wrong Ellie?" "Harry, the baby's coming." "What?" "The baby is coming." I got up and ran into the kitchen. "Guys, we have to get to the hospital." "Why?" Liam said with yogurt in his mouth. "Ellie, the baby is coming." They all looked shocked and the dropped everything. Liam and Niall went out to the car, and Zayn, and Louis called 911. I grabbed Ellie and was helping her walk. She was crying softly. "Shhhhhh don't cry, don't cry, everything will be alright." "I'm not ready for this." she whispered. "Remember Ellie, I will be here for you through it all. I love you Ellie." I kissed her forehead. "Thanks Harry."

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