Re-United While Pregnant

The sequel to Kidnapped!


8. Hospital

HARRY'S P.O.V.               We have been in the hospital waiting room for about seven hours, and I haven't been able to see Ellie. Because she isn't married, no one was allowed in there besides the doctors. A couple minutes later, the doctor came out. "Ellie would like to see, Harry Styles." "That is me." "Go ahead." I walked into the room to find Ellie holding the baby. She looked up smiling at me, I walked over to her. I put my hand on Ellie's shoulder. "She is beautiful, like you." "Look at what we made together." she smiled, and I heard her crying softly. "Don't cry Ellie." "I didn't think I was ready for this, but as long as you are here with me, I know I'm ready." the rest of the boys walked in smiling. "Boys, say hello to Darcy Louise." I said. "Styles." Ellie added. I looked at her and the boys looked at her. She smiled. Today there was a gift of life, and I am with the most beautiful girl in the world. What more could I ask for.                                                             Book 3-COMING SOON!

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