I Friendzoned One Direction

Rebecca June Frederickson is just another girl who loves music. She likes all different genres and dreams of inspiring people with her songs. After high school Rebecca and her best friend Alice decided to move away from America across the ocean to London, England. This is where they hoped to start a new life and fulfill their dreams but they had no idea that they'd run into One Direction. For once the boys will meet a girl who wants to be "just friends". But thats okay, one girl can't tear a band apart...right?


8. Well That was Embarrassing

Rebecca's P.O.V.

I fluttered my eyes open and yawned quietly. It was weird I had the strangest dream ever. I had met One Direction and... Never mind it wasn't a dream. I looked around the room and saw all the boys still watching TV, I must have fell asleep. I move my eyes up to Zayn who had his arm around me. He had the misfortune of having me fall asleep on him. He must have felt my stare because he looked down and smiled. "Look who finally woke up!" He said loud enough for the boys to hear. I gave him a sleepy smile and asked. "What time is it?" "9: 17" Liam replied. Well, didn't he just know everything! "You let me sleep that long!" I groaned and sat up causing Zayn to remove his arm. I got out my phone and saw a million messages from Alice so I scanned through.

Alice: Hey, havin fun?

when u comin home?

Its getting late!






and so on...

Me: Sry I fell asleep while watchin TV with the boys. Be home in a few!

Alice: Oh my gosh, I was soooo worried! I was about to file a missing persons report! and ARE U KIDDING?! u r staying there!

Me: Lol im ok and, r u sure?

Alice: Duhh! u have to tell me all about it first thing tomorrow though! Got it?

Me: Alright I will Thx girlie!

Alice: No prob :) byezz have fun!

Me: Bye :)

I put my phone back in my pocket and smiled. "Guess what guys?!" I said trying to contain my excitement. They all gave me questioning looks and Zayn asked. "What?" "Well.." I began before Harry interrupted me. "Spit it out already!" The boys were all crowded around me now. "I get to stay!" I yelled and Niall gave me a quick hug. "Yayy!" Louis screamed while running around the room. At least he had put his shirt on. I laughed. These boys were hilarious.

A few hours later everyone started heading to bed. They were all headed to their rooms when I realized I had no where to sleep. "Uhm guys?" I said and they all turned around to face me. "Where do I sleep? I have nothing to wear also.." I spoke quietly. Louis then rushed down the hallway while Harry had motioned me to follow him. The other boys trotted off to where I guess they slept and I thought I heard Zayn mumble something about beauty sleep but I could of imagined it.

Harry had showed me into a beautiful guest room. It had a beautiful light green theme to it and I loved it. Two queen size beds filled the room and I traced my fingers over the soft fabric. I hugged Harry and gave him a quick goodnight. After he left I sat down on my bed realizing I still didn't have anything to sleep in. Oh well, I'll just strip down.  I pulled off my jeans just as Louis walked into the room. "Hey I have- woah."  I heard him say and quickly covered myself with  my jeans. I watched him scan me up and down. It was very uncomfortable. "Louis! My eyes are up here! What do you need?" I asked annoyed. "Oh, I had found you one my shirts to wear. It's longer so it will be like a night gown."  He said embarrassed and then handed me a white t shirt. "Thanks Lou.." I whispered. He nodded his head and left. I swear that had to be the most embarrassing moment of my life. I groaned and changed into Louis's shirt before crawling into bed.


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